I was the first & only potential GOP candidate to state there will be no cuts to Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid. Huckabee copied me. 8:38 AM - 7 May 2015

I was the first & only potential GOP candidate to state there will be no cuts to Social Security,...
As further context for this tweet, recently Bernie Sanders put this tweet on display to the Senate to show Trump's hypocrisy

EDIT: Further proof to show that this was recent

EDIT 2: Here's the C-SPAN video of Bernie talking. He also has other quotes from Trump that he criticizes him on

As further context for this tweet, recently put this tweet on display to the Senate to show Trump's hypocrisy

EDIT: Further proof to show that this was recent

EDIT 2: Here's the C-SPAN video of Bernie talking. He also has other quotes from Trump that he criticizes him on

13 Times Donald Trump Promised Not to Cut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid


dramatically change Medicaid, just like the House version. Spending on the program would be reduced by $800 billion over 10 years, partially by eliminating Medicaid expansion funding.


Hi Bernie, I wouldn't vote for you -BlatantConservative

Name checks out.

I cannot believe how anyone actually believes anything that he says now. I just don’t understand.

People who voted for him (and everyone, clearly) stand to lose so much, and people still blindly support him.

I do hope Bernie or one of his people reads this sub, that would be hilarious. 

Hi Bernie, I wouldn't vote for you but I think you're a cool guy who deserves respect.

I do hope Bernie or one of his people reads this sub that would be hilarious.

Hi Bernie, I wouldn't vote for you but I think you're a cool guy who deserves respect.

Voted for McMullin.

And no, there are a lot of people on the left making the argument that everyone on the right is like trump. And while the GOP has proven that its entirely morally bankrupt (this Moore shit jesus fucking christ) not everyone who is a conservative is evil and we have some legitimate ideals and points about basic policy.

I never said that, and if I did, it's not a big deal.

Donald Dunce

That didn't happen.

And if it did happen, it wasn't that bad.

And if it was that bad, that's not a big deal.

And if it is a big deal, that's not my fault.

And if it was my fault, I didn't mean it.

And if I did mean it…

You deserved it.

The Narcissist's Prayer

I was listening to my local talk radio right around the election, and there was this Christian conversation radio host who was a proud republican. Then trump came. He tried to convince his listening that trump wasnt a real christian, didnt have real conservative values and he was an obvious liar but so many of his listener would call in and give him shit.

I think he got disillusioned with the party, he said that he wasn't going to leave but that he couldn't with good conscience vote for trump.

When you were 8 and 'that kid' told you he'd just gotten Grand Theft Auto IX on the Playstation 5 because his dad worked in China where they made them, you believed him because you wanted to play that Playstation 5. It didn't matter that you'd never seen his dad's ferrari and the photos he'd taken on his family holiday to the moon hadn't come out. You wanted to believe.

It’s because they only listen to him and Fox News. Which means all these fact checks available are labeled as fake news and biased against the baby in chief. That’s also assuming they even take the time to verify what he’s saying is true, which obviously they don’t.

Bernie brought it to Congress today

It was a This American Life story.


So, do you not vote? Because that party is the party of trump. Was like that before he came and it will be like that when he is gone. They are one and the same.

Fact-check.org, has Trump lying 67% of the time. Who listens to this asshat?

I'm an actual conservative, not a republican.

I think Fox News is the biggest culprit in this upsurge of ridiculous radical Republicanism.

Arrested Development Voice "there were cuts to social security, Medicare & Medicaid"

His followers will tell you that fact-check.org is #fakenews

tens of millions living in a state of delusion

Damn straight.

This one is going to need to get a lot of use in the months to come, I fear.

And then I stopped being a child, and I put away childish things; but some people grew up into manchildren and started ranting about cucks and energy levels

Your party has been hijacked. Whatever you think it is, is not that any longer, you're just grasping onto the past. They do not represent anything you think they do. It's not just morally bankrupt. The "fiscal conservatives" just passed a bill costing $1.4 trillion dollars. So where do you stand?

