I made my friends some sushi...again! (x-post from r/sushi)

Can I be your friend? -_-

Pretty rolls, but those are some pretty nasty combinations.

get fruit the hell away from my fish.

All looks nicely presented. Your combinations are not really my thing though.

Sushi is about purity of taste, the fish isn't cooked to maintain as pure a flavor as possible. The rice is kept simple, slightly acidic to counteract some of the sugars in the raw fish flesh.

I'm not saying this as a statement of law, this is just personal preference. You can have your sushi how you want it, but me I want rice, a little wasabi, and a piece of raw fish, and that's all. Maybe a bit of soy sauce for saltiness. So 90% of what's on here looks fantastic, the rest wouldn't ruin it for me, i'll try anything, but it certainly feels like a step down from the amazing nigri I see here.

I live in Korea where avocados are about 5 dollars each and asked that very question to the sushi chef here (minus the word ubiquitous). He told me in terms of texture and filling it can be a replacement for Fatty Tuna. I'm sure some people just like avocados though.

beautiful presentation. But I'll be honest - hate the combinations. Fruits/jalapenos killed this for me. Part of the beauty of Sushi and Sashimi is the simplicity and appreciating the harmony of a few selected natural flavours. Too much information on the rolls seems a bit of a travesty.

Everything looks great and sounds absolutely disgusting.

me too please!

getting hungry just looking at the deliciousness on those pics Q.Q

Thought the same thing but I've had some sushi with fruit on top before. It's actually refreshing. Give it a try sometime.

One of the new sushi places I went to has mango and jalapeƱo in their rolls. I thought it was weird from reading it on the menu, but once I tried it I loved it! Be open minded, considering most people probably didn't even have sushi till they are older.

Don't knock it til you've tried it. I've had a few like this in my time and they've always been a good harmony.

You're making Jiro cry.

Eel - The bacon of the sea

$575 for the lazy.

Not enough eel.

I just wanted to say I love that you are trying out a lot of cool flavor combinations and that one of the "weirder" ones is the most popular. A lot of people are saying "nice presentation, but awful flavor combos". There is a lot of elegant, simple, traditional sushi out there that is fantastic, but with an event with close friends to have fun, I think the non-traditional approach is awesome. It looks like you have so much fun creating these things, and that your friends love it.

I am also just amazed at the number of different rolls you make - do you spend all year prepping?? Where did you learn to make sushi? Do you cook for a living?

Have fun! Keep doing what you're doing!

Sounds like you should just stay away from rolls in general.

Does anyone know why avocado is such a ubiquitous sushi ingredient? Seems strange. (Nice looking sushi OP)

If you've never had salmon and mango together, you haven't reached one of the higher planes of culinary delight

Personal preference is exactly what I aim for, which is why you can request literally anything you like with whatever I got available! I want my friends to be creative in what they want to try, so I have lots of options. If you want just sashimi, a simple nigiri, or an epic fruit filled roll, it's up to you! A lot of my friends kept requesting for nigiri and sashimi during the night, while a lot of the rolls were something to pick at when they were playing games, or things I wanted to try out, based on favorite foods. haha

All that being said, I think I did go crazy with the fruits... but man, mango and strawberries were so good this season! I did a bunch of different nigiri last year, but found that I had too much fish leftover (salmon, tuna, toro, red tuna, hamachi, eel, ikura, uni).

Seafood and fruit is a great combo, you are missing out.

There are tons of Ceviche's that have fruit etc and they are all delicious also.

I think it has to do with the fact that they're so available in California, where the California roll first came about. "Authentic" Japanese sushi (whatever that means) doesn't really use things like avocado or cream cheese in their rolls. Authenticity be damned though, I love avocado on sushi.

I fully respect your opinion.

However - have you ever been to an Italian place in Japan? Not a gourmet, high profile "authentic" Italian place. Just some regular, mom&pop Italian place that happened to be near your hotel. It's definitely "changed to appeal to local tastes". Miso+tofu pizza, spaghetti made from soba noodles, and so on. It's quirky and fun and a new twist on an old standard.

