I might be coming down with something.

I might be coming down with something.

"Sorry boss, I can't stay. I'm feeling under the weather"

"I understand, but who is that big fella behind you?"

"That's the weather. "

Sorry boss I feel gay today

I'd end up on disability for chronic gayness.

And a forcast of gay skies.

"Hello,Boss? I'm not coming in today, I feel FABULOUS".

You’re staying home? Ok, bi!

They say alcoholism is a disease, but try phoning in and say you need the day off to get drunk

staying homo*


Sweden was also the third country to make same sex marriage legal, following the lead of their neighbors Denmark and Norway.

“Oh you know how my gayness be acting up when the weather starts up like this. I better take the day off.”

Thanks for fixing that for me. For some reason, I’m just not thinking straight.

Damn. Sorry, I gotta stay home. I’ve caught the gay.

I might be coming out with something

Sweden (1995) was before the Netherlands (1998) to allow legal partnerships (legally very similar to marriage but easier to pass in legislation at the time) for same-sex couples.

The Netherlands (2001) changed the actual marriage law before Sweden (2009).


The guy i replaced at my job basically. Live in condo superintendent. Dude would call in sick then stumble out of his apartment in a stupor by 10am and pass out on the lobby sofas.

Third country of what, nordics or europe? Im pretty sure Netherlands was first and Sweden before Denmark, a quick google search also tells me this.

Meanwhile, where OP is from (Nigeria) still outlaws gay sex in 2018, and same sex marriage is punished by life imprisonment

ne: source

That's some next level not giving a shit.

Like a chronically painful knee, only much more flamboyant.

Because life in any Nordic country is very easy. The government takes care of the people fairly well, and thus the people trust the government. When you don't have to worry about things you need, you can start to worry about "luxuries" (such as equality).

"i think I can still feel something in my ass"

My neighbour is a mental health nurse and still thinks homosexuality should be cured by psychiatry. I feel terrible for his patients :(

Denmark passed the partnership legislation in 1989. So we were first.

How do you know you have the gays today?. Look at me boss, I woke up FABULOUS. Ha....

Horribly offensive.

It's fewer religious people.

Dansk jävel!!!

Down with the dickness

As a Swede I can figuratively confirm this.

From what I understand we aren't split into certain "classes" like in America for instance where poor people stay poor and people that are not poor would look down on them to reassure themselves they would never get poor. We are a lot more willing to help out disadvantaged people here, focus more on rehabilitation, etc, giving everyone the freedom to do what they desire, like gay relationships/marriage for instance. While this is a total guess I would also probably contribute our economic model which is a mix between capitalism and socialism, mixing the good parts of the two which in turn allows most people to live well with safety nets, and we won't have to look down on people more disadvantaged than us. This is all speculation, but I doubt it's inherent to us and is more that history was lucky on us. As I said, I might be completely wrong.

Wow, sucks that it's that backwards... hard to imagine that a good amount of my extremely friendly relatives might be homophobic

Quick question. Why are Northern European/Scandinavian countries so progressive? They have very homogeneous populations and yet they are forward thinking in a lot of social aspects

“Now I have to go clean my storm cellar... we have a date tonight.”

Living the dream.

That won't work, but chronic alcoholism is valid cause for paid sick leave where I am

You know, until the part where he got fired and someone replaced him

It rains illness from the heavens

Which is a plot point in Mass Effect iirc

Maybe it's due to less religious people

True story:

Cashier at my work is bi. She was turning in her cash drawer on her lunch break, and it's the manager's job to ask if they're going to need the drawer again for another shift, or if they can count it back and put it away.

Her: "I'm done-zo for the day-o!"

Him: "Oh! Going home-o? ...home...eo. ...home...going home? Home?!" red face

Her: "...nope, just my lunch break!"

When me and my girlfriend went to Spain, she booked us at this hotel/apartment building. She told me it was 3 stars, and I trusted that it was good enough.

