I just get tired of fighting vodka and cheese bias sometimes

Can confirm, as someone play lots of Japan ground.

Thats why you squad up mixing nations like you want and fuck matchmaking for others

Problem is that Gaijin's put limits on squadding, so you can't force German/American games anymore

Dude... it's a struggle.

I love the Type 61 but I get so sweaty playing Japan. Gotta tryhard non stop.

This is LITERALLY Tier 5 match making in a nut shell! Good Meme!!

Playing any nation against soviets has been miserable for 5 years now.

Whether an M4 or a Panzer IV doesn't matter, Toku kou shell slices all. raughsinchinu2

And when you DO get the russians or french on your team, its a full uptier and you lose anyways.

Thanks for nailing why I don’t enjoy playing as Japan GF.

I never realised it was such an unrelentingly tense experience

The soviet 5.3 lineup is pretty comfy and the IS-2 and second T-34-85 are great if you don't get fucked into the 6.7 blackhole of sadness.

Soviet 4.3 is also a giant meme and clubfest

Have had this in air rb before.

Got sick of Yaks outclimbing, outturning and outgunning me, so fuck it, going to play some Spitfires.

Aaaaaand alternate history. Fuck.

On other words, the French and Soviets are always on the winning side.

And Japan is always fucked.

You've switched squadrons!

lol 906 aside what soviet tanks are op?

I ended up accidentally getting my friend stuck in a P-38G vs MiGs and CLs because i didn’t have the CL and we wanted to squad at 9.0...

Playing against tier 3 and 4 french tanks is just miserable, change my mind