I see you guys appreciate battle stations in semi trucks or rather rigs in rigs. Here's my setup.

I see you guys appreciate battle stations in semi trucks or rather rigs in rigs. Here's my setup.

I have an APU(auxiliary power unit) that's similar to a generator but has more functions. It give me HVAC, electricity and keeps the coolant warm in the main engine during winter time. All while producing less waste than just idling the engine which would normally consume .5-.7 gallons per hour.

The electricity is sent to an inverter like an RV or a bigger boat. 1800w at my disposal.

How does one power a rig in a rig?

About as loud as a cheap dirt bike, atv, snow mobile, etc. Less than a lawn mower. Normal generators are louder.

About as loud as an idling propane engine on a forklift.

Do you play Euro truck sim 2 or American Truck simulator??? So trucking in a truck with your rig in a rig????

I haven't played those games but I do have Forza 7 and play with the racing trucks on there.

could you give an easier to understand example?

That's...actually... yeah I get it!

Yo dawg I heard guy like rigs.. so we put a rig in your rig

But how loud is the generator?

"Hold on team, I'm lagging so I need to drive closer to the servers!"

Then the universe is dead.

I used to game via hotspot to my phone. If I had near full bars of LTE I could game online with no issues. I would get around 80ping in League, which was only about 10 ping worse then my friends cable internet at his house.

It would be consistent for hours of playtime.

After several years you get used to places that weren't designed for trucks. I deliver to downtown Chicago, LA and San Francisco pretty regularly. But now with Google maps/earth you can figure out everything before you set off.

I feel like I would love the open road and rest stop aspects of truck driving (some of my best sleep ever has come in my car at rest stops late at night), but fuuuuuuck trying to drive those things in small towns/cities.

How do you get online though?id guess most truckstops nowadays have WiFi, but is it shit? Or do you use a mobile hotspot when possible?

clustertruck would be a funny one

I put the monitor on my bed when I drive. The desktop stays where it is. It's strapped to a TV mount and it's sitting on top of a gel cushion to absorb vibrations and bumps.

Fuel isn't any more or less than if I sat reading a book. The generator will be on anyway for heat or AC.

Just sit, or lay, on my bed and play. Usually Overwatch, BF1 or R6S.

It also powers the mini fridge most trucks have aswell!

Do you use your CB radio to talk to other car beds?

So trucking in a truck with your rig in a rig????

Yo dawg

brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr <-- about that loud

Lol Discord is for scrubs, CB or nothing!

Remember that most cabs are also fairly well insulated. I've had apu's and turbines before. Neither of them are as bad as a god damned reefer by a long shot.

Edit: forgot the point; it'll sound kinda like a slightly distant dirt bike inside.

We must go deeper.

Are you thinking about becoming a Truck driver? If it's temporary, that's fine. I just wonder how many trucking jobs will be available in ten years if Autonomous trucking really takes off.

Looks comfy

Elite Dangerous. IRL Trucker by day, Space Trucker by night

Not much. A few hours of league would be around 250MB.

Web browsing, voice chat, and stuff though would add up quick. I ended up using an iPad and the shitty WiFi for my voice chat/web browsing and kept the LTE connection purely for gaming since I only had 6GB/month of bandwidth.

Should he be driving a virtual rig on his rig while sitting in a big rig?

That's so cool. Being a truck driver is even more appealing now.

Reefer is a refrigerated trailer. They generally have diesel (or propane) generators on the front of the trailer (near the back of the sleeper).

Has your town ever heard of this cool little thing called a "No Trucks" sign? Not bashing just seems like it might be a good idea if it's a consistent problem?

Do you store away the monitor and Desktop every time? It would make me nervous driving with the setup like that.

What about the fuel cost with a setup like that? You'll use more power and therefore fuel than someone with just a phone or laptop to watch movies.


There will be jobs for drivers as we are far from letting trucks drive on their own other than on highway. Navigating on other roads will be done with human drivers. The part of the industry that will be most hit are service men.

Also there is a question about security, robbing a truck that doesnt move if car is in front of it is a hell of a lot easier than robbing truck with driver inside

We still get middle eastern drivers that rely on their GPS and it still takes them down a gravel irrigation road just barely wide enough for two pickups to pass on. It makes 2 perfect 90 degree turns and every year we have to pull out 4-5 trucks that go down this road then drop their trailer off In the ditch trying to turn. Lol

Do you have a GPU support in the case? Any bumps could give you really bad sagging issues without it.

I am going to assume that you are not talking about weed. What is a reefer?

Nope, solar panels are for daytime use. /s

I get the feeling now everybody will rush to put somehow his rigg in some kind of truck.

Too bad I am truckless.

What if you run outta energy

holy shit never knew this was a thing

monitoring it at all times

At 144hz

The thought of water cooling inside of a bumpy ride is giving me anxiety.

This depends entirely on country. You can leash the mobile connection signal to your pc from you phone or use a wifi if some place happens to have one.