Holy shit. That apartment building was atrocious. It was the fucking worst. It was hilarious to me, but absolutely scary and soul-crushing to my girlfriend. Let me list you some of the stuff:

When we arrived at the hotel with a bunch of other visitors. The place was locked. The glass-doors were locked and there we couldn't see anyone in the lobby. We just stood there outside with our luggage looking at each other confused.

All of a sudden we saw a person with a physical genetic deformity dancing in the lobby while eating grapes. And then she rubbed some of the grapes on the glass door as we all stood there unsure what to think about all of this....meanwhile we were all still standing outside baking in the hear with our luggage.

A middle-aged lady eventually showed up, and dragged the dancing grape girl off to a room behind in the lobby. She came back, unlocked the doors and introduced herself as the owner...in Spanish. Did not even seem to care that she had us waiting for over half an hour.

People immediately started complaining. And she waited a few seconds before she exploded into a rage of colorful Spanish words. She yelled in Spanish that she didn't understand any English. Only Spanish (I was the only speaker of Spanish in that party, effectively making me the translator of all purposes but even that was of litte use because...)

She told me she will only be available between 11am and 12pm, so if you need anything, it better be done in that 1 hr period. She informed us that the wifi only worked in the lobby. That besides her, the only other hotel representative was the security guard that usually showed up at 9pm.

The Rooms were a legit shit-hole. And there were many cock-roaches, which drove my girlfriend to tears and frights daily.

The keys to the entrance she gave us did not work. So we were locked out until someone else came and let us in, because the security guard got drunk and passed out at home according to the owner.

On the second day the security guy got drunk and told me how much he hated the owner's guts, and what he really thinks of the poor handicapped girl she's raising.

People were constantly knocking on my door, to ask for my help solving problems in their shit-hole rooms because they had no internet to help them figure out how to manage in Spanish.

The security guard would get drunk every single night, and sing loudly along to the radio, and yell random angry gibberish til the early hours of the morning. He was a big, angry and bearded dude that looked like he was more of a bouncer than a guard if anything, so nobody dared complain to him. I had to go down twice with a few bottles of beer and bribe him to keep it a bit more quiet because he was waking so many people up.

The security guard would drunkenly hit on the ladies staying in the hotel to the point of making them extremely uncomfortable. We came home twice and found him snoring in his chair. It was almost like a cartoon. Me and my girlfriend befriended another couple just for the fact that they felt safer when we around.

My girlfriend hated that vacation. Personally, I thought it was hilarious. Never had I seen a group of people give so few shits about their paying customers. I think they were aware that we were broke, and couldn't just tell them to go fuck themselves and leave without the hassle of finding a new place to stay etc.

All in all 7/10 from me But my gf gave it a 0/10

Naw man you know exactly what you said

If you want me to play into your little games I’ll need to get to know you first

Btw. there are american and european fundamentalist christian groups who fund and lobby african countries to pass legislation like this... I personally feel like this should be a much bigger scandal than it apparently is.

So painful is the flamboyant knee that he has to sorta draaaag his foot behind him.

Looks like hurricane Matthew is about to make manfall.

I mean, from an objective standpoint it is an abnormality of some description, and therefore has a root in either psychology or anatomy. We generally let people choose to do what they want to do, as long as it isn't societally detrimental. Either to others, to some degree themselves, or to their surroundings. But you have these logic loops, because what do you do for someone who is sick and needs help, but doesn't want it. Nothing. as far as they are concerned there is no problem. Even though fundamentally it could be an illness. Now I am not saying that gay is an illness, I am unqualified to make any such judgement, but I am wondering if people bothered to blindly try and figure it out. I am not talking about the biased stuff that the homophobes put out in the past, nor the other stuff that has the opposing swing. I am saying on an analytical level, not seeking a particular outcome, what is causing this. Because it is fascinating and no one has been able to give me straight answers, and that's suspect. I don't care about the conclusion society draws, but I do deeply wonder about what completely opaque studies, plus, time, money, and minds would find. Because nothing they are putting out about it, before, or now is thoroughly apolitical.

