I think it's overlooked how bad the zombies would smell in a zombie apocalypse

I think it's overlooked how bad the zombies would smell in a zombie apocalypse

They address it in The Walking Dead a lot.

Plenty of people being repulsed by the smell, especially from sheltered people who don't have much exposure to the walkers.

I feel like if there was a zombie outbreak/apocalypse, everything would smell like dead bodies

That awesome trick from the second episode that they completely forgot about afterwards? Right after they wore body armor for 30 seconds before deciding they didn't need any protection?

Some people don't deserve to survive.

Especially when they smeared themselves in zombie entrails right? I'm kidding but at moments TWD seems like kind of a joke show but at the same time they're pushing it for a drama and I don't know how to feel about these series.

Like with trench warfare in WWI. I'd imagine your nose would acquiesce.

If you follow that train of thought to it's logical conclusion, the zombie apocalypse will either end relatively quickly or turn into an animated-skeleton apocalypse.

I learned it from Pirates of the Caribbean.

Elizabeth: "Captain Barbossa, I am here to negotiate the cessation of hostilities against Port Royal."

Barbossa: "There are a lot of long words in there, Miss; we're naught but humble pirates. What is it that you want?"

Elizabeth: "I want you to leave and never come back."

Barbossa: "I'm disinclined to acquiesce to your request. ...Means 'no'."

I had no idea that word existed and I googled it. Thanks for leading me to learn something new!

Acquiesce means to accept something reluctantly but without protest.

I liked it at first, but after a few seasons it gets a bit old. Oh I guess we're entering an ominous dark room/house for the 900th time, here we go. Hope the zombies don't get them this time.

I think the problem with the trick is that it's dangerous in its own right, there have been mentions of people getting sick and dying through the use of "blood cover", obviously smearing gore all over you and any open wounds would be a bad idea. But yeah the show can be dumb as a box of rocks sometimes.

The show isn't really about zombies anymore, they are a backdrop. And characters are rarely scared of them and they are easily dispatched unless stumbled upon unexpected or in overwhelming numbers. The real villains now are the other survivers which would probably be the biggest issues in a real apocalypse scenario.

Undead zombies sure, but rage virus zombies are plausible

But eventually like everything else your brain would get bored of the smell and you learn to ignore it.

Another reason "fast zombies" wouldn't exist. Exurting your muscles tears them and since zombies don't replicate cells, they'd just fall apart. Zombies do live until the brain decomposes. Once the virus can't live in the brain, it dies.

Technically zombies wouldn't exist at all, since muscle movement produces lactic acid. Assuming their hearts don't beat and their blood doesn't circulate, the lactic acid builds up and destroys their muscles very quickly. Of course, that also hinges on their muscle cells getting nutrients. Without them, there physically wouldn't be the energy to move. Zombies might be able to take a hundred steps from their grave, but they'd just fall apart after that. Hardly an apocalypse if you ask me.

Barbosa was the best villain in that series.

This guy gets it. 28 weeks later zombies could very well be possible.

Does that mean that "The Walking Dead" is actually a metaphor for the survivors rather than the zombies? Going through the motions knowing that society and the world as we knew it is dead, and they are now just "walking" through what little is left?

As an ex-chemical industry employee, I can confirm that you will get USED TO IT!

Like living with guys.

One theory is that the TWD characters all have fucked up hearing, because they constantly fire guns without any ear protection.

Yeah one of the characters says it to the rest of the group

And wouldn't last that long.

Seriously, zombie apocalypse on major global level, I'm gonna go west (Australian inland) and just quarantine myself. Few months go by and everything's so degraded it's either deceased or incapable of being a physical threat.

The USA would be one of the scariest countries to be in. And India, and China, and Britain (except Wales, because even zombies wouldn't bother).

You have zombies?!?!

That's exactly why the comic is so great actually. Zombies haven't been the focus for a very long time.

Rick. It's one of Rick's major realizations.

Wouldn't they be easier to kill in a way? Like undead zombies you have to hit the brain, these guys sure they move fast but hit them in the chest (with bullets) or hit an artery and they'll go down.

Quick disclaimer I have never seen 28 days later but I just feel like this would make sense.

