I think I found the cat.

I think I found the cat.
There should be a collection of these somewhere. This has always been my favourite.

There should be a collection of these somewhere. has always been my favourite.

Pretty much what "different" means.

The cat posted it to lure people in.

That's clearly a different cat.

Follow me human i have candy for you.

He's all "Shhh. Snitches get stitches yo"

Those are two separate cats

Its not the same cat.

Just spray paint the tail, focker

One of those cats is not like the other.


There's some foliage making it look like the top of the head is lower than it is. It throws off the scale and proportions of white marking to head size. Look closer and you will see the ears above the foliage, and you will realize it's the exact same marking.

What are you talking about? They look alike.

Look at the cat. That's how.

That's 100% the same cat, you have no idea what you're talking about.

That could very easily be shadow on the chin, and from that angle its quite possible its blaze appears smaller than it is.

I think it could easily be the same cat. It could also not be.

That was painful to watch for even 10 seconds

I think it looks bigger because it's blurry. The shape of the left side of the white patch seems to match.

Please OP we need to know if you at least called his people!

What the actual fuck did i just watch?

Compare the white on their noses.

naw op just reaped all of the good karma points and walked away.

One of those cats is made of paper!

they look nothing alike

How so?

No one in this thread pointed out that the cat has its head turned looking at the op and in the picture the cat is looking straight forward. Taking this into consideration it might be the same cat. I believe in you op!

Were you able to get it back home?

Let's invoke Schrodinger's missing cat theory here and say it is both the cat and not the cat.

Yes, it's called http://www.reddit.com/subreddits/search

That cat and the one in the picture look different. They are not the same cat.

The other one is made of cat!

They are distinct cats.

Mutually exclusive

It's white and gold, you dipshit... wait, wrong thread!