"I have a dream..."

"I have a dream..."

Is this a thing? I know a lot of white people and I've never heard any of them express this fear.

Am white dude and not scared. Mainly because I treat everyone like how I want to be treated - as a successful female Chinese entrepreneur.

I've seen it in Europe. It's absurd, frankly.

The pendulum is shifting in the US and we're currently undergoing a, much needed, cultural shift here in the states. As strongly as I feel the black community is mistreated, trust me I've felt that shit first hand, I don't really adhere to this idea of "Now it's their turn!" I'm all for equality, not for "turning the tables" and having whites be discriminated against. Or whatever this mindset that seems to be permeating the black community more and more.

I personally feel this will do nothing but prolong the cycle of hatred and violence we already experience not only in America but in the world. We need to be harboring an environment of coexistence and understanding, not "Fuck you, now it's our turn to bend you over the table for 200 years!!"

Because if being a mistreated minority has taught me anything, it's that it's infuriating. And as I said, I don't feel that will have a good end result.

Tbh that at least kinda makes sense in that weird, fucked up ethnic nationalist way for them. Less so for a nation of “I’m 1/32 Irish” mutts trying to work off of a sliding scale

“I’m 1/32 Irish”

"I'm homeopathic Irish, diluted so much that my Irishness is stronger than the Irish themselves!"

I might be wrong on this one but I though the reason the white American population was declining was because the Hispanic and Asian American communities are growing. African Americans make up about 13 percent of the population and aren't expanding fast. So when whites do become a minority the majority would most likely be Hispanic Americans not African Americans.

You've very accurately described 98% of white Americans.

Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.

When whites stop being the majority they'll still be the largest minority for a long time, just not larger than all minority populations combined.

You'd be surprised at how many conservatives express this fear. Steve King (R-IA), tweeted earlier this year that we can't restore the population with "someone else's babies": https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.washingtonpost.com/amphtml/news/the-fix/wp/2017/03/13/rep-steve-...

Make of that what you will.

I liked being a minority when I live overseas. Made it easier to find my family in a crowd.

Yep, I'm pretty sure I've said "I'm Polish" more times than my far-extended relatives in Poland have.

Edit: for fucks sake reddit, I know they wouldn't say it in English

"When you've been on top for so long, equality feels like oppression." -some redditor

I feel like theres a very different issue with europeans though. Theres a bunch of Latinos in the U.S. now? woop-de-do more salsa and quinces, less landscaping jobs. More Muslims in europe? Generally more fear of religous extremisim and less tolerance of womens rights (not saying thats true at all, just the stereotype).

Source: completely biased latino

something odd i've noticed about a lot of americans is how many treat their lieages like DnD attributes.

"Oh, I'm part Irish, so that means I can handle my liquor. I'm also part Italian, so that means I get a natural +2 buff in my cooking stat."

I'm Irish and Italian

Jesus Christ how loud was your childhood home


There's this video that's an interview with a really prominent youtuber (maybe not anymore) named JonTron where he talks about white people becoming a minority and how white people should and are naturally going to fight that. The interviewer (also white) keeps trying to get him to answer why that's a bad thing and he just laughs like "come on...you know!" and won't ever answer. It was fucking bizarre. It's long as hell, but if you want to see it-

Well, when you speak polish and live in Poland you probably don't have to tell people your polish.

We're not allowed to talk about it. We might offend them with our plight.

Then your ass is going to be seriously disappointed.

He might as well have tweeted "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children."

Fucking racist shit head.

By the way I'm glad I have to look up what the fourteen words are every time they come up. I'm fucking happy that knowledge refuses to stick in my brain.

Yea ask someone and you'll get like 5 different European countries and "1/16 Native American". Fractions end up adding to 21/16 or some shit.

Lol. I'm a brown dude born and raised in the U.S. The thing is that when people ask me where I'm from I tell them NYC. I know that's not what they meant and that they're really asking where my parents are from. Just pisses me off because the US is the only place I've ever lived in and that no one asks white people where they're from because they're just "Americans". The weird and funny thing is that I'm trying to prove that I'm an American and they're trying to prove how they're 1/32 Cherokee, a little polish, italian, Irish, German with a drop of Spanish blood by marriage.

LOL. Gtfo here. Either I'm just a colored foreign dude and you're just a white dude or we both just American.

