I knew it

I knew it

Yes because doing dishes is a woman's job ha ha ha this is hilarious.

Any billionaire want to bite me?

Funny has become a relative term

Hope it's not Bruce Wayne for your parents sake.

You don't do your dishes when you are single?


Boooo. I'm sick and trying not to puke but this post may put me over the edge.

Tell me about it. An ex sent me this once. It was just as cringey back then as it is now

Fast food places clean their own dishes.

Those that even have them.

I was just trying to say this is, in my opinion, outdated humour and simply childish. Sorry if I upset you friend.

hey its me ur parents

Oh holy shit I didnt think to compare them. I thought it was getting bit by spider somehow turns a man into Spiderman which lands him chicks and he'll become a house husband or something. Equally nonsensical and unfunny though.

This guy gets it

im not fond of my parents, ill gladly take the bruce wayne deal. my parents in exchange for batman powers and billions of moneys. ill throw in every living relative to within 16th cousins, thats billions of people!

Making out turns you white?

Get married, that’ll fix her

please die so i can get batman money and powers, you never did one nice thing for me, so i ask this now.

I think I must have been bit by a sloth.

So when a man bites a woman's neck (which surely would happen more?) what happens?

She becomes a slob?

Remember men, if there's no woman in your life to do the dishes, you must resign to a life of perpetual filth and cutlery caked in stale, crusty food, compromising your health and mental state until such a time that a woman is present to clean up your mess.

become. suddenly

What a confession

Man, my gf must be defective, all i get when she bites my neck is sex.

so true. One of them has spider powers, and the other is doing household chores because he's not an asshole

They don't think it be like it is, but it do.

Doing the dishes after a great blowjob just feels right though.

The amazing sex-man!

Sid? That you?