I see American sushi in the same way. Local tastes and different local ingredients make for a product that's similar yet distinct from the original.

Tuna and pineapple, lobster and mango, tempura shrimp and strawberries?

I'll pass...

trying to send a friend request *

Thank you! Yes, I do this all for fun - my friends look forward to this every year, and I like to get creative! I always have options of simplistic stuff as well, but it's great when someone asks to try x flavors together.. you can't do that anywhere else!

It takes me about 5 days of prep work - from cleaning the fish, freezing them, cutting them, buying all the ingredients, making the sauces. The day of the event is when I make all the food! It's definitely a long day (I spent 16 hours on Saturday), but it was worth it seeing everyone's reactions. I literally try and force people to eat more during the night cause I have so much product all the time; I think every hour, I would bug someone to request for something. It's great!

I learned all the basics of sushi making from my old boss when I was working during school. After that, it was mostly looking at pictures or menu's and see what I could 'alter' from it. I don't cook for a living, this is just my hobby I like to do!

OP doesn't even have to talk to me.

He said he barely broke even with 25$ per person and it seems like there were 23 people there. I'm sure you can do the math.

How much did you spend on ingredients and fish for these large amounts?

I said this out loud as I was going through the pictures.

Actually the California roll was invented in Vancouver. I've seen the chef on a couple TV shows before. Hope I get a chance to visit one day.


I was one of the many guests here. The great thing about this event, is that we're not there to be connoisseurs, we're there to hang out with friends and eat sushi. Yeah, fruit or whatever else is probably odd (it's actually very common in our city), but it still tastes goddamn good. And he took requests after, so if you like traditional stuff, /u/ProfessorLex would have been happy to oblige.

Man agreed. OP has awesome sushimaking skills, but wow his friends have gross taste in sushi

I REALLY wish OP delivered

I'm surprised how many people here have never had fruit with sushi. It's pretty common at the restaurants I go to and it's delicious.

That's cool but no need to hate on people who go to the bars

Jiro's Sushi Nightmare

Ain't that the truth. I try to convince my non-sushi-eating friends that eel is by far the best type of sushi and they think I'm crazy.

I came here to ask the same question

Checking in. Would friend OP.

Looks absolutely amazing. Have never had fruit variations but it sounds delicious and would love to try it

Don't knock it until you try it.

I've tried a lot of them with fruit and hate it every time.

and asked that very question to the sushi chef here (minus the word ubiquitous)

Does anyone know why avocado is such a sushi ingredient?


Unagi is the best kind. I could just eat nothing but unagi nigiri at something like this all night.

Did you hear about the Italian chef that died? He pasta way.

I also live in Korea, and all I could think of when looking at these was holy avocado batman!!-- I dream of that much avocado when I go home. Although I did find a few avocados for $3 at Home Plus a few weeks ago and I went wild

This looks...so...damn...tasty. I just ate, but damn you make me want to eat even more!

Amazing stuff!!

Where do we sign up?

see I thought I covered that very specific point when I wrote:

I'm not saying this as a statement of law, this is just personal preference. You can have your sushi how you want it, ...

I wouldn't say something like this unless i had experimented with other mixed types of sushis. The reason I know I prefer the very simplest nigri sushi is because I tried other kinds.

You can have the standard sushi all year long, for such an occasion I sure as hell would try some crazy shiet.

yes that's sort of my entire point, I don't care for rolls.

Me too!

Work as a private sushi chef on a mega yacht for a billionaire russian american or something.

Unagiiiii - Ross.

Unfortunately, it's one of the more unsustainable and over-fished options. It's not quite to the level of bluefin tuna, but it's pretty bad.

OP's going to have to make room for all his new close friends.

^(me too please)

I would definitely try out to be OPs friend.