I love my wife :)

I love my wife :)

Never stop dating your wife. She is still your girlfriend. You guys now just have fancy rings to show it.

Funny story, the only girl I every dated broke up with me, a few weeks later we got back together, we've been together for almost 12 years and got married around 2 years ago

This picture says otherwise.

O: ... :(... O:! :D

My husband calls himself my ex-boyfriend and I can't convince him otherwise.


Hate when my girlfriend dumps me to watch some Dr Who. :(

I don't know what I expected

You must be feeling dizzy there.

We've gone full circle

How abouttttt your wife is still your gf?

My favourite ex-girlfriend is a drop-dead gorgeous waif of a woman, who struggles with mental issues as much as I do. We always make sparks when we meet up, and it always ends with one or both of us hurt. But honestly I'd take the hurt every time.

My dad always calls himself my mum's first husband which is true. But he sometimes also calls himself Brad and that's not true

This is such a sweet comment <3!

It's all fun and games until you forget that your married and you start acting too much like BF/GF in front of your children. My dad occasionally would do some...err... alternative things with my mother while I was in the room as if he forgot anyone was there. They are actually adorable when they are together but sheesh Pops.

well it's more like a point

My parents never even fucking hugged, whats wrong with a bit of affection? I feel like i'm scared of public displays of affection and feel that it's normal to not do them with your partner because my parents were so dispassionate with each other. Not that that's their fault, but idk I don't see much wrong with showing love to your wife. Unless you're talking blow jobs. Sexual activity is probably taking it a bit far in front of your kid lmao.

I was expecting it and I still clicked it.

Hot Saucerman?

And your secret affair.

My boyfriend and I are the same! We started dating in high school when we were young and nervous and had never dated before. I never even thought I'd have a boyfriend until after high school so I was scared and felt out of my league and panicked and broke up with him when he started showing real interest in me. A month or two later we got back together and have been together ever since. Seven years now, so we have some time to catch up to you two still!

Yeah, dizzy with happiness he must be!

oh you have a point!

I get a feeling that this is his wife and she's dropping not so subtle hints.

Buy me some fucking flowers, sweetie.


You're witty. I like you.

His secret affair with his own wife??


Now we've gone full circle

Man, I feel that. I met up with my ex recently, and it felt like a day hadn't gone by, like there was still that spark. But yeah, she had mental issues that didn't quite make things work between us, among many other things going on in life. Life's weird.

A secret affair with his girlfriend which is also his wife.

Philosoraptor!! =) My old friend!

I heard you don't go back though?!

Nice but completely misused meme

And you're too kind. I like you too. :)

I was expecting Payton Manning, but this was a pleasant surprise

Awkward moment when my boyfriend is talking about how he names all of his bass guitars after ex girlfriends and then goes on to talk about his newest beautiful 6 string bass BattlestarFaptastula.


My wiiiiiiiife

even the smilies have flipped


I like this one:

I'm married to my work, which makes my wife my mistress. That's why I'm still in love with her.

- Serge, The Core

Why do I find this so funny?

Happens to the best of us mate!

Imgur mirror: https://imgur.com/SLwKXE9

Imgur mirror:

Well it'd certainly spice things up a bit

Oh how the emojis have turned.

My husband and I have been married for over twenty years but still call each other boyfriend and girlfriend. One time he called me from work and was leaving a message, something like, Hey girlfriend, sorry I missed you but I'm looking forward to seeing you tonight. Unfortunately, one of his employees overheard him leaving the message, and he didn't know how to explain that he was actually leaving the message for his wife. Must have sparked an office rumor for awhile.

I'm sorry pal but you're in 2nd place. My wife and I were a summer fling. Broke up. Got back together and now we've been together for 15 years. 10 of them married. We're expecting our first child now.

But seriously though can we give it up for great relationships? Being married to my best friend is one of the greatest decisions I've ever done in life. I have achieved so much just trying to live up to being the man my loving and caring wife deserves. And she's so supportive. She makes me feel like I can do anything. Plus she's prettier than me. Which is nice.

Yeah, special rings!

My former girlfriend who I then married.

I felt like that at one point. I dated a girl for almost three years who I felt was almost perfect. Unfortunately my few grievances were enough to point out it wouldnt work. I was worried for a while I wouldn't find someone nearly as great, my standards were very high. Now I'm with someone who's 10x better, you'll find someone just as amazing if not better, the world's a big place.

Fitting that this comes up on my front day on the same day I get married!

I need to hear this stuff. My ex and I were together 5 years with a 3 month break. I feel the same way every time I talk to her. Makes it hard to believe there is someone else out there even close.

I'm afraid you will never catch up... at least of they stay together :)

Good for you two though!

Similar to this happened to me. I introduced my girlfriend to Doctor Who and she started watching a few episodes. After each episode for the first three episodes she told me how she liked it. Suddenly, she completely stopped responding to my chats and calls. I didn't see or hear from her for a whole week because she marathoned all 8 seasons, then marathoned them again lol

Heynong man.

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Um what things are we talking about here? A make out session is a bit better than an ass grab

The latter but with an added linger and pull for dramatic effect...

Um what things are we talking about here? A make out session is a bit better than an ass grab

Aww, thanks for completing the chain friend :)

I was so confused on why he would randomly name his guitar that and then I realized that was your username

I've been with my boyfriend for 13.5 years. We just never got round to getting married. Life happens.

I mean... If she broke up with him, she was single and welcome to do whatever she wanted. If she regretted it after and he took him back... What's wrong with that? She didn't cheat.

true. one of the best memes from ye olde internet times

Um what things are we talking about here? A make out session is a bit better than an ass grab so there's different degrees here.

Some other guy's wife is my favorite ex-girlfriend :(

My wife and I still go on dates after 14 years and all of our other married friends think it's cute. I'm curious why they all don't though?

The widow Howlapp?

Scott Wholesomeman

I don't know...this was less than a 2 week gap

I didn't know you could go back

I understand, my old physics teacher has had his GF for 20 years they never got married because they didn't see a point

I don't understand what you're saying

Wife Haverman

How the turn tables.


Yep! My wife and I go on dates all the time! It helps keep the romance flowing too!

Peyton Manning

Dating for 10 year years straight?

I thought I was safe here


Like... A ring? :D

What you were saying.

Regret can come fast. If he took her back that's his choice. She did break up so I think she didn't do anything wrong.

This is exactly correct :) We try to go on a date at least two or three times a month :)

Are regular flowers good enough?

Eh, not every time 😂

I don't know but it had me rolling too

It's so nice to see how happy people are in their relationships. Congratulations on your marriage!

Thanks! I was looking for this.

I don't get it either


Once you get married she's no longer your girlfriend

A good post for /sub/notinteresting, honestly. I won't steal it. Promised.

Are you Scott Aukerman?

That was just 5 years ago!

Be a bro and don't let her know.

Even at 26 every guy I date still panics and leaves. But they're too embarrassed to try and come back.

So here I am. Doing my own thing.

Honestly, 26 is still young. There's nothing wrong with being 26 and single (or any age!). I just met a brilliant 26 year old single guy, who certainly seems too level-headed and well adjusted to be one of those panickers. My point is, someone will say they've met a fantastic 26 year old about you too.

Of course, doing your own thing is equally great as long as you're happy doing it. :)

You're brilliant.