Extremely loud and extremely Catholic

There are always people who are afraid of losing power or becoming a minority. Even in towns. It is called Tribalism and people like people similar to them.

Yeah white man here who is heterosexual, I’m not afraid of this and neither is anyone in my family. I have not heard this before now.

I’m from New England. I’m “white” . All my friends are black...Asian....Hispanic...Native American.....my fiancé is a combination of guamish (is that a thing?) and Spanish.

Racial tension is bullshit. It’s created by people afraid of losing power...rich people.

These cunts fill people’s heads with crazy stereotypes....stupid ideals...just fucking bullshit. It’s like dude said a few posts down

You know the crazy thing? We’re all Americans and race doesn’t seem to be an issue.....

So like 1.7% of the population.gotcha

Yes. You've never heard of the "white genocide" claims?

Yea... Just look at South Africa. Perfect example of "now it's our turn to be racist." While this attitude doesn't account entirely for the situation at present, I I don't doubt it contributed significantly to it becoming a post-apartheid shithole

What if I want to be a pornstar?

Nude or a bath robe?

What if a pornstar wants to be an accountant? Does he do every scene in a suit and tie? I think I've seen a few pornstars who want to be accountants if that's the case.

By 2040 white people will not be a majority, they'll be below 50% of the population (currently at 60%). It'll be a long time before any ethnic group passes them. It will be a very, very long time before any other ethnic group becomes a majority (greater than 50% of the population).

White guy here...pretty sure none of us care. Got work,families and generally life to attend to.

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Catholic

72% to ~33% in 23 years seems like it would require another Holocaust to achieve. I don't think anyone sane is afraid of that happening.

Tell the Chinese, Japanese, Nigerians that in 60 years they will become a minority in China, Japan and Nigeria and you will hear the word "absurd",but in a different context.

Idk it would be nice to get a college scholarship for being white🤷🏻‍♂️

I am from the longschlongdong tribe we were near what has been settled as Portland. My ancestor was the mighty chief poke a lot twat.

Jon also said something along the lines of "Discrimination is terrible but doesn't exist anymore in western society". Weirdest and most random meltdown I've ever seen in a Youtube personality.

I'm came to America from Pakistan when I was 3 and have always lived in very diverse neighborhoods. While zero-generation Muslim parents tend to be more conservative, I never saw a substantial political difference between children of Muslims and everyone else. Hell, most the Muslims I know were either athiests or barely practicing by the time they were adults.

So everyone will be a minority?

Every fuckin' time. I've met like 3 people in my life time that didn't try to say they were some nonexistent fraction Native American.

Oooh "White Plight!" Such a catchy slogan for a protest sign!

True, but what about traveling? Every time I visit my buddies in Canada I feel like I have to say "I'm American" in every conversation I have with a person I don't know.

"I come to you from a far away land where we have mom-and-pop liquor stores with low sales tax!"

I saw Trevor Noah last month and he brought up this statistic. I’d say 50% of the audience started cheering and clapping.

He then used that reaction to make a point that it’s not exclusively an American thing to shit on minorities; minorities have been mistreated time and time again throughout history and unless we strive to become better people it’s perfectly understandable to not want to be in a vulnerable position.

It got very awkward, as the crowd did not expect it to go that direction, but I felt he really pulled on his experiences in South Africa to weave a good lesson into what was a great show.

We all have the capacity to do terrible things and we have to all become better people so we don’t repeat the mistakes of the past.

Yes, and whites would have a plurality.

He's absolutely still prominent. His sub count didn't even get a dent and 2 of his most recent videos have over 5 million views.

This is something that needs to be reiterated more. It’s the fundamental reason why the claim that “white people will soon be the minority” is a racist as hell statement. It bundles all people who aren’t white into one category in order to make the argument work. It’s really effective propaganda that the average white person is not going to catch.

My family’s patrilineal line has been in America for over 200 years and my dad is still proud of “being Irish”.

I mean how is that absurd?

We fight human nature everyday when we don't bludgeon our coworkers and shit in the streets. We can work ourselves up to not being divided by race.


I have not heard this before now.

This is a popular "alt-right" talking head. The link isn't her channel which accounts for the low view count.

This viewpoint is not isolated to channels like her, /sub/altright 4chan T_D all purport this as a reality that's happening to white people.

You need look no further than Charlottesville "jews will not replace us" as a census for how those white people feel.

