I have a Yeast Infection, No Money, No Health Insurance, and I went to Planned Parenthood. My Visit and Treatment Was Covered by Their Insurance.

I have a Yeast Infection, No Money, No Health Insurance, and I went to Planned Parenthood. My Visit and Treatment Was Covered by Their Insurance.

[Yeast infection, Planned Parenthood, Great Review]

I’ve had a really persistent yeast infection for just over a month now and I went to planned parent hood to get it checked out. I have about 2 cents in my bank account, I am a 21 year old female. I’m currently uninsured, I’m a full time student (on my own) who is also a Resident Assistant, and works for the Campus Recycling Center. Being an RA covers my college room and board, and I get a stipend of $20 bi weekly. I work 8 hours a week at the recycling center and get about $120 bi weekly. That’s a grand total of $140 every two weeks. So I’ve been avoiding going to the doctors because I really cannot afford it. I tried using Monistat ($16) because that worked the last time I was yeasty. It didn’t work this time.

My male sexual partner has insurance so I suggested that he go to Planned Parenthood to get an STI test done just for us to be safe. He did and he came up clean, but he also went out of his way to ask about yeast infections while he was there.

Planned Parenthood explained the complications of yeast infections and that sometimes it needs a medicine to clear it up. He also asked Planned Parenthood about payment. Based on my income, the visit AND treatment would be under $30. I can afford that easily. I made my appointment despite only have 2 cents in my bank account.

I made my appointment online. It was so easy that I did it during my ecology lecture. It was a little weird having “Planned Parenthood” pop up on my phone screen, my professor probably thinks I’m pregnant now. But overall it took maybe 7 minutes.

I had my appointment yesterday morning and it went literally so well. My male partner brought me. Everyone working there was female! I had two young females assist me. They spoke to me like a real person with a real issue, and they really empathized with me. (Because all vaginas have maintenance issues at one point or another). We talked about birth control, yeast, diabetes, college, and I felt zero judgement. They got their samples and ran their tests. The yeast infection was positive, and they gave me medicine right there on the spot. One for now, and one for later. The best part was I didn’t pay a dime! Since I have 2 cents in my bank account, and because I make about $130 a every two weeks, they had me fill out an insurance application, and now I will be covered by insurance for the visit. I can even go online to complete the insurance application and be insured for a longer amount of time!

It was a really great experience for me. Knowing that I can go there for some of my medical issues makes me feel empowered and in control of my finances and health.

Edit: Wow! I just wanted to share my experience. I never expected this to make the front page! Like, this is my second post ever, that's crazy to me! Thanks for everyone who commented support and care. And thanks for everyone who reached out through DM. I've read a lot of reddit posts talking about how to care and treat yeast infections, and tons more talking about the services that Planned Parenthood offers. I wanted to give more validity to those great services and I think it's great that you all have shared home remedies that have worked for you! Now other people like me can come back to the comments on this post when they may not know what else to do. Thanks Reddit!!

I’m glad that you were able to get the help you needed. It is heartbreaking that healthcare in America is this way. We shouldn’t have to put off going to the doctor for financial reasons, that is insane. Everyone needs to keep this in mind and push for single-payer healthcare.

Does your uni have a health center? Mine in college was “free,” but I’ve heard others charged a fee like a normal doctor’s office.

*IMPORTANT: If a person needs something Planned Parenthood can not provide, Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC)/HRSA clinics are an excellent option. They are sliding scale based on income and are primary care practices that, depending on the clinic, may also have mental health, dental, etc. Find a clinic here: https://findahealthcenter.hrsa.gov/#

Planned Parenthood is a great resource for the services they offer- but I wanted people to know where they can go for other services.

My uni does have a health center. Visits there are free, but intrusive examinations and tests have fees that are about $30. They write prescriptions that I have to pay for at a pharmacy which are usually expensive.

FWIW: My, now wife, and myself got a bit of a yeasty situation too when we started dating.

Turns out the spermicide on the condoms was the primary culprit.

Glad you're on the mend.

Totally agree. Here in Australia with socialised medicine, she would see a Dr for free and pay $7 for medicine with her student status. Working people pay a small fee in their taxes to cover single payer. It breaks my heart when US people on reddit say they can't go to the doctor or hospital for serious illnesses because they can't afford it, and they suffer untreated. Its particularly bad for serious mental illnesses as that can have an impact on other people not just the sufferer, you'd think it would be in society's interest for them to be able to afford medication.

I'm so glad OP was able to get it sorted out. PP is so precious. I hope y'all fight for it in the current cost slashing environment.

