I said *indoors*

I said *indoors*

Well the last one counts??? Good for a whole 5 minutes of fun.

Eggnog with brandy. Hot chocolate with brandy. Wassail with brandy. Brandy with brandy.

You underestimate my attention sp

Why even mention winter if you’re going to be inside?

Google probably only saw the “things to do during winter” part

This post has something for everyone. Some can facepalm at Google not being fully able to prioritize search terms based on human intuition; others can facepalm at OPs search overly complicated search-phrase.

Bring the snow inside or get a snow machine?

You’re a fineee girl

You can do those things inside if you are rich enough.

Board games

Video games



nah it's just stupid to always expect the info at the top to be exactly what you're looking for. I bet if you actually saw the results at least something on the first page would be what he was looking for.

Or poor enough...