I think I'm in there

I think I'm in there

Posts like this are why I'm still subscribed to this sub.

You only had one play and it was perfect

Edit: While I'm at the top of a popular post on /sub/tinder how about someone send me gold and see what happens ;)

That was an excellent save.

Gold! Unmatched?

Witty replies like this just barely make up for all the people who are rude to try to be edgy

Yeah, nowadays it's mostly shit overused jokes or plain unfunny posts. But this is just perfect

Don't leave us in suspense, mate. What did she reply?


Nope apparently her "friend" just didn't get drunk again; or prefers sheaths to swords, who am I to judge.

She didn't.

Impressive reply! Haha


Chat disabled for 3 seconds

Her friend did though.

Sharpesht shword in the shcabbard.

https://imgur.com/a/UFcKR it was just from something I did in Halloween, still wondering why I had it there


jok with they're nam in it xDDD

You have a photo up showcasing you have a sword? Neckbeard detected

No, no they didn't. But you could imagine what it'd be like if they did.

But he hasn't been gilded yet! Don't jinx him!

I'm wondering if she's one of them sword swallower performers?

great response but did she not respond back? considering that's the last message

Easy. You read their reply, assess what they mean and reply appropriately.

Chat disabled for 2 seconds. Chat disabled for 1 second. What a save! Chat disabled for 3 seconds.

Yeah people try to force a joke way too much often times.

No she didn't.

I believe your URL just called me a fckr

I want to Emma-have sex with you XD

i think you look real-LEAH-mazing xD!

Don't beg for gold you fucking nerd.


Memes and self-pity repeated ad nauseum are the main reasons I barely touch Reddit like I used to.

Because it's a Fuckin sweet! sword

Winnersh go hoem to fuch the prom queen

All my friends are dead

Yeah started late though so it didn't turn out how I wanted, chainmail was a bitch though

Geralt of Rivia right?


Saggy balls

I wonder what would have happened if you'd finished with a winky face.

Gold, Jerry! Gold!!!

Some ppl actually have profile photo with sword so honestly can't tell how sarcastic this is lol

You can post this opinion on any subreddit and it will get upvoted.

Hey you're not stealing my opportunity for being gilded

She misses you.


There's a real place: /sub/nothingeverhappens


I love y'all rocket powered motherfuckers

OPs profile pic

https://imgur.com/a/UFcKR well sort of it was a picture left over from Halloween

*Gary of Nivea

This is a perfect reply, but how the fuck do you reply to whatever comes next?



It looks great man, the grey hair and the medallion really tie it all together.

No, he showed humour, value, and sexuality in one clever response.

Pandering to every girl who gives you even a little attention is weak ass game. If you arent getting a ton of attention already act like it isnt your first time. She matched you because she thinks you might have value so dont show her shes wrong.

Push me to the edge

Y'all thirsty af

Hi Jess I love that you have a vaginaJess let's have intercourseJess

Holy cow!



Now I have to ask, what to I have to look forward to/fear?

a rare but appropriate /sub/rocketleague reference on /sub/tinder. Nice One!


Interesting use of semicolon there. I don't think it's technically incorrect really. But if I'm not mistaken, I think it would be more correct if you swapped the comma and semicolon?

Because "or prefers sheaths to swords" isn't an independent clause, but "who am I to judge" is. I am half asking because it's been a bit since I studied it.

But I did not shoot the microwave. No no, no no...

O but what if the emoji jumps to another line. alone. Thats nasty.

Haha great reply. Do you actually have a sword in your Tinder pictures?

They wouldn't upvote me


They'll upvote anything

I'll take "Catch the semen" for 800.

Especially me_irl

Thanks, I'm tempted to fix it up over summer though


A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one.

All my friends are dead

Can someone explain this to me?

Did you just ask for gold?

No telling, the battery died.

Nope. u fcker

nope, you got the whole premise wrong. The girl isn't saying "sorry, I was trying to send that to a friend," she was saying "sorry, my friend stole my phone and wrote that to you," implying that her friend wants his "sword." He then responds that he wants to keep talking to her friend, seeing as clearly the friend likes him.

edit: me being stupid

No, no he didn't, but you could imagine what it'd be like if he did.

Haha :) I enjoyed it for a long while it just can get a little much ya know?

Alice's friend shows sexual interest in first message. Alice apologises for said message. OP tells Alice to move aside and put said horny friend back on the phone.

Don't forget this constant occurrence:

<Unrelated post about bunnies or something>

"Wow, that bunny is stupid. Just like Trump, amirite guys? XDDD"

"Please stop inserting Trump into everything."


it's like, please stop shoving US politics into everything

🏅(±31 days) here's your gold!

I laughed

Here's the Urban Dictionary definition of mall ninja :

A term used in forums to mean an unexperienced and enthusiastic weapon(usually a firearm)owner who pretends to be a seasoned operator. The phrase came about as a result of an over the top character in a famous satirical thread.

I am a part time mall ninja and I am currently recieving the escalator assualt training.B-)

about | flag for glitch | Summon: urbanbot, what is something?

This is creepy as fuck. You look just like me, but a few years younger.

"My friend is the guy I'm actually fucking"

You could be right I think the means the semicolon should be a comma


venmo me 5 gold and see what happens ;)

What a save!

The toaster laughed

But you can imagine what it'd be like if she did right?

No neither of those, it's because that line would kind of make no sense unless he had something about a sword in his profile

just remember 95% of anything is crap but that 5% make the whole worth it.

Am I missing the sarcasm, or do you actually not get that sword is a euphemism? Probably the former though

Holy shit you're annoying.


Mall ninja shit=Shit intended for mall ninjas

Isn't better without the "I want to" part.

There truly is a bot for everything