I used to lurk a lot on conservative websites, and the notion of white people being outnumbered is terrifying to them.


Because fuck whites amirite?

I'm pretty sure that Hispanic Americans are on track to make up a majority of the population.

Also people tend to forget the only reason a lot of the oppression happened was because societal morals where different and African Americans made up ~10 percent of the us population whereas whites made up ~90. So unless that's flips and we morally regress a century then maybe that oppression will come back. But probably not

The people from the Charlottesville protest were all chanting "we will not be replaced!"

I don't really adhere to this idea of "Now it's their turn!" I'm all for equality, not for "turning the tables" and having whites be discriminated against. Or whatever this mindset that seems to be permeating the black community more and more

I hear this a lot about Feminism also. It's just a bunch of radical Feminists who want men to "learn what it's like" to be oppressed. Like, on one hand I sort of get where you're coming from, but seriously think about what you're proposing. You say that oppression is wrong, yet your answer to oppression is more oppression? How does that make you any different than the current oppressors? That would only lead to a viscous cycle of oppression..

Here's a radical idea: let's all learn to get along like the equal humans that we are.

I'm guilty of it too. I'm Irish and Italian. Go ahead, ask me my percentages.

Does this have me any special privilege points? Fuck no.

Refer to Charlottesville, VA, when able.

Tell him the reparations comes after the oppression. No shortcuts.

All of Syria doesn't even have the population of New York State.

Yes. I had a back and forth with a girl who argued that we shouldn't let Syrian refugees into our country because then we'd eventually be the minority and they'd force us to follow sharia law...

He's honestly just kind of an idiot. If discrimination didn't exist than why would he be afraid of becoming a minority? His main arguments contradict each other.

I say this as someone who was a huge fan and was severely disappointed when this "debate" happened.

Edit: Also I don't think it really came out of nowhere. If I had to guess I'd say the general rise in nationalism hit him at the same time as everyone else and it probably has something to do with him leaving Game Grumps. It can't be coincidence they became ridiculously wholesome and inclusive the day Jon left.

I feel there is a normalizing of culture going on which is needed for us to live together. White people and black people (and many other people) have different cultures. Humor, attitude, celebrations, parenting techniques, etc. until we find a way to integrate these to each other or at least understand each other, we will continue to have a difference of opinion.

He can't hear you! There's too much yelling ABOUT WHATS FOR SUPPAH HOW YA DOIN

Every white person in the south claims this, I swear, my husband included. If you're not getting a check from a casino, you're not Native enough.

Not necessarily racist. Just because you don't see the point doesn't mean it has to be malicious. I only care about what my ancestors because I find genealogy fascinating. Some people think that to know who you are, you need to know where you come from. I disagree, but it's their right. Doesn't make it malicious.

Oh yes, some care. Waaaaaay too much.

And yet you'll find a great number of black people then complaining about white people stealing their culture. For example, there's nothing even remotely unacceptable about a non black person having dreads, yet black people will come out in droves about cultural appropriation. Dreads are a natural result of a lack of washing hair smh.

Edit: you need to chill the fuck out. I understand black people wash their hair. I understand not everyone will get dreads when not washing their hair. Regardless, some people will, and it's totally okay to have dreads if you're not black.

In my area white people aren't exactly the majority. There's plenty of Indians, Chinese, Koreans, Filipinos, and Middle Eastern folk. (Greater Vancouver)

Only racists would be scared.

Ethnicity and nationality are different things, my friend.

If we get closer to 2040 and there's a big mindset of "no such thing as reverse racism" then I'd be getting worried. I'm all for equality now, what I'm not for is is revenge racism. If that happens then America will be the same as it always was, just with the power changing races.

I don't think things are going to go that way though. Most likely the economic divide keeps growing and the 1% are still overwhelmingly white when whites are no longer the majority. Then whites will still be better off and hold most of the political and economic power because the system hasn't changed. There's a long tradition that won't disappear as quickly as the demographic of America changes. A less likely and more dystopian possibility is that mob mentality rules and further down the line there will be a lot of lower and middle class whites in the same boat as everyone else, but they're getting shit on by any one with skin darker than them. So you'll have the 1% with all the wealth and power, and the rest of the white people are the new punching bags of America. Or most young people are mixed race by that point. Who knows

"white people" aren't scared... Small vocal groups of white people are.