I can get an acceptable mobile signal almost anywhere here in Finland. (ofc not literally everywhere but the overall coverage is really good here so not getting a connection at all is almost hard.)

Data caps would probably be a problem for some, but here we enjoy non capped mobile connections.

Big rig Rig rig

How much data does playing online use?

If you see a tractor with another 3-12 feet of box behind the cab, that's a long-haul trucker. The ones with the huge box are usually a full-time husband and wife team with no house, only a mailing address, and they live in the truck.

I bought the SC2 1080ti because is smaller than most and weighs less. But I ordered the Mercury S3 case from case labs so I can move back to it and vertical GPU and heatsink.


Oh the grandmas boy reference. Excellent.

I can't into coffee.

I never even thought of the security side of it.

You got Wi-Fi? Hotspot via mobile or...?

What tractor you got?

Believe it or not. The guys taking those kind of roads often just follow the GPS regardless of the signage saying no trucks.

Find the monster

do you drive around with your pc set up there? I cant believe that doesnt damage the gpu. Looks comfy tho :)

So a person will still need to be in the truck, but will just be a passenger for the most part while on the highway... sounds like extra time to game!

Airplanes also have APU's, for the same functions. Well, some airplanes. And some extra functions too. But you get my point.

Edit: since I didn't write a huge long post detailing everything, yes I'm aware of what a jets apu is / is for, I'm a pilot.

I don’t have specifics, but once the game is installed and all patches/updates are downloaded, the gameplay itself uses very minimal data. I recall hearing something along the lines of 100 MB/Hour or less for most FPS games.

Even if it does, a person on the truck will still be necessary for the foreseeable future. There's quite a bit more involving in trucking that just driving.

this is perfect description

Well played sir, well played.

Truck pirates! Think of the movies!

Reefers are the bane of my existence when I work, I'm tempted to buy earplugs but then I'd never be able to hear the drivers talking to me.

Now my question on all this is, if you attached a battery and solar panels to your trailer would it be able to power you all night?

What are you doing with the monitor while you are busy popping wheelies down the interstate?

Also, +1 on the wallpaper please!

Yo dawg I heard you like rigs, so i rigged up your rig with a rig so you can be on your rig while you're rigging.

Thats what the Monster drink is for.

Yeah. I drive a full sized 48' sleeper as a delivery driver, we deliver to conviniece stores and a lot of where we go is new York city. There is a lot of decision making as to where to put the damn thing in a 7-11 parking lot during coffee hour that I dont think a computer is ready to handle.

I think they would need to organize with the delivery services and put an electronic grid system in the parking lot. And also stop letting customers park wherever the hell they want!

Beeeeeeeeeeeeep and startle the fuck outta you starting up bc you got used to the beep long ago

Obligitory, relevant XKCD.

Truck is Kenworth T680.

I use Sprint and USB tether to PC.

Then Jimbo and Billy-Bob don't get a chance to loot everything out of the trailer ditch.

Can I just say thank you for helping keep people supplied with whatever it is you haul. I don't think people really understand how important tractor trailer drivers are to the supply chain for every day needs and that a lot of stuff would just vanish after about three days without the continuous supply brought in by people like you.

I heard you like games. So we put a rig in your rig so you can truck while you truck.

My roommates said they'd get me rims for christmas.


Rukkatukabrbrbrbrbgggbadbabababagrgrgshjcacav. That's about how they sound.

Cell providers offer aircards for computers, my parents used one while traveling a lot. A lot of cell phones have wifi hotspot as well now, using your cell provider's 4G/3G network.

Between those and truck stop wifi, you'd probably be okay for online gaming. Wouldn't download huge games over cell network though, would kill your data plan.

Does Euro Truck Simulator have a mod to allow putting a rig in your rig to play GTA V?

Do truckers live in their trucks or something

What are your APU's specs?

Playing online games and voice chat uses a surprisingly small amount of data, and LTE isn’t bad as far as latency goes.

When downloading games or updates you’d want to find WiFi.

Well, coffee makes you poop and Monster makes your heart skip a beat. I was a driver for Coca-Cola/Pepsi for a decade. I now get my energy from a more natural source. Apples work pretty well or any juice, just be sure to eat something with it.

Oh cool so they should have been fired for incompetence a while ago.

... I mean, FF series started with this really.

If youre a local trucker no. But most travel long distances enough to need to sleep during the day. Theres a bed right behind the seats.

I wonder... I represent the recruiting arm of a very large trucking company. We are always trying to hire new drivers. If I retrofitted 10-20 semi's with PC battle-stations would people be interested? Would it be something that would make you want to drive for my company?

MRW I keep seeing these posts

Ah ok. Thanks.

Those AIO coolers are more or less fool proof. It won't break from some shaking. Even with custom water cooling, shaking and rotating is how you get bubbles out of the system.

I know you can leave motor running to get sweet, sweet juice, but maybe there's more to that than this. This is why I asked.