No, work is the curse of the drinking classes.

You don't swipe right or left on grindr.

What are you, a breeder?

A legal partnership is very close to being married but there are still differences. At the time of opening up the partnership to same sex couples these differences were larger.

I very much agree with the first part, but would phrase the second part differently. Bigotry in general is about punching down, about making yourself feel better by making someone elses life miserable. At the root of this is what Friedrich Nietzsche termed ressentiment, and what can be described like this:

Ressentiment is the feeling of being wounded repeatedly by an injury: a sufferer internalizes the injury, relies upon it for meaning, and seeks a cause for it outside of herself, keeping the hurt current and valid. The search for a cause, just like the wounding, is enacted repeatedly, always terminating on another entity – an individual or a group – that is both the cause of the wound and the rightful target of hurt feelings.

People in rich, social-democratic societies generally have far less reason to feel this ressentiment, which makes them generally more liberal.

The rain clears and a rainbow appears.

Another day off please.

Have you tried Fit-him-in D?

As a Swede I can literally confirm this.

Holl keft danmark!

I think there were studies showing there might be a "gay gene". It isn't a psychiatric issue so much as it is neurological. There was another study that showed something like a male born to an older woman who already had daughters was likely to be gay (huge paraphrasing from imperfect memory).

I just remember the study concluding that when people were still nomadic, it was helpful to have gay (aka non-child-producing) people to help care for the children of the tribe without adding to its population.

How is that in disagreement with the post at all?

It doesn't say everyone called in sick, and it was meant as a protest, not with the goal of actually getting time off. The fact that anyone received paid leave at all makes this even better

I believe the Netherlands had something similar to marriage for same sex couples but had less rights which was implemented in 79 which I guess can cause confusion.

Don't want to spread it around. It's super contagious

"Sorry boss, I can't stay. I think I'm coming down with something"

"I understand, but who is that big fella behind you?"

"That's "Down with something"."


The only natural resources Danmark has are gravel and cows.

Kinda irrelevant to the topic but ok.

and swipe left on grindr

Speaking as a Norwegian, and based on what I see following national and international news and politics, my suspicion is that the base cause is the educational system. It's got high standards, is virtually free all the way through university, and has always focused on trying to lift the level off the entire class(unfortunately at the cost of the highly gifted). It's so good that private schools are very rare, mostly only religious.

Good education gives a well reflected people, allows people the tools to stand up for themselves and promotes critical thinking. This has caused(i think) a heavy decline in the power of religious groups, and allowed the growth of a socialist democracy that really gives everyone a decent life.

"Oscar, I think I might be gay"

Yeah i have to get a repeat prescription for my LGBT meds

Non-child producing men with extra testosterone I might add. But yeah it's still too complicated to label people so easily and say we as a society know what we ought to do with them. It seems to have gebetic and epigenetic components with a possibility that these factors can be enhanced by some environmental factors early in development. But it's hard to say with the limited research and censoring or distorting of any queer conclusions. Same sex erotic interactions have been censored in biology going back to the 1800s and it's still hard to argue that kids need to learn that female bonobos rub clits for fun and for resolving social conflicts. Just watch any animal long enough and you would see how stupid and close minded we are about sex. Fixed dogs will hump the shit out of anything. Religious people will never respond to this argument bc "man is special" and destined to overpopulate the earth (only missionary style) while shitting in his own water.

Abundance of resources for a long time and a well educated populace is my guess to why we are this way

Norway. Booze is pretty pricey though.

Wouldn’t the teachers strike for raised pay be considered political? Considering the state pays their salaries so politicians control them. Not to mention it’s our taxes and we know one side of the political spectrum doesn’t really support education very much

Didn't pay much attention to the Krogan history did you? Genofage..

I was at work once and I got text from my housemates saying “just letting you know, don’t drink the wine that’s in the fridge because we’ve spiked it with LSD and we’re hoping Sam comes home and drinks it”.

