I hate fake gamer girls (x-post from /sub/hmmmgifs)

I thought she was wearing a VR headset for a split second before realizing


Got to admit, I expected a guy. Instead I got a dog.

I was so committed to the belief it was a chick that I asked myself "why is that girl wearing a dog mask"

Sounds like my first Tinder date alright

You know that dog still has random dudes gifting him stuff on steam.

It's fucking international happiness day! Damn you!

That explains 90% of my teammates.

I would actually watch this stream.



Now be a good boy, and carry me out of bronze.

Shame it's raining on international happiness day.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Thats not a girl, thats a subwoofer

Yeah, but it definitely wasn't me. I sure didn't spend $40 on the milkbones she asked me for

Tbf, if this was 90% of my teammates, it'd be an improvement

a dog is fine too?

In all honesty, that was one of the few moments that I was legitimately shocked while watching an anime. Completely speechless.

username checks out

Aces the team


I did. The v v good doggo deserved them.


Yes. It is.

What a bitch.

That show really had a way with sad shit (Hughes as well)

even a literal dog can play garen.

Raining. Monday.

They didn't plan this one very well

Got you to unranked instead

...what do you mean? It's not raining.

Oh.. So it is

It's a terrible day for rain.

This explains bronze


You seem to be having a ruff time with that... do you need me to toss you a bone?

Dat name is turning me on.....Oh god why

That's honestly an upgrade

I wanted to say it's funny because you should be playing with people around your skill level but then I saw your username


Im popping blood vessels trying to come up with an original dog pun

And this is how Moist-Anus discovered he/she is a furry.



Is it weird that I actually expected a dog? I was like "being a dude is too obvious, it's gonna be a dog or something".

God dammit, internet. What have you done to me?

Dogs are way too team oriented to be in bronze.

Did you just assume the dog's gender?


Me too. It was just so unexpectedly fucked up, and the show was not giving any hints of going this way. I'm not even a big anime fan, all I've ever watched is FMA and Deathnote (both awesome).

Username also checks out

On the Internet everyone is a dog.

despite the betrayal, he's still a good boy to me

MVD. Most Valuable Dog.

