I realized this subreddit will become insufferable if the Lakers ever are actually good.

I realized this subreddit will become insufferable if the Lakers ever are actually good.

The last time the Lakers were considered any good was 2011-12 and I doubt many of us were around on the NBA subreddit then, if there even was one. God help us all.


My laker friends are already saying Lonzo is one of the best point guards in the west

This sub 'will become' insufferable lol

As opposed the the shining oasis that it is today?

I remember when it seemed like Phil would be coaching the Dwight Howard Lakers, and literally almost every single link on the front page was some sort of Lakers-related post.

This sub is already insufferable. Lakers fans are tough to deal with but even back 11-12 the sub was fine. The bottom line is that the sub has rapidly increased in subscribers and the constant meming is just a symptom of that.

/sub/nba is a city upon a hill bro

yeah as if it isn't the worst thing I participate in every day

there's only 2 guard spots and steph, westbrook and harden are 3 of the best and most popular players in the leauge. lonzo's not making the all star game.

I remember on an episode of Open Court going into that year Ernie asked everyone who they had in the West: Lakers or Thunder? And they all gave the typical answers, except for Reggie Miller. He said Spurs, they sort of made fun of him for it, and then the Spurs owned everyone out West the next 2 years

You underestimate our BIG BALLER fanbase

Yeah ya do

But there are so many more Lakers fans than GSW fans. They've all been hiding but they will come out of the woodwork soon when they are winners again.

ESeriously. Even 2-3 years ago, it was WAY more actual basketball discussion, with some good jokes and meme-esque stuff peppered in. Now it's literally 80% joke/meme comments and like 20% legitimate basketball discussion. It's really annoying to be honest.

Based on who Reggie Miller is and his opinions on everything, I'm gonna go ahead and say he wasn't right because his opinion was good, he just happened to fall ass backwards into the correct prediction.

I'm already certain that if Lonzo averages more the 7 assists a game he will get voted into the all-star game.

Implying that Lakers and Warriors fans aren't the same people

It's not just /sub/nba though. All of reddit & internet discourse is now basically through memes. Anything "serious" or heavily moderated just ends up dying. Not sure what value my comment adds to this discussion but it's just what I've notice.d


No, the hate will balance out and it'll cancel out like this sub and Warriors fans.

even if it gets a little memey

We sent a man and his toaster to a championship parade procession. "A little memey" is selling /sub/nba way short

He's playing against summer league defenses, where Fred VanFleet routinely looks like a superstar. He's very talented at passing, but he's not transforming the Lakers into a playoffs team overnight.

man the off season is for celebrating history. remember michael jordan

again, You underestimate our BIG BALLER fanbase

Its been a pleasant break. Lonzo actually looks like a prodigy though, so the peace was nice while it lasted.

Tell me about it. The moment we started tanking last season people on /sub/lakers started speculating about who we'd draft. They spent the entire season trashing Lonzo ball and his father. As soon as we get the second pick the entire subreddit was flooded with posts talking about how amazing Lonzo is. It's obnoxious.

memba the mamba?

Tbh I'd take the Warriors sexpeating over the next six seasons over the Lakers winning 1 championship in the next decade

My favourite Reddit thing (on every subreddit) is complaining about how shitty the media is for focusing on one thing (Tebow, Kardashians, Lonzo, Deflate gate etc.) and how stupid everyone in the media is for overreacting about things as well.

Then the top links and posts on the sub are always all about that thing. And people straight up overreacting about everything (Lonzos triple doubles, KDs ring literally is worthless, someone is either the best player of all time or absolute trash, etc.) Turns out Reddit isn't much different than mainstream media I guess.

It's just you and me bud. There's no one else out here. Just me and my alts

member Scottie Pippen?

Pretty hard to meet someone if they're hiding.

A beacon of knowledge blazing out across a black sea of ignorance.

Just goes to show how many of you there are. For every 1 that occupied the game threads, 2 more were waiting in the shadows.

Salt water

Lonzo is pretty guaranteed to be voted into all star by the fans this year, whether or not he deserves is yet to be seen

It's was more fun than /sub/nfl, wayyyy less salty and toxic than any of the esports subreddits (if you can believe it). I think it's still one of the best sports forums around, even if it gets a little memey or whatever.

memba the bulls?

memba the supersonics?

Unfortunately that's about 70% of your fans when you're good.

I understand though- I'm a Cowboys fan...

Don't worry, it's gunna be a couple years before the Lakers are competitive again. Lonzo isn't gunna be a superstar in his rookie season.

I dont think the Lakers will be good next season.

Even a broken clock is right 2 times a day .

Lakers fan here. Just saying fuck you because we don't hide win or lose.

Sleeping on the Spurs is a NBA tradition.

Came here to say exactly this. People are losing their minds watching him play against players that will either be in the D-League or unemployed after the Summer League ends. How about we wait until he plays against an actual NBA defense before everyone goes crazy?

I memba

"No pun intended!"

Lonzo Ball

Probably because and entire subreddit isn't you know, the same person.

What if I told you, Reddit is a source of mainstream media.

In a BBW

if you can believe it

It's not like that's an outrageous thing. Esports communities are generally complete dogshit.

Front page is full of Lonzo Ball. I was not aware that a great summer league performance means one of the best pgs in the NBA.

