I wagged her like a bitch

I wagged her like a bitch

Not just a bomb, but hundred million dollars worth of bombing.

I remember a time not so long ago when the American public was told that Saddam Hussein had chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons he was planning to use and we had to invade immediately to stop him. Several other countries, including the UK, joined in the coalition to invade Iraq and 15 years later the world is still feeling the impact of that disaster.

But I guess it's different this time because we can trust Donald Trump.

Didn't seem to bother America in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos

Donald Trump didn't seem to be concerned with the wellbeing of innocent people when he banned refugees from being resettled in the United States. It's very convenient that he became concerned with Syrian civilians at the same time his lawyer's office was raided by the FBI.

And I was just pointing out how expensive this political stunt that effectively achieved nothing cost US taxpayers.

Sure he can. You haven't set up anything like an either-or scenario, and it's very easy for him to be pro-corporate, pro-rich, and pro-Putin. Those're Russia's governmental priorities right there.

It's not our fault you can't see his fecklessness and reluctance to counter obvious Russian agression.

Yeah dont let them seek asylum in USA , just bomb the country they live in . Its so much easier !

The U.N. really should have been in the lead here but of course they are not?

You think the UK and France are working with Russia to cover for trump?

okay, so we should let chemical weapons be used on innocent people?

I meant bomb as a verb not a noun. As in bombing Syria, not dropping a bomb on Syria.