I’m so glad Mike Pence made so many donations to keep planned parenthood well funded :)

Makes sense that you chose PP!

I was just talking to girlfriend of mine about how it seems like every time you start dating someone new you get a freaking yeast infection. Such an irritating side effect (pun definitely intended).

PP is a blessing, but their docs are a hit and miss at times (think they are volunteer based, or some do it for clinic hours or such). Met some really caring docs, but once in a while, you get one that doesnt give 2 shits about you and just wants to clock off ASAP.

Regardless, PP is a must for everyone's health, not just womens.

I dont donate to any cause, but PP is my regular after tax return.

I don't understand that argument. I already wait a long ass time at hospitals and smaller doctor's offices anyways. At least if this shit was socialized I wouldn't be paying as much (if any) as I am now.

I'm in Canada (single payer) and can see my doctor or one at her clinic that day if needed. Wait times can be long for other services (if you have a bad knee it will likely take a while to have surgery) but family doctors/GPs and emergency services are readily available. I live in a major city so the story for rural folks is different but really, if you need the care right away you can get it.

As a Canadian living in the US, I will throw down when people talk shit about Canadian health care. I broke my foot in the US and the service was shit. It would've cost me $2000 but I was still under travel insurance/Canadian health care. If I had a cough, I could get in to see my GP in Canada in a heartbeat. The equipment at the hospital in the US was so old, they moved my (broken)foot around to get an x-ray. My friend is in the same boat, and quickly realized she was waiting just as long (if not longer) for specialized DR in the US. She actually went back to Canada. Specialized surgeries DO have a wait in Canada....BUT it's because everyone in Canada has the right to service. End of story. But to think that it's so much worse than in the US is bunk. And here you have to worry about getting the DR under your plan and all this other garbage and like I said, after talking to people, the wait is very similar. Most Canadians I know, in the US have minimal health care plans here and go back and forth to maintain Canadian health care in case of emergency.

Honestly, how dare they help me out so much more than any one else can! /s

Did I do the sarcasm implied thing right?

Why is your professor monitoring your phone screen?

This is why PP must be defunded at once (s)


Plot twist her partner is the professor

Well she aborted the fuck out of those yeast nasties.

I love Planned Parenthood. I lost my health insurance right after I graduated from college, and they were there for me for my annual exams and bcp for years.

I'm so grateful to them, and now that I'm in a much better financial position I donate to them monthly. <3

Mental health is still that way in America. A new patient appt in my area for a psychiatrist is 6+ months out.

Honestly, one of the most powerful nations in the world and our students and middle and low income families basically live in a third-world country. It's fucking unacceptable.

There's nothing republican men seem to love more than an untreated, persistent vaginal infection, except maybe a teenage single mom.

I have two kids on the spectrum along with SPD and speech delay. Our State offers very cheap to free therapies up to age 3. After 3, most of us are screwed. Our insurance doesn’t cover mental health and ASD, SPD and speech are considered mental health under our plan. My youngest needs it the most so she gets the therapy...$1800 a month! We fall just over the bracket for assistance so we are on our own. Thank god for my IL’s who help pay. It shouldn’t be this way in America.

Yep, can confirm. I called sixteen psychs in my city over the course of the past week and only two were accepting new patients and took my insurance. The earliest I could get in is late march 2018, and that was because of someone else's cancellation. I'm in one of the top 10 largest cities in the US.

Yeast lives matter

I've used PP to get birth control pills, and to get out of an embarrassing situation once (sponge got stuck, long story). The location I went to doesn't do abortions and every time I was there, there were a fair number of women in the waiting room. So it's obvious to me that they do a lot of things that aren't abortions but whatevs, PP is eeeevil (sarcasm)

Here in the US, a common argument is that socialized medicine results in much longer waits for everything.

Lol, wut? Let's make people suffer so we don't have to inconvenience ourselves by sharing our doctors with the poors. s/

From my experience, if you make an appointment before noon, you can usually go the next day. If you make an appointment in the morning, you can sometimes go that afternoon. There are also clinics that don't take appointment where the wait times are pretty short, a couple of hours at most.

Some doctors do charge for consultations, and those clinics are usually the ones that take appointments, but there are also plenty of free clinics or rebates for doctors fees, so the cost is next to nothing.

Planned Parenthood is bomb. Your prof probably doesn't thing you're preggers. Planned Parenthood is for everyone, regardless of gender, it's just a center for sexual health. They're so amazing and it's not just for pregnant people. People don't really know enough about what Planned Parenthood does and how good they are for the community

Well your clearly just there to kill babies... /s

Yeast infection

Happily that I'm in Germany.. with a bad immune-system.. Can see my doc. everyday, when he opens to the end. Sometimes gotta wait 15min, or 3h. but yeah..

