I need a new phone cover. Quick, blow up a balloon!

I need a new phone cover. Quick, blow up a balloon!

Do you know my wife?

To be fair, you can just add sunglasses stickers for that.

Great idea...if you wanna take it off anytime you wanna use the camera, headphone jack, charge port, speakers...

It looks cool...except for the dangling, flappy blow hole.

Or allow it to cool itself.

You're adopted!

Yep. How do you think it got so flappy?

I was totally expecting that to be a magic trick, and the phone to be inside the balloon.




They made a smart phone with an integrated air compressor!

Oh man, what are they going to next?

That's cool and all, but I don't think it would protect your phone very much.

Why would you need to protect your phone against shit?

against scratches and shit, sure it would

Without taking it off or it falling off? I'm not saying it's a rocket surgery, but it would be tricky at best.

Price of balloons about to inflate.



You're adopted too.

Well done sir.

ITT: People complaining that a balloon is not an actual phone case.

Don't be an idiot, the balloon obviously has holes in when putting it on.

Upvote for "rocket surgery"

That's the charging port you dingus.

were you in the navy?

So.. buy a bag of water balloons and sell 50 cent Phone covers.

Maybe the moon. Idk, I'm not a cells phones travel agent.

is it posting comments on reddit

Maybe he's a professional poop squisher.

Ah, Singapore... Orchard Towers...

LPT: use helium balloon to make phone lighter

I'm not.

You can just cut the balloon foreskin.



Brain science! Do I get an upvote too?

Edit: Enough! I already got one. All I needed to survive another day.

You mean the new nonslip off phone cover.

NSFW: /sub/glorp

(thanks /u/dothosettsreports)

you ding-a-ling

I've actually seen a magician do this as a trick. He hides the side that isn't totally covered and makes his audience believe that the phone is on the inside of the baloon!

I would preserve the foreskin and munch on it when I get nervous or bored.

I'll just buy a case that's already circumcised.

Idunno. Curtis might come at you for royalties.

Wow....8:10AM and I've already met my limit for internet today

Do you even have a job?

Are you like, Scottish Unidan?

Yeah, like honestly it's a balloon, not exactly hard to poke a jack, or charger bit into it.

Im pretty sure its main purpose is just a more practical way to carry around a "just in case" balloon.

That poop isn't going to squish itself

I saw a kid do it at some thing I went to in high school and the phone would actually be all the way inside of the balloon. Pretty cool for a not so cool high school magician

Only because you sound desperate

Hahaha so true! man. I was stationed in Pearl harbor we always went to Singapore.



ballon rubber doesnt really melt, you could burn it but its very hard to melt (ballon rubber is often volcanisedvulcanised rubber, which is a thermosetting plastic)

Nice try, karmanaut

Perfect until your phone heats up and it melts on, thus ruining the phone.

( ¬‿¬) inflate

I've only heard rumors about this. Maybe some day I will have more courage, but not today.

I'm convinced he's actually /u/_vargas_

Did his parents send you?

Sleeve of Wizard.

The Poopsmith has broken his vow of silence...

Hey! I just did that. I'm working with a kid who has an aversion to poop. We took a peanut butter sandwich, mixed it up with some milk and spit (we used water but he spit in it for good measure). Mashed it with a potato masher! It wasn't doing so well so fingers it was. Simulates the teeth and mouth action when you eat. Poured it down a tube (esophagus) into a bag (stomach) and used some coca cola (acid) and our arm (muscles) to break it up and 'digest' it.

All gross and mushy, poured that down into some stocking to wring out all of the liquid as the small intestines do. Pushed that through a cardboard tube full of paper towels to dry out further like the large intestines! Cut a small hole and pushed out the brown, mushy and lumpy piece of food you 'digested'. He thought it was so cool!

Guess what kid... YOU'RE PLAYING WITH SHIT

Get a bum ya job!

Oh shit, a surprise party! Good thing I always carry around one of these babies ;) whips out balloon


Available in two sizes: Biggie + Smalls.

Beautiful shirt

Smart phone life jacket.

The best part is, you get that neat little foreskin bit at the end to play with when you're bored. Or do you cut that off?

I don't think they intended it to be protection as much as look interesting.

These were off limits in 2009 when I went but the shore patrol had to go in and "check them" for sailors.

Thank you so much!

You are very kind. I hadn't eaten an upvote since yesterday.


Inside out pocket.

Fuck Julian, it's not rocket appliances!

You'll regret every second of your life when you didn't know.

You're a monster

My phone is tied to a string and hovers just next to my face. Hands free!

The trick is at 2:31-2:33

The other 6 minutes 9 seconds is extreme dubstep and him talking about how smooth he is when he's taking a balloon out of his pocket.

"Can I borrow your phone... oh I just happen to also have this balloon. PFFFFFFFFFFFFFT MIND BLOWN"

Your phone clearly mistyped that. How can we be sure? Maybe your phone is just trying to take over the world by overheating all other phones.

But what?