I won't let him down, I won't.

"I'm a big dog and can handle a big job".


This made me smile big time

It's because he learned to read and knows there is no good news in it.

My dog grabs my paper and tries to bury it😡 lol

Good paper pupper boy

In a few months I expect a follow up gif of a very accomplished pup.

Extree extree

The doggo is just worried that you'd listen to the fox news

I stopped reading the paper many years ago but still subscribe because it makes my doggo feel so proud of himself when he brings it in.


What a good pupper!!

The guy across the street from me has a black Lab that he takes hunting and fishing. One of her duties is getting the paper from the front lawn every morning. Such a cute site to see.

I see you hired an apprentice.

12/10. Good boy learning the job.

Sun Sentinel?