When I got home Sam was at the top of the stairs shouting something about a takeaway curry then he threw the hoover down the stairs at my feet. He’d been locked in the toilet for hours and he had shit all over the place, and used one of my shirts to wipe with (which he then threw out the window). It was pure madness.

Anyway I stayed up with them all till the morning because it’s always funny being the sober one. Plus I would help them out and run to the shops for them and stuff if they needed. It was always a laugh. But at about 8am Sam turned to me a goes “OH SHIT I need to call my boss and tell him I can’t come to work!”. He phoned his boss and it went like this:

“Uh yeah hi it’s Sam? Yeahhh I’m sorry I can’t come into work today, my housemates spiked me with acid last night. But don’t worry! Everything’s AMAZING!!”.

I was fucking shocked to say the least. Just staring at him with my jaw to the floor. Turns out his boss just laughed at him like “what the fuck Sam are you serious? You can’t come to work like that. Call me tomorrow.”

Good times.

Sam’s a lawyer now.

Didn't read past the first sentence but still up-voted because you took so long to type this.

"Oh, I'm sick alright. You should've seen what I just rubbed one out to."

Is that a J O J O reference?

Not sure why you're downvoted it most likely is. In Australia it's definitely illegal to strike in solidarity with others or as a political statement. You are only allowed to strike(which is what this is) when approved and in a given period and only for the purposes of negotiating your pay and working conditions.

Fun fact: The 1994 interim Constitution of South Africa forbid discrimination on the grounds of sexual preference. Despite this, lawful gay marriage (in the form of a civil union) was only allowed following a court judgement in 2006. The reason for the delay was the legal definition of 'marriage' was between one man and one woman. South Africa was the second non European country to allow for homosexual marriages.

Where you at? Do i need a visa to work there?

Alot of organized leftist movements and demands for economic equality in the beginning of the 19th century is what happened in Sweden at least.

well just call in gay and get drunk, problem solved

They have very homogeneous populations

Sweden is almost 20% foreigners today.

not saying that's bad, just pointing it out.

Gud bevar Danmark!

My knee aches when it rains, I think it's just reminding me that now I'm a lesbian. That's fine I guess

Cloudy with a Chance of Meat Balls

That may be the case for civil unions, but for marriage Sweden was seventh: first came the Netherlands (2000), then Belgium (2003), then Spain and Canada (2005), South Africa (2006), Norway (2008) and then Sweden in 2009.

Plus some US states in between.

Look at me....I'm the flame on this ship now.

TL;DR Booked a shit-hole room while on vacation.

Security guy would no-show because he passed out at home. Would get drunk, sing loudly and wake up everyone, talk shit about the owner (and family), hit on the guests and make them uncomfortable, and he tried to sell me drugs (but that's not really a complaint).

"we are looking into drug possession of this well know drug user. who has confessed in public about his possession. and has brought bags of what looks like drugs. but mainly, we did this because he is black..."

What are you going to do with him?

It's kind of the opposite.

Pretty sure he means Hakeem, since it says where this was tweeted from at the bottom of the picture.

Well first of all ethics, second people can refuse treatment, and third conflating less frequent with abnormal is a slippery slippery slope into the darker corners of eugenics

Just couldn't get over 1000 years of gay being weird.

I'm not an expert either, but as a bisexual person I'm not in the worst position to make a guess. The very basic reason for why animals have developed sexual attraction is of course the continuation and development of their species. In some species - humans included - this goes much further than in others: We form life-long bonds, and even inter-generational communities.

Now, of course same-sex couples can't reproduce, but since we've been living in groups for millions of years, an argument could be made that having a certain percentage of the group be homosexual helps the group as a whole to survive, since it can lead to really close bonds between people of the same sex and relax conflict potential.

I wonder what she had for lunch lol

Hakeem or smaggot

As someone who sunk hundreds of hours into Mass Effect, I have no idea what illness you mean.

I'm pretty sure this is would be a jailable offense in "right to work" states.