I stretched the plastic wrap just right and thought of you guys and gals

I stretched the plastic wrap just right and thought of you guys and gals

The cookies stay in there forever now, can't ruin perfection

Confection perfection

Very nice... Can I have a cookie please?

I once did this at work and one of my coworkers went to reach for the food that was wrapped not realizing there is a plastic wrap on it. It was so satisfying.

For sure! They're pretty good, actually

So much on this sub lately has been... unsatisfying. This is an excellent step in the right direction. Thank you.

Confection erection.

PM me a cookie please.

Cling wrap is my life’s adversary. We do not get along

Erection Confection

Probably stretched it out and ruined it.


I took the risk for you. It's a chocolate cake shaped like a dick.

risky clicks.

Unfortunately yes. But I just rewrapped it afterwards 😄

You just took all the romance out of it.

Create a sheet of it on a counter top with excess hanging off of the edge, place the item in the center of the sheet, then use the excess at the end of the counter to wrap it around the top. Then cut it, and pull the other end over. Turn 90 degrees and do the other side if necessary. Worked in restaurants for years, and this is by far the easiest method.

Who hurt you?


Yeeaah, Not clicking that. Not at work...

Comment me crackers? Meh, I'll take it!

When you stretch the plastic wrap just right ✋👌

I guarantee it wasn't as good

I want to jab my finger into the middle of it

Thank you!

Cut a hole on the bottom of the plate

I'm not sure what purpose this serves, but I like when OP's deliver. So here you go :)

A real conCOCKtion

Crackers? Bloody hell, that’s a cookie m8.

I have that same plate!

Me too thanks

Surely taking the hit for him is quite romantic.

Put your dick in the hole.

u/Gonzo_Rick is using a Samsung phone.

Pristine, sir.

Some people just want to watch the world burn.


What plastic wrap? ;)

Somebody did this to a toilet in the barracks I was living in.

A fellow denizen of the building had to vomit, and it bounced.

I've always wondered who the people are who go in the meat department of my local grocery store and poke a big dent in the ground beef.

Now do it on the glass of milk

3 ???

4 Profit

I find it /sub/mildlyinfuriating that the one cookie has no chocolate visible.

https://emojipedia.org/grimacing-face/ Samsung's looks messed up