We are where we are today because of people voting on name and not caring about anything else, and it seems that still has a hold on you.

Trump is like having vaguely racist LSD in charge. Pence is like having my self loathing gay uncle translate the Bible and apply it to the country.

I loved that story. I respect the hell out of that dude for continuing to follow his principles. I don't agree with most of them. But I respect him.

That's Ron Howard's voice, bub.

And while the GOP has proven that its entirely morally bankrupt (this Moore shit jesus fucking christ) not everyone who is a conservative is evil and we have some legitimate ideals and points about basic policy.

Good on you mate! Fight the good fight and don't just fall to the party line bollocks like far too many people do

I have an online friend that is Republican but he told me straight up that if it was a choice between Trump and Bernie, he would have voted for Bernie.

But since it was Hillary, his vote went to Trump.

Does not make any sense to me.

AKA both you and I are sane human beings who just wanna live here in the US

This is absolutely the truth. All the trumpers I know only watch FOX and consider all other outlets to be pushing a fake "librul" agenda. Any time I attempt to provide information that is contrary to what they believe, it's automatically dismissed.

Why did I click the comma?

The Republican Party may no longer represent conservative values but they can’t destroy a political theory. Conservatism exists the world over.

I think it's clear that they are a conservative, but not a Republican, just like someone can be liberal, but not a Democrat.

From what I can tell, they are the type of conservative that you can have a disagreement on abortion, but you both stand on the same side against people like Roy Moore, and both agree that if someone breaks the law they should face the consequences, even if the criminal is a Republican President.

The type of person you have moral disagreements with, but you both agree on a common reality.

Except none of the emails sent to her server were marked classified or considered classified by State. The issue was over whether they could be “retroactively classified” by another department, which has never happened before. Ironically, she only ran into trouble because she cooperated with the investigation instead of deleting all emails (Colin Powell) or insisting that there were no emails, despite evidence to the contrary (Condoleezza Rice.)

Not a conservative, not even from the US ... still nice to read that some conservatives are against trump. Somehow that’s easy to forget....you guys need to create more „visibility“ for yourself. If responsible liberals and responsible conservatives don’t start working together, you will never get the shit show american politics turned into under control. Politics is about finding the right balance, not dictating the direction or blocking every move.

Edit: Politics SHOULD be about ... fixed that for myself.

Am conservative and despise trump. I feel like I'm trapped on an island of people who have lost their fucking minds.

"Other people did something wrong once so Trump should be allowed to do whatever the fuck he wants!"

Once he signs the bill the republicans will have no need for him. So I am sure a few will jump ship. They probably know they are much better with pence.

What I am is on Reddit way too much

Who was this?

Shame on you if you believe him. You're a sucker.

quelle suprise

And if you didn't deserve it, but her emails!

And the republican party has long since destroyed what that means. It did not start with trump. It's been that way.


And someone else doing it doesn't excuse his current behavior. That's whataboutism. Shut the fuck up.

Hillary? One thing I didn’t like was having dynasties in power. I didn’t like Jeb for the same reason.

I don’t think she should have been jailed, but she did break the law and should have lost her security clearance.

She’s also part of the same money wheel that is pretty common in DC. She makes shitloads of money off of doing what she does, talking places, etc. Trump’s “drain the swamp” stuff is not without basis, but bullshit when coming from him. She might not be fully paid for, but she’s known around DC for being for sale (my father is a DC insider) and she does not meet my strict scrutiny of someone I’d trust with power.

And the DNC did do something shady to get her the primaries.

I’d much rather have Bernie or Kasich as a choice instead of her.

Don't forget radio.

Jokes aside, good on you for sticking to your ideals & ethics without equating them with party lines. It's a fundamental of critical thinking and yet so many people seem to lack that nowadays. Disagreements that people can have rational discussions about, I really miss that.

