I recently purchased my first home, and I'm loving how my dining room is coming together in Indianapolis, IN!

I recently purchased my first home, and I'm loving how my dining room is coming together in Indianapolis, IN!

Here's my trade secret: adopt a family member who moonlights as a hoarder and you will be so horrified that you'll be leery of putting anything new in your own home!

god I wish I had your eye for minimalism. my room looks like a natural history museum



Did you kill that antelope yourself? And the human?

Great mix of new and old!

This is how I came to embrace minimalism too. Thank you hoarding family members for being such an inspiration!

Your comment made me laugh.

About two years before purchasing the home, I transitioned from wanting cool "stuff" to wanting good pieces (actual vintage furniture, solid wood vs. veneer, real art pieces, etc). I'm more focused on design now.

Yep, that's why it's common to double up on curtains, two panels on each side. When you close them, they'll still retain their billowy shape instead of being stretched out and flat. Check out this guide that helped me quite a bit when I replaced the curtains in my home.

Looks great. I would hang your curtains a little bit higher and wider than than the window so you’re not blocking light when they’re open and the accentuate the height of the ceiling.

Do you actually own anything? I'm just jealous because my dining room looks like a toys r us going out of business sale. But seriously. How do you have a cabinet with only one thing in it??

Yes, the human skull on the dining table really ties the room together.

Thank you! They are FLOR tiles :)

Thank you! I commissioned a local minimalist painter for that piece. I'm at a point where I'm more interested in slowly buying real art that I love vs. mediocre mass-produced prints.

You receive a roll of adhesive stickers with your tiles. When you place them where you want them and have them looking awesome, you use the stickers to "glue" the tiles to each other, not the floor. So they're perfect for hardwood, tile, etc. because they cause zero damage. They're also apparently very easy to wash, with soap and water. Here are some instructions!

Buy the best you can and you'll only cry once. Billy Baldwin (decorator) Not Miles Redd

That rug is beautiful!

love that West-Elm chandelier. i have the same one in my living room!

No, but the arm occasionally doubles as a back scratcher.

Thank you! It's the Mobile Chandelier by West Elm. Took me forever to find the right light and cost an arm and a leg to have it wired and installed. Worth it!

Where did you get that light fixture?? I love it!!

Very nice! Where did you get the artwork?

Dinner looks NUMMY

Have the same light but in gold for my dining room! Good choice!