I always wondered why, when out in the woods where it's totally fucking silent, no one ever hears zombies tromping up mouth-breathing and making their weird noises? How can you not hear that shit???

For those that have been fortunate enough to not know what a rotting corpse smells like, I envy you. My school housed a corpse flower and it was... unpleasant.

No it not. What is absolutely overlooked is how stiff your underwear would be and how much you would itch everywhere from filth. Lack of sleep, you'd never be able to sleep. How often you would ruin clothes. How much your shoulder would burn from carrying a pack. How bad your joints would ache from impacts without proper nutrition and recovery. How gasoline would basically be useless without additives in a year. I could do this all day. But honestly the underwear is enough to wish it wasn't so.

"All the dead know, is its better to have clean underwear". Wait, I don't think that's the quote......

Yeah, they kill them in various ways from what I remember, not just headshots.

What if you smell like disappointment

Without question, yes. He wasn't nearly as satisfying as a good guy nor were any other villains as satisfying to watch as he was.


That depends on the origin of the zombies. If we're talking supervirus or mysterious comet, sure. But on the other hand if there's a necromancer involved, it makes perfect sense.

First, your return to shore was not part of our negotiations nor our agreement, so I must do nothing. And secondly, you must be a pirate for the Pirate's Code to apply, and you're not. And thirdly, the Code is more what you'd call guidelines than actual rules. Welcome aboard the Black Pearl, Miss Turner.

The USA would be one of the scariest countries to be in. And India, and China, and Britain (except Wales, because even zombies wouldn't bother).

I assume that you mean because of population density? If that is the case, then much of the Eastern US would be a horrible place, but much of the Western US is basically uninhabited.

Oh shit lucky you, the zombie epidemic wave hasn't hit you yet.

Nah, I think that credit goes to 'The Code? It's more like...Guidelines'

best bit was watching a dude yelling at Rick that he fed Carl while Rick was out scavenging. "I FED HIM SPAGHETTI"

Likely the best line in the entire relentlessly undying series.

Also, a Zombie Apocalypse would be a rather formal event.

When you think about it, most people are buried in suits.

That is a nasty thought but humans are natural nomads. We are literally made to survive constant moving, hunting, and hiding with little to no rest. Sure, because of natural hygienic evolution, we find those things like clean clothes and showers a necessity but in all reality being dirty is how you survive because predators can track you better if you smell clean opposed to smelling like death.

Exactly, the decomposition would be tremendous. And also, what is up with the burnt to the bone zombies that are still moving? No sense

Dehydration is also a factor

He had to explain it to everyone who didn't get it from page one.

Ain't no zombie digging itself out of a grave. Shit, ignoring the lack of oxygen factor, ain't no living human digging themselves out of a grave, even if they had tools.

Only the recently deceased zombies would be walking around.

The Walking Dead is a literal interpretation of the survivors. We learned early on that the virus is airborne and everyone is infected. The change doesn't happen until you die or are bitten by an active zombie.

Rick (I believe) even refers to the group as 'The Walking Dead' when he's explaining how the virus moves.

I think the usual fast zombie pretty much feels no pain and will keep attacking until they're physically unable to, have you heard the horror stories about PCP users? Like how sometimes they'll get horribly injured to a point that it would kill or incapacitate a normal person but they'll act like nothing has happened?

Imagine that coupled with an urge to attack everyone in your vicinity with total abandon and you'll have what I consider to be the standard fast zombie. (Also in 28 days later anyone that gets attacked would turn in less than 30 seconds)

You're technically right that they'd be easy to kill, but they won't die right away from a lethal shot.

Don't they all start dying at the end of 28 days?

I'm kinda sad that old school supernatural zombies went out of fashion. I liked that unexplainable horror behind it, that this decomposed body couldn't possibly function but here it is. Plus the knowledge that no matter where you hide or for how long, the zombies will wait. Something about them being slow-moving appeals to me, too. I get that fast zombies equals cooler chase sequences, but the inevitability of slow zombies reminds me of something I read about old nomadic humans. Essentially we were able to walk other animals to death. We lose heat more easily than other animals (thanks to sweat it seems) and could just walk down animals over several hours like the T-1000. They'd run, and have to stop to pant and lose that heat, but the humans just kept coming. That may all be total bullshit but I liked the ideas of zombies being the creatures that walked humans to death.