I cope by running anti trump subreddits and then talking about being a conservative in the comments

Trump: doesn't know what 'only' means

Fuck that. I've been paying into social security for 23 years. I'm not a boomer and I'll be damned if I'm just going to see all that money vanish.

He’s a great man. I know many people don’t agree with his platform but imagine getting a guy like sanders in and then toning it down? Instead of the bullshit we have today. My heart hurts

It does come from race though.

Its an old 4chan meme. The thinking is immigrants come into your country and rape your wife, and the liberals who want that to happen and vote for that secretly enjoy it and are cuckholds.

Actually insults like that go back to the civil rights era where they would accuse white civil rights protesters of being cuckholds because “they like seeing their white wives and daughters fucked by a black man” (source, Birmingham Civil Rights museum, which is amazing).

To be fair, a lot of the people using it today aren’t aware of the full etymology of the word used in this way, but anyone who is using it that way is using it in the immigrant sense.

So there you go. Now you know.

Wait till you see me in the best girl contests

Friend I have bad news for you. You're a liberal, you just don't know it yet.

Congress is going to pass the budget, and it's going to gut social services.

I'd have voted for Hillary if my state was ever in jeopardy.

But I get where he is coming from. Hillary broke rules that would have gotten anyone else fired, but because of (bullshit reasons) she isn't gonna get in trouble and she could have become president.

I have the same problems with Trump too. The law needs to be applied equally to the rich and powerful.

What rules did she break that would have gotten anyone at the level that she was at fired?

Yup. It's funny, Toronto went through exactly this with Rob Ford. He was a woefully ignorant, classless, and incompetent drug addict who was elected on a wave of populist bullshit. Better services, lower taxes! Well yeah, who the fuck doesn't want that?

One of the first things he did was pay a consultant firm to come in and "end the gravy train". Their findings were essentially "waste is basically zero, here are a list of things you can cut without being sued by the provincial government". So what ends up happening? Tax increases and service cuts, because shit needs to get done and the city can't run at a deficit. Meanwhile his base sat around with their fingers in their ears. He was basically immune to criticism as long as he continued being a loudmouth who "tells it like it is." Sounds familiar.

Only difference was scale. Thank God he was mayor and not PM. Instead of Mar A Lago we had him soliciting donations on mayoral letterhead. Instead of Russian collusion we had him pulling busses off routes to pick up his football team.

wat you actually do politics and stuff

I thought you were just the local manga man /s

Couldn't be more true. I also encounter the exact same thing. It's scary and disappointing at the same time.

Technically, I'm a conservative and I don't understand how a true conservative can oppose abortion.

I want the government out of EVERYONES bedroom. Wanna be gay? Great! Wanna be transgender? Rock on. Want an abortion? Your call. Supporting individual rights shouldn't be radical. It's what conservatism is supposed to be.

You are- but don’t give up. As person above pointed out, rational people from both sides will eventually prevail. We need you to hang in there.

That's his thing, you'll see it in a lot of his comments

Used to need drugs for that!

I think there are still more of us here than the crazy, they are just way louder and obnoxious.

"...connected directly to government servers..."

It's email. All the world's internet email servers are "connected". The state department's email server in question was not on a different network (although those do exist). She didn't set up some back channel to the SIPRNET.

https://imgur.com/cXA7XxW Safe for work, but … weird.

Safe for work, but … weird.

I'm going to quote you often.

Mon Dieu!

This is so true. How did we get here? How can tens of millions of people just become so disconnected from reality?

Pence does not respect individual rights/liberties, he would try to undo the civil rights progress that many have fought for, for the past few decades. Also, as Pence is an actual politician, he would most likely prove to be competent and accomplish the tasks he set out to do.

Jesus fuck, that burns

No you’re right, if you think about it Pro life is really more of a liberal way of thinking (the government should interfere to save lives) and pro choice is more conservative (government has no power over me).