I was away for two weeks

I was away for two weeks

When it's almost 5 and I have to choose between being paid to poop or hold it until I get home is one of the worst struggles of my day to day.

Get paid bro. Get paid.

This guy shits.

I have a bidet and a squatty potty in my master bath. I call it the poop palace.

But not comfortably

Hotel craps are nice though. No shame, no time pressure, always enough TP supply and a shower right there if things get really serious.

I went into a Walmart restroom yesterday to blow my nose. A gentleman closed himself in a stall and latched the door in a false sense of privacy. I felt so much pity as I walked out of the restroom. So much empathy for the Walmart pooping man.

"I passed hundreds of miles worth of perfectly good toilets to get to you."

I'm still considering a rape claim from when i pressed the wrong button on one of those