I like snacks

I like snacks

Wheat thins that taste minty from the toothpaste

Minty wheat thins?


Gross. You're gross.

Try chocolate, at least that goes good with toothpaste.

I was about to head to Walmart too.

I prefer orange juice, but I'm kinda fucked up.

nah you dont have a small garbage for tissues and flossers by your bed? lol I leave those flossers at my desk, job, errywhere. My dentists told me once she loved the idea of leaving flossers everywhere so much that she was going to tell future patients. so fuck yo downvotes :P

My life story. keep flossers by your bed!

This is me every damn night. Brush my teeth at 11, 12:30 I'm craving some crab salad, that left over half of an Italian sub from dinner, some deli meat, a bowl of cereal...something, and my scumbag brain won't let me sleep until I eat. That's why I always have dental picks and mouthwash at the ready.

That sounds gross.

Thin mints are the best flavor for a reason.

Why hello, Satan.

Word of advice to those who love snacks, don't trust your body. One day you're stuffing yourself and not gaining any weight, next your gut is loose and you can't stop it.

I initially misinterpreted it as wheat-y thin mints, but minty wheat thins don't sound half-bad either...