I love a good cheat code!

I love a good cheat code!
This link says otherwise though

"Ya meat will retreat" laughed way too hard at that

Call a doctor if you flexin for more than 4 hours.

Nigga I fucked around, flexed my shit, and caught the worst cramp in life. Now my dick hard and my left thigh is pulsating.

Any muscle? Does he mean "PC Muscle?"

This link confirms it

So I'm supposed to hobble my ass into a grocery store, go to checkout, with a banana, one hand on my left leg, with a hard dick? I think imma just wait this one out fam.

I don't think I can flex any muscle for 60 seconds straight.

They got pills for that now though.

I don't know what I expected

Black people tumblr?

Flex your thighs, they work the best, both are right next to yo dick, and it's bigger so needs more blood, so that dick gets flat asap