You'll be fighting human nature

Hence why i said europe and was replying to the comment about europe, you have articles like this running which just scares the shit out of everyone living in europe.


alk about it. We might offend them with our plight.

your allowed to talk about it...what pisses people off is when you blame every individual white person for everything one white person does.

and then make jokes about..."obviously we dont mean all white people, while still blaming all white people".

Just FYI, most card-carrying Natives don’t get a check from casinos. It’s a very small percentage who see any income from them

anyone whose family has been here more than 300 years or so would probably have some native in them.

The village my family was from was sacked by natives in the 1640s. They killed all of the men and boys and kept the women as wives. That's where I get the native blood in me from. I'm sure there are thousands of others with the same story.

People are starting to learn what the true meaning of “diversity” is.

The fact that a sign saying “it’s ok to be white” caused accusations of racism and mass outrage should tell you something.

Edit: not sure why, but OP had their post deleted (which had some valid points)

I’m guessing the mods did this in an attempt to hide/derail this entire thread.

Go figure.

Just go around nude wearing a tie around your neck

Eh. I live in an area with lots of muslims too and they are generally associated with problems here. In the city I live 50 % of the Turkish population is unemployed example and 60 % of Turkish kids drop out from school. Some kids mingle, but there is also quite the seperation between some Turks and other groups.

Remember when tens of thousands of Turkish Germans went on the street to show support for their dictator? Yeah, it's not all as rosy as you describe it. Of all the minorities in Germany they consistenly have performed worst in all studies measuring the success of various minorities into German socities.

Matter of fact that's true for basically of Europe. Regardless of what country you are looking at, immigrants from the Middle East, North Africa nad Turkey consistenly rank last in terms on how well the integrate into society.

I swear if you went to the right today with that phrase, and they didn't know the origin, they would all agree. /sub/debatealtright thinks the 14 words don't go far enough.

it really does not, it scares the shit out of americans who do not live in europe and eastern Europeans who don't actually have muslims.

Muslims are seen as a problem in most European nations (only exception I can think of is the UK which is probably the most Islam-friendly and even then religious relations are tense) but not to a terrible extent which some Americans exaggerate it.

That's the benefit of a diverse neighborhood--you're forced on some level to integrate into American culture even if your home is very devoutly Muslim.

However, if all the Muslims (or any other culture/religion, really, this is hardly an Islamic phenomena) congregate into one part of a new area it becomes incredibly easier to isolate and insulate your community from the outside world, becoming a slowly-growing cluster of cultural difference.

This is why that sort of stuff happens in Europe, because when a huge number of refugees are given asylum there, they're not evenly spread across the populated area--they're all generally dropped in one location, and it's usually not the best neighborhood.

Sure why not? lol

The weirdest thing is that before this interview, I thought JonTron leaned more on the PC side. He made a joke mocking the "woman's role" in his Barbie video, and flipped out over a racist black character in his Disney bootleg video.

Obviously that doesn't mean he is PC if he says those other things offline, but if you told me a week before that he believed those things I wouldn't have believed you.


If you think white people aren't already a minority, hey, three billion chinese and indian folks would like a few words with you.


The demonym (word for the residents of a place) would be Guamanian, but ethnically she'd most likely be Chamorro or Filipino.

yeah as a brown guy I don't like his comments about minorities but man I do enjoy that video with the magic tape

Who gives a shit. China is gonna own us all anyways

yet black people will come out in droves about cultural appropriation

"Droves" is really impossible for you/anyone to say; you can't judge the actions and beliefs of an entire race of people based on the opinions that are projected to the forefront in your echo chamber. More people are reasonable and chill than fanatical and uptight, it's just the fanatics that are projected to your computer screen.

Of course it's a thing. How do you think Trump got elected?

In a very racially mixed + nationalised country, ethnicity aren't relevant anymore. Why would it matter if one is of a ethnicity?

It only matter in formation of a racist thoughts. Sure it would matter during a medical checkup or research but that's special case and not appropriate in a normal social interaction.

No, i think its the sentiment of losing your cultural identity. Much like a predominantly Asian country wouldn't like to see its country be mostly made up of "foreigners".

Not my personal view, but I'd imagine that is the mindset.

The dozen dudes with the tiki torches? Yeah they're idiot nazis but not sure they're a sign of some growing tide

Does that mean we'll get bonus points on college applications?

Come on NAAWP! j/k