I like how in episode 2 it was all in, ponchos covered in zombie blood, guts draped over shoulders and around necks, smeared on faces. Then they brought the trick back in Fear the Walking Dead and in one of the more recent episodes it was like, yeah smear a lil on your forehead, cheeks, you're good man. Full zombie camo.

Or possums

IIRC it was right after he learned that they would all raise as walkers when they died even if they died of natural causes.

Yeah... but even if Wyoming was safer, I still don't think you could convince me to live there XD

Here's the actual page for anyone who wants to see it. Man, the original comic version of the prison arc was so much better than what we got on the show.

Man, the original comic version of the prison arc was so much better than what we got on the show.

"You are without doubt the worst pirate I've ever heard of"

"You have heard of me"


In the comic there's definitely more emphasis on details such as their smell and how their moaning sounds sad.

Flys would inherit the Earth


I don't think you understand post-apocalypse economics.

My garage raccoons stink to high heaven but I just don't notice anymore.

Somebody get Jeff Goldblum on the phone

Not zombies, but similar "lots of dead, post apocalypse" situation: Stephen King's "The Stand" actually does address it. It's one of the big reasons a few of the characters get and stay out of the cities.

I imagine over a period of time people would get used to the smell anyway. Also I don't think having a cast member throw up every time a walker appears on screen would look great.

Wyoming is beautiful, for sure. A lot of places around there (Montana, the Dakotas) are gorgeous, but Wyoming is just flatter.

Also, you're beautiful. Keep up the great work!

Oh I know, this is the first season I've not watched as it came out since it first aired.

The Zombie Survival Guide states quite clearly that no living thing wants contact with zombies, even bacteria that would otherwise break it down.

Adelaide botanic gardens had one flowering last week. Wasn't that bad.

One of the most famous pannel/line from TWD comics is a one page of Rick saying "WE ARE THE WALKING DEAD!

New febreeze ad campaign "febreeze. For when the zombies come"

I think a better word might be "acclimate."

Also technically many examples of "fast zombies", as depicted in movies like 28 Days Later, aren't actually zombies. They're infected living humans. In fact there aren't many examples of fast moving zombie-like creatures that fit the definition of a zombie - meaning the animated deceased.

We used to debate zombie survival tactics by first asking "Danny Boyle zombies or George Romero zombies" but later learned that the George Romero type (in this instance) are the only actual zombies.

There's a documentary somewhere (can't find it now on mobile) in which Romero, Boyle, and Max Brooks all weigh in on the subject and clearly define the difference, which we never really considered until recently.

Seriously if someone thinks it wouldn't be possible to sleep because of carrying a pack and being a little dirty they must live a sheltered life.

Or the guy who duck-taped his jacket, so the walkers are unable to bite him. Looked like a good solution to me, but apparently they forgot about that one as well.


I ALWAYS think that.

But that word is not equally fancy, motion denied!

Hence the name.

I feel like if there was a zombie apocalypse, depending on the zombies (typical slow and dumb), it would be over before it even began.

Always? Like, you're plowing away at your girlfriend, just pensively thinking, "man. I bet zombies stink."

Picking up your diploma on stage at graudation and shaking the Dean's hand: "zombies must reek."

Your wedding day: "it would be so terrible to smell a zombie."

Birth of your child: "Zombies are rank as fuck."

"Flies, uhh, find a way."

Same goes for the manga "I Am a Hero". Though, the smell of the living people is more often mentioned since they cannot take a shower.

It has been lackluster

From what I hear parts of Wyoming are actually beautiful. I wouldn't know because I never have and probably never will go there, but ya know lets give those cowboys a little benefit of the doubt.

Except Darryl, he uses a crossbow. His hearing is fucked because he lives on Easy Street...

...And it feels so sweet Cause the world is but a treat When you're on easy street And we're breaking out the good champagne We're sitting pretty on the gravy train!

This makes me feel so much better. Thank you.