It works out perfectly: by the time we're good the Warriors will suck (I hope) and all our bandwagoners can come home

Orthopedics memba

You know all those "annoying Warriors fans" that people take pride in telling off here?

Those guys are fucking ants compared to the dung beetles that make up the Laker fanbase.

I can't wait until we get overrun by retarded hot takes.

This is the attitude that will survive the coming... what's a less villainous word for purge.... transition

Nah most are just hibernating in /sub/lakers and sometimes laughing at some teams that think they are our rivals lul

wtf lebron comparisons already

look guys, Lonzo Ball is nice and all, but we're talking about SUMMER LEAGUE


tbh same

Small baller mentality

That's what happens when your main demographic is 13-18 year old boys.

Only BIG BALLERS understand

In what world is Ball guaranteed to be voted by the coaches to be an all-star?

It's weird tho. Comments like yours get lots of upvotes from time to time, indicating that people agree and are fed up with the constant memeing. But then, the constant memeing still happens. So it seems to me that as heavily upvoted as "meme hating" comments are, the memes are still incredibly popular and it's proven through upvotes. So you guys ("you guys" meaning the people of the subreddit) can keep saying you don't like the memes, but it's obvious that you do.

Personally, I can admit, I enjoy the memes. I enjoy basketball, but Xs and Os talk doesn't really do it for me. Half of the fun of following a league like the NBA (as opposed to other sport leagues), is the drama and the intimacy between players and fans. This type of environment creates jokes and memes are jokes. It's inevitable. It's not possible to have a sub that wants to discuss things said by lavar ball, for example, and not joke about the things said. Because how much "serious discussion" can you fucking have about lavar ball and the latest retarded shit he's said?

So the choice seems to be an easy one, in my opinion. We can either have what we have now, or we can have "post-game scheme discussion thread NYK vs ORL" and discuss the offensive and defensive schemes that the Knicks and the magic used today and how to better prepare for the next knicks, magic matchup. Which we all know none of you actually want. So stop saying you want it and just keep memeing...

You must be new here. Laker game threads are always among the most active on /sub/nba...even we play other shitty teams.

I just hate the Lakers...

I mean he's not going to be anywhere near good enough to receive serious votes and the media aren't that fucking retarded. The West is stacked, thank god

memba Derrick Rose?

Seems like you weren't even around 9 months ago when the Lakers were .500 20 games into the season before collapsing

This is just the summer. It was either this absurd hype/hate for Lonzo, it a few hundreds posts like "5 short lebrons vs one huge lebron". The summer is always insufferable imo.

To your question, the subreddit existed and it was much less sarcastic and hateful.

Hey it's me your alt

Yeah but they have a system where it's not only fan votes getting u in.

You'll be down-voted for saying this but you are correct.

You kidding me? NBA sub is bad. One day they upvote everything saying Lebron is done and the next that he's the greatest. Anyone voicing an opposing thought to either was shit on mercilessly. This sub rides the current flavor of the day trend harder than any other sub I've seen.

Lol it was so immediate i had to laugh

Holy shit I miss the hate. It's still there but half of it is like pity now by people who weren't around for Kobe dad-dicking the league on a regular basis.

Lonzo Ball

The LeMeme jokes aren't dead, LeBron just hasn't done anything in a while.

The fan vote doesn't guarantee an All-Star spot

Thank God. Dude is shooting 35% from the field, and people are going insane.

I'm a simple green midget, I see fuck the Lakers, I shit lucky charms.

It also shines and provides water

I don't think the Warriors will suck next season.

The fan vote doesn't guarantee an All-Star spot anymore, or else Zaza would've been an All-Star.

wayyyy less salty and toxic than any of the esports subreddits

maybe I'm biased as a Celtics fan but this sub seems incredibly salty and toxic with the constant "fuck the celtics" and "fuck KD" in every thread.

even if it gets a little memey or whatever

this sub gets more than a little memey

Let is be known that Lonzo Ball is a better passer than John Stockton

tbf that's kind of funny

Bucks V Lakers rivalry is a real thing and should not be laughed at 😡😡 /s

yeah unlike /sub/nba where we are all old and have great beards

I joined looking for some decent basketball discussion, was pretty disappointed in it mostly just being memes. There's still some good discussion and good OP's, but the majority of it is just this sub showing it's age(and I'm only in my mid-twenties, so I don't really think I'm even that old?).

No they haven't been hiding they've been GSW fans.

I mean even when played bad his first game it was first page with all the haters overreacting.

I still hate you

I mean, Fuck the celtics is a meme

We're already getting to the point where anything not pro-Lakers is met with "NOT a BIG BALLER" damnit

this is still one of the most disturbing gifs I've seen.

Edit: fuck i meant to write gif. Sorry ol' chaps, got memes on the brain

It's the same thing on /sub/nfl. Cowboys, Patriots, Packers and Steelers have more fans than the others I think, but the hate towards always cancels things out. You have a lot of Lakers fans, but maybe even more Laker-haters

League is more fun when they're good though.

Because he's a Lakers fan, that's how they are.

Memba 3-1 lead?

All i see are lonzo threads. It's getting ridiculous

I for one, will embrace our Big Baller Brand overlords.

I for one, will embrace our .


You'll be home soon