I was literally the first person to shop at this newly opened grocery store

I was literally the first person to shop at this newly opened grocery store

Grocery Store Manager here. I could be wrong but that looks like a grand opening produce set. Even in a vertical greens set like that people don't usually have it that stocked and faced everyday for shrink concerns. Whoever did that is damn good though, extremely impressive.

Am I looking at this right? It looks to me like the top three shelves are asking for trouble. I can't work out how there won't be cabbages everywhere the moment someone decides they want the one in the middle.


I can count the frames in this .gif

With produce the longer it sits out, especially staked like that for an extended period of time the greater chance it has to spoil and lose quality. If you were doing a ton of business and we're going to turn all of that quickly the sure, pile it high. But if you're a normal store then just logistically you can't have it that full all the time unless you plan on throwing all the stuff on the bottom out.


PD: it is a .gif in disguise as .jpg

PD: it is a .gif in disguise as .jpg

Used to be a produce associate at a more..."yuppy" market. Store manager and department manager used to scold us for not having our displays look like this. Basically if we weren't replacing then facing off right after a customer took something. It was terrible.

Oh really mate? So you're just letting us know again? Fuckin liar don't repost and say that


If you're in the US, it's pretty hard to convince stores to give you the food they're throwing away. If someone ate spoiled food and ended up getting sick they could have a lawsuit and it's not worth the risk

wouldn't that mean the produce lower on the stack would never get picked?

I would be willing to bet about half of that gets thrown out.

Not if you also have to sort the stuff form oldest to newest. Worked at a supermarket as well as a part time job while being a student. When putting new stuff in I always had to make sure that its in a position where it was picked last. Was a pain in the ass

That was the case before 1996 but not anymore. The Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Food Donation Act change how that worked. The law specifically protects individuals, corporations, wholesalers, caterers, farmers, restaurateurs, and others from liability for donating food in good faith.

I used to HATE setting the wet rack in the produce department. You spend a few hours making this monster look beautiful and it all gets fucking destroyed by one old lady who insists on getting the lettuce from the bottom because that's "the good one"

Nop repost

All I'm thinking is all the shit head customers that will come along and ruin it without telling an employee.

Yeah, this is why as a jerk customer I often reach far back in a stack (especially with things like milk) to make sure I get the freshest item. Sorry!

Shrink concerns? Thieves?

What the fuck are you on about?

No seriously, http://karmadecay.com/results/u6233259 what the fuck are you talking about?

Worked in a grocery store produce department for 5 years. Can confirm. If there's ones thing that's more unsettling, it's seeing this. It will never look like this again. Just due to shoppers, ordering and prep.

Thing is she's right, and there's no reason she'll take a bad one to make it look better.

Hello - I would like to know if it would be reasonable for a shopper to ask whether or not they could take the produce that hasn't sold off of a store's hands, so to speak? Just the produce that has maybe wilted a bit or no longer looks sellable? I'm a poor student and I'm curious as to what happens to the produce that doesn't sell. I'd love to ask around and save some of it from going to the dumpster if it's permissible.

You can count on it. I worked produce when I was in high school and every day I spent painstakingly arranging my wet rack felt like I was Sisyphus pushing his stone. It was like a god damn pack of wild apes had descended on it.

That is only if the store is donating to a non-profit. Does not apply if the store gives it directly to end consumer.

one of us! one of us!

That's OK. When I grab from the back I check the expiration date. If it's not later than the ones in front, I'll keep grabbing random loaves until I find a good one.

Sorry not sorry. I do make sure to leave things orderly.

And then I come and fuck it all up looking for that fresh stuff.

Yea I thought it look too familiar, the last post had something to do with mold from the sprinklers I think. OP you're a dumb whore.

This photo produces a positive reaction from me. The organization can't be beet. I don't carrot all that the cabbages are destined to cascade.

