I Want my Cheese

I Want my Cheese

The real way to play this game is to make extra cheese and crackers to offer. This creates the illusion of thoughtfulness when really you're just protecting your own cheese and crackers.

But isn’t it actually thoughtfulness since you had the thought to make some for them to eat?

No, because thoughtfulness would have been making enough for two and telling them you made some for them, where this is making some extra to pretend to sacrifice

I hate sharing my food.

Fucking christ my wife will never open a can of pop for herself. "I'll just take one sip from yours" and proceeds to drink half.

Speaking as a sister of brothers and as a wife, I don’t usually know if I want cheese and crackers until one of them are eating the ones they made for themselves. If we're being honest, making a couple extra under the guise of thoughtfulness is 100% the right way to handle this... I won’t even want the cheese and crackers then.


Here's the thing, though. Any amount of cheese and crackers is exactly the amount of cheese and crackers you want.

I'm glad that he stood up for himself!