I feel so bad about it, when I think that it must be hard for people in USA .. :(

How long does it take for you to get an appointment to see a Dr in Australia? Here in the US, a common argument is that socialized medicine results in much longer waits for everything. I’m curious as to your experience.

Really, while it's unfortunate if you are the patient, can any of us say we are 100% into being at work everyday? It's too bad doctors are just human like the rest of us ;)

I don't get it either. My insured coworker needed spinal fusion surgery because her back was so jacked up she was basically crippled and she had to wait 2 years for her insurance to ok surgery. I had to wait 14 months to get my impacted wisdom teeth (one grew into the nerve and did damage) out because I couldn't afford it. I'd be fine waiting a few months for surgery if I knew it was already covered.

Meanwhile in Canada, nobody is on the internet writing stories about their yeast infection.

Not OP but I live in New Zealand, and going to the doctor for anything costs me $17, and most medicines are subsidised to $5 each. Doctors will take a day or two to get into, but they always keep extra appointments for urgent things (like my 36 hour migraine, they had me in within 2 hours)

If you are then sent to a specialist it can take up to 6 weeks depending on urgency. Again, it can be much quicker if it is something time critical.

I am so glad you were able to get treatment! I hope things clear up soon.

I had a persistent or off and on one for six months! It was awful. It finally cleared up with a compounded medication.

I know the last time I went for routine STI testing I was secretly sad I wasn't also there to kill babies. /s

Well if she had to pay for these services she would have probably felt more out of control, so... yeah. She knows in the future if she needs it she should just go get help instead of sitting around worrying about how to afford it.

I've heard this from a few other people, but I guess I've been really lucky. I've used their services in Maryland, Virginia and California and I've always gotten excellent care.

Don't bring in just men as there are Republican women and other women against PP.

Planned parenthood is absolutely vital to our country. The abortion topic is a sensitive one, but even leaving that out, family planning is much more important to a sustainable society than many realize. Education and government policy play a very large part in keeping our country from continuing to boom in population to an unsustainable level, and planned parenthood plays a significant part in the governments family planning initiatives.

....she actually mentioned trying monistat, which is $16, and it didn't work.

Right?! It took me 3 months to see my GP and nearly 8 months to see my GYN, but they give me this whole "same day appointment" bullshit when I call to set up an appointment.

Sure, if I want to drive up to 2 hours to the other end of the metro area to be seen by a strange doctor who don't know my medical history, I can get in faster, but then I might as well go to a walk-in clinic because that doctor just tells me to follow-up with my normal one (or in the case of the random GYN, he told me that nausea was normal on the pill, pain during sex is normal, so was tearing, not that my birth control was messing everything up because it was the completely wrong dosage from the previous random GYN)

I should have gone there but I went to a "christian" clinic with painful breasts and was told I'd get one phone call to schedule an appt and if I did not answer or could not attend my one appt then I would forfeit my chance at healthcare. I was so discouraged I left... but I should have sought out pp. I suffered for so long with chronic bv too. Im so glad they exist.

And this is why Universal Health Care is important. And as it is funded by your taxes, it ain't free either. But I suppose you Muricans prefer to wage war on the other side of the world with your taxes than cover basic health services.

I sincerely hope more of you realize some things and expand your health care system, although I find this unlikely with Trump in office

Why suggest coconut oil instead of over the counter medicine? Yeast infection medicine is available at the grocery store. Possibly even cheaper than coconut oil.

I’ve never waited more than a day to see my DR and I can book an appointment now in the morning to see them this afternoon.

If I can’t see my regular GP I have several other places I can go including and 24 hour walk in surgery.

The system isn’t perfect but I know I can get things treated before they escalate and the only time I’ve needed to visit a hospital is being wheeled In there via an ambulance (in my state we pay a tax for the ambulance so it’s also free to use) because something random and life threatening happened. (Appendix burst).

Oh also I’d like to mention because I earn below a certain threshold, My GP is free to visit and medication is very cheap. Otherwise I’d pay $80 and get a rebate of it back later.


I’m so glad PP was able to help you. They truly are a wonderful organization that does an incredible amount of good for countless people every day.

They helped me when I needed birth control on the downlow (without using my parents’ insurance) in college. I paid on a sliding scale and got on the Depo shot. Because of their help, I was able to avoid unplanned pregnancy and have my kids when I was ready after I was married and settled down. (Nothing wrong with not being married, of course, but I wanted to have everything stable first.)

