[Ian Begley] Enes Kanter on LeBron James’ “King of New York” reference on Instagram: “We already have a king. It’s Kristaps Porzingis.”

[Ian Begley] Enes Kanter on LeBron James’ “King of New York” reference on Instagram: “We already ...

Kanter next year: "We already have a king. It's Buddy Hield"

This guy knows how to pander to a fanbase, I'll give him that much.

2020 season: "We already have a king. It's Yi Jianlian."

2019 season: "We already have a king. It's Aaron Gordon."

This is like when you deliberately date a clingy guy after having your heart ripped to shreds by several fuckboys because you need the self-esteem

more like 2020: "we already have king. It's... damn it is Lebron James"

Kanter's personality is very NY. For better or worse.

Yea, and I mean this in the best possible way, NYC was practically built by mouthy immigrants with no couth. In that regard, Kanter is NY to the bone.


I mean wtf is Kanter supposed to say here tho? I'm assuming this is a reporter asking him about LeBron's post. He supposed to just go "yup LeBron sure is the king of New York!"?

Watch the Knicks trade Kanter.

2022 season: we already have a king. Its Lebron James J.r

Enes Kanter for teammate of the year

Kanter calling out Lebron is one of the best things ever though.

You rarely see role players straight up disrespecting one of the greatest of all time. The last one I can think of is Raja Bell saying that Kobe Bryant didn't get hugged enough as a kid.

Edit: Shit - I got that flipped. Kobe said Bell didn't get hugged enough.

"U bum @NYknicks already got a king! So therefore ain't no invite. Going to Madison Square Garden was a great honor until you showed up!"

It would be like Celtics fans and Kyrie. From overrated chucker to top 10 player in a couple months.

LeLast word

Can we stop with this TMZ bullshit? This back and forth is fucking stupid.

NYC was practically built by mouthy immigrants with no couth

Haha that's an excellent way to describe it

And Lebron isn't?

"I already have a queen". The lamest response I've ever heard.

Nah he's supposed to call LeBron a bum

The dude is beefing with an entire government! He only has one setting and that setting "too hard."

Enes should just get a tattoo of KP at this point lol

2024 season: we already have a king. It’s [insert CBA player here].

I'm a father of 3 was def cornier lol

2160 season: we already have a king. It’s K̴r͞į̰͎s̴̜̬t̝̺͟į̥̖t̟̯̜̙̜a̶̱͓̠ṕs͇ ̙̪̘̫̬̲͝P̠̲̗̞̤̰͝o̯̜̖̮̮ṛ͙z͈̘͔̱ͅi̪̣͔n͙̖͉͇͜g̺͠i̬͙̙̕ͅs̴͖̟

What is going to happen when Knicks trying to recruit LeBron in the off season and calling him King.

I could definitely see Kanter getting into an argument with a bodega owner over a breakfast sandwich.

I fuck with Kanters loyalty but his trash talk is corny

hes corny af too

2095 season: we already have a king. It's omnitrax.

As is Lebron's.

2021 season: “we already have a king. It’s Erdogan”

Lets not call them the Kings of Philadelphia next time they play bad and give up a 23 point lead. Agreed.

Lol what the fuck is this comment? We’ve been accepting L’s for like 17 years and this is the first time we’ve had a mouthy player

no lol it's entertaining as fuck, this is what sports is all about

Yeah he got us last night.

KP got 32 & 12 in a blowout win in Cleveland 2 weeks ago.

Call it even I guess?

LeKing took your King to pound town last night

To cover up the Westbrook tattoo?

Lol didnt play like it last night

mouthy immigrants with no couth

Ey, fuck you, too, asshole.

2018 season: " We already have a queen. Its Daenerys Targaryen. "

Lefuck you

So funny, so true.

Let's judge Embiid and Simmons for every bad game they have as well.