How about the fact that they still seem to think the best weapon is a knife? Um, have you idiots heard of spears or pikes?! Something that doesn't require you to get up in a zombie's face?!

Their moaning's supposed to sound sad? Huh, sometimes I forget there's usually more details in books/comics than shows/movies... I need to read more

Spore infected zombies. A giant walking man eating mushroom until it gets too infected.

They all have severe hearing problems becuase of firing all those guns.

They literally showed people puking at the smell (and sight) in the second episode of the first season. It's been a part of the show since the beginning.

The Last of Us. Very beautiful game about a post apocalyptic world in which the *cordyceps virus has mutated to be able to take over humans, which in turn has lead to a variety of different 'zombies' as you will. It's incredibly beautiful both in visuals and in story.

* *cordyceps: is a genus of ascomycete fungi ^(sac fungi) that includes about 400 species. All Cordyceps species are endoparasitoids, parasitic mainly on insects and other arthropods ^(they are thus entomopathogenic fungi); a few are parasitic on other fungi.*

In otherwords, it inects an ant or other similar insect, and then proceeds to take control often causing it to commit suicide to spread more spores.

Some zombie lore, like in the Zombie Survival Guide, states the walking dead have an extraordinarily slow rate of decomposition due to the virus causing most organisms, including microbes, to avoid using them for food. That's one reason you don't see vultures, wild dogs, flies, etc. gaining massive numbers in zombie apocalypse fictions.

I think the OP is thinking that you wouldn't want to sleep because there are zombies everywhere.

In the Walking Dead zombies are like the rain. Sometimes it's raining, most of the time it's not. And sometimes it's pouring zombie cats and dogs.

They're more like the weather than anything.

I'll admit, I've never read the comics. But I am disappointed in the story arch for how it all happened.

Dead girls

I still believe TLoU has the most realistic and terrifying of all zombies.

Mostly because cordyceps is a real threat, but also because it takes longer than rabies to kill and is much easier to spread.

28 days later is def. in the best of the zombie movies ratings! They tend to be the best when the threat of such a thing brings out the worst in people.

When you get down to it necromancer is the only one that makes sense after about a week or with some cold weather. Those zombies wouldn't last with rigamortis and freezing.

Doot doot

The smell you bitch you forgot about the smell!

And then it doesn't happen again for a couple seasons minimum.

If they can't be consistent doesn't mean much. TV shows often do this, where they introduce or showcase something early on to impress the viewer (like an attention to detail in this case), then writers get lazy and forget about it.

Well now we all know.

As it progresses there's fewer of those moments, and it's more about the overarching plots. That stuff is routine for them mostly now.

It's not being lazy, it would just be very redundant to show people puke to the smell every episode.

It's why you don't really see people go to the toilet.

Calm down Mr. Zombie from the second episode.

Can this meme just die already?

Except they're really... juicy. Constantly spewing bile and leaking blood, and just running at you. And if so much as a drop gets in a cut, or your mouth or eyes, and you become one in about 30 seconds.

You should check out 28 Days Later, though, it really holds up.

That could be the first line of a good zombie novel. "No one talked about the smell..."

I think he is criticising TWD, because the storylines are very much repeating themselves over and over.

It happened really early on when Glen and Rick covered themselves in guts to hide in plain sight

Where is season 3?

For real? I wonder if different plants have a variation of odors then? Like how one persons body odor is worse than another's cause the one we had was horrendous.

Plus animal predation. Packs of dogs especially.

They didn't forget about it, it was just used last season, it's commonly used by the druggie in FtWD and they've used it in each game (Season 3 excluded as they're only on episode 2). They don't use it that often because the main characters are so bad ass they don't even bother hiding from the zombies. It's part of the whole "Humans are the main threat" motif they have going on.

Yeah but head crabs.

In the show or comic? Cause I feel like it took a couple of seasons in the show before that became a thought process.

That was my first thought watching iZombie... she's snogs dudes, yeah? Wouldn't she have death breath? You're literally sticking your tongue in dead.

Or girls

Like 2nd or 3rd episode they are chopping up the dead for smell camouflage. All the characters in that scene dry retch...

But the smell of death isn't new and you'd get used to it to a degree*

Edit* words :)