I love PP. If I ever get rich one day, they’re getting a huge donation from me.

PP is outstanding, at one point they were my only source of health care. I donate monthly so they can keep being there when people need it.

It takes 2-5 hours up here in Canada.

We have an “emergency room” in clinics for people who need to be seen for semi-urgent conditions, but don’t need to go to the hospital, just like OP’s yeast infection. Some clinic ERs you can show up any time during the opening hours, for others you need to call the night before or early in the morning and they “reserve” you a spot during the day.

Otherwise if you want to see your GP to get a diagnosis on a non-urgent condition, you need a check up, want BC, need to pass routine exams (like cancer exams, Pap smears, etc.) you need to wait for 2-6 weeks usually, depends on the place and doctor.

For a first appointment with a specialist, that’s where wait times get a bit insane. We’re talking 6-12 months for most specialties, sometimes more. For a new appointment with a specialist you’ve already seen, you can expect 1-2 months. Truth be told, that is a real problem in some domains, but most basic healthcare is not hard to access.

(Note: That’s for some places in Quebec. There will be some variation depending on the province because healthcare is a provincial, not federal jurisdiction.)

Read the first paragraph.

Wow that is great. I have always been prone to yeast infections and started taking the Refresh vaginal probiotic every day and it really works. It's $30 at cvs/Walgreens. I highly recommend you start taking it.

But....but...but...... I thought Planned Parenthood was there to just provide abortions to people who hate the Lord Jesus Christ


(I'm glad you got the help you need. These are the stories people need to hear)

I went to Planned Parenthood for the same reason. I luckily have insurance but it does warm my heart to hear that, even without insurance, they found a way to help you. Planned Parenthood has been one of my better OBGYN experiences and I hope that they have the means to stay open and provide such good service like you experienced! I’m glad you got the help you needed :)

I am a guy and I am on the end of a similar situation. Didn't know what it was for months and just thought it would clear up on its own, it didn't. Went and got tested for STI's / herpes. Even though I had only been with one partner for over 3 years the wait for the herpes results were stressful enough.

Ended up going to the dermatologist and after taking a sample it tested positive for a yeast infection. After a single dose of Flucanozole and some cream for 2 weeks didn't work, I ended up having to do 1 dose once a week of the pill for a month and the cream. It's 99.9% gone but im still using the cream for a few more weeks just to be sure, its been a nightmare.

Sorry if its TMI, but hopefully this helps some guy who has some red scaly patches on his junk and can't get it to go away, yeast infections don't discriminate gender.

I've been to tons of clinics that require a week or two appointment ahead of time, regardless of insurance. In the US.

Germany checking in - if I really need to see my doc because I am acutely sick and need a prescription/note for work i get a appointment the same or the next day.


There's an episode of the Simpsons where there is a emergency drill at the power plant. Homer gets out first and locks the door so no one else can escape. You can see it here:

Sometimes, that is how I like to think of us "Americans" when it comes to health care.

Living the American dream.

My GP suggested calling the insurance and asking for a list of psychs that they cover, to avoid that issue. Haven't tried it personally (lazy), but it seems like sound advice. The nurse made it sound like it was a pretty common thing to do.

You can generally see a General practice doctor same day, weekends are harder but not impossible. Specialist can take longer. I pay about $70-80 per visit and $30-40 is refunded straightaway. My daughter is free.

I thought I was pregnant in my junior year of college, I was super stressed, never had a straight period (because of the bc shots) and had many times of unprotect sex with my boyfriend. I had felt hormonal with my body and freaking out. My home doctors declined to give me birth control because I had a history of smoking (blood clots) even though I had gotten my birth control shots for 4 years pervious. My insurance also was grandfatherred into the BC coverage, so an IUD would be 2500$ and an implant would be 2000$. I went and made an appointment with the pp in my college, got a pregnancy test (negative) and got the implant in my arm in less than 2 hours. PP is amazing when health insurance and religious doctors


Yeah, they’re an awesome organization. We have to do everything we can to keep them operating forever, they help so many, myself included.

I have insurance but went to PP for a yeast infection about a year ago because I was able to get an appointment pretty quickly. By far one of the best patient experiences I’ve ever had.

I've used garlic cloves!

Glad to hear you got treatment. My wife and I feel it's important to give to PP and hearing it's being used like this makes giving that much easier and important.

Think you meant /s. Dont know what (s) represents.

PP here in NorCal is so wonderful. Saves lives and provides so much free healthcare, no questions asked. Donate! The life you save may be your own daughter’s.