He didn't mean the fight thing literally. He said "we're not going to let anyone punk us" as in Lebron can't just talk shit and start pushing and staring without NY players responding.

lol i can see it. Thought it was hilarious when he talked all that shit to KD and then got traded away.

there was a classic Semaj Christon-Steph Curry beef last year

I don't know, I feel like role players always have a beef with LeBron. DeShawn Stevenson on the Wiz back in the 2000's, Lance Stephenson, the dude from the Pistons during the playoffs a few years back, and now Enes. I feel like there are a few other instances as well. In fact, I feel like historically it's role players who do the most shit talking and then fade into obscurity.

What a miss opportunity. Should’ve wrote Kristaps PorKINGis.

I love how people on this sub throw a hissy fit any time the Kardashians are mentioned but they eat up stories with titles like "Do Kevin Durant and James Harden secretly have a thing for each other?"

Edit: To be clear, I read these stories too. Just pointing out the hypocrisy.

2024 season: "We already have a king, it's LeBron Jr"


"My name is Lezymandias, LeKing of Kings; Look upon my 27/7/7, ye meme, and despair!"


Enes rides for his team so hard because he literally doesn't have a family rn, not having your childhood be accessible to you must get rly lonely, I personally love him

No that just means LeBron is king in NY and KP is king in Cleveland

You need to talk fam?

I wonder if he's had Halal Guys yet

I didn’t think I’d love Kanter this much, I can see why fans from the Thunder loved him, he’s amazing!

😍 Enes

Sometimes its better to just stay quiet when you dont have a good comeback.

Hard to judge a man that hasn't played 30 games in a season yet lol.

??? I feel like everyone forgets that his family had to literally disown him, and he's currently living in exile. So to him, his teammates are pretty fucking important.

Its amazing that he's somehow become the bad guy in all this. Dude did nothing but stick up for his young guys but I guess its all his fault.

On his lower back

The first couple back and forths were interesting but these responses are getting lame af now. I’m a fan of drama when it has substance but now people are posting lame ass quotes and trying to manufacture a lot more drama than there actually is. Not just with the Lebron thing but that’s just the state of the sub in general right now

Damn, Kanter still cutting promos even after the loss. Must be building towards a blowoff match

You probably think that now, but I guarantee you if your Westbrook or Frank there's nobody you'd rather have next to you in the locker room.

Might as well tell the sun not to come up.

He said he didn't play like it LAST night, not that he hasn't played like it this entire season. Relax.

If LeBron didnt turn into a monster in the 4th along with korver, ny woulda won again. This Cavs team outside of lebron is weak and lazy

Nope. 2999 season: we already have a king. Its Cash Considerations

Lol try harder

I mean he could just not comment on everything for once?

One of my favourite beefs of all time: http://uproxx.com/dimemag/reminisce-raja-bell-kobe-bryant-rivalry/

I got the actions reversed - Kobe actually said that about Bell after he clotheslined him.

idk, i don't really see anyone manufacturing drama since all these quotes are real. plus, i feel like drama can only be good for the league. the basketball get's me flowin, but the storylines get me goin

you do realize sports is just celebrity gossip but for guys right? we eat this stuff up

Ass eating jokes and homoerotic fanfic is fine... But gossip makes people mad lol

Well he knows his audience I will give him that

Tell that to ya medical staff

I love Kanter a ridiculous amount

2022: "We already have one King, it's the Professor"

I mean he could have huge balls and say, "no I'm the king of New York!"

silence might be the best way to go

Funny you say that because whe he was at UofK, Kanter would talk about how much he loves Wrestling and how he wants to be in the WWE after basketball.

He came out at Big Blue Madness dressed as Taker and everything.

Unless you're the Jazz

Dw I'm a hetero guyapart from Chris Hemsworth but that's different this is not based on real life

Just talking about the Knicks personally. Our other sports teams have at least had more than one season of relative success in that time, we just had 2012-13. There’s never really been any reason for the Knicks to get lippy because we hated ourselves more than everyone else did

You wanna talk about it bro?

Lol we get it. Porzingis is good. Dont have such a victim complex about it.

"whats a king to a porzingod"