I used to work at a grocery store and at least with us the answer was "no" for several reasons. 1. If people knew we gave out produce past its expiry date/when it went bad, they would start hiding food across the store so they could come back and claim it once it went off. (People did this to all sorts of things) 2. If you took home rotten produce and ate it and got sick, it opens the store up for liability. 3. Once something refrigerated left that area it was considered "shrink" unless a customer bought it. So if you picked up chicken thighs, walked around for an hour, left it somewhere, cane back, picked it up and then told the cashier you changed your mind about it - it was tossed because we don't know what happened for how long and selling a bacteria bomb to someone else would be bad. They usually didn't do this for produce but some vegetables like cabbage can be contaminated if you don't bag it.

I would offer the following advice: download the Target Cartwheel app. If you have a SuperTarget near you, they usually have lots of produce coupons. Most groceries take competitors coupons; so you can show up to Publix, for example, with Target, Aldi, etc coupons for produce and as long as it is a brand they carry or generic ("strawberries") you can use one competitor AND one store coupon PER ITEM.

I hope that helps you a little!

Bread man here, I do layers so when dicks like you grab from the back you're still getting old stuff.

My favourite gag in the show.

Dang I counted 7. I should go back to school.

Our apples and oranges and such are like this as well in America. For some reason, most veggies are vertical like OP's photo.

Exactly. In the grocery stores where I live in Sweden it's not stacked vertically. They're placed on a 30 degree rack where you can pick whatever you want without ruining "the look".

Exactly. In the grocery stores where I live in Sweden it's not stacked vertically. They're placed on a 30 degree rack where you can pick whatever you want without ruining "the look".

From what I can see they're all just sitting on top of eachother

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Thanks u/_acid

Huh, I wasn't aware of that thanks. I've never been able to get free food though aside from the butcher occasionally giving me scrap bones for my dog

I worked in dry grocery. Can sympathize. The canned cat food section still haunts my nightmares.

Yeah it's weird that reddit can't find this image, but I also remember this picture from probably around 6 months ago.

Yes I was thinking that would be the case. I have been able to get bananas under the table at Trader Joe's before, but they might have been more lax with this because the bananas are naturally protected by the skin. I wish there was some kind of secret waiver I could sign, or if an employee just so happened to "leave a box of discarded potatoes outside" and I just so happened to be "walking by." You know do a couple somersaults through some loopholes. :)

Not a lawyer, but looking at the text of the law doesn't look like it has that much teeth. Even the last part of it says that it can't supersede local laws: meaning if anything State or lower has a law on this area, this law gives way.

You have to rotate when you restock, it's a bitch.... And it's even more of a bitch when no one else in your department does it.

Ugh, as a grocery manager, this has to be my mantra.

The way he used to eat grass and leaves was always so satisfying to me. It make me want to eat leaves as a child.

tiny jars of babyfood.. shudders

I think I count 4?

Homeless, hungry, haven't ate in weeks? Just start up a non profit! It couldn't be easier.

Worth it. Wegmans is the Cadillac of grocery stores.

Yea, this is basically what the Whole Foods produce section looks like 24/7. There are always 2-3 people working in/stocking it at a time though, at least at the flagship store.

First in, first out?

literally, guys

I used to work in a supermarket and if a customer picked up a perishable and I had a fresher one on my cart, I'd always let them know and give them the fresh one.

Management hated me doing that, but they also preached that our customer service should be nothing but excellent. ¯\(ツ)/¯

Spotted bananas are fine to eat, but they aren't ideal to sell. If I'm buying bananas, it's on the weekend and I want them to last all week. So I want to buy bananas that are just about to ripen so I don't have overripe bananas by Thursday. The store knows they are fine to eat, but their customers are going to pick the less ripe bananas and the spotted ones will just sit.

Aww those are some sweet potatoes. I meant puns.

3 frames!


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Whole Foods? the veggies look nice but it's such a pain to get them out of the shelves, I would rather have convenience of picking out my veggies rather than having them look nice and not being able to go through them with out tearing them all out of their nice little stack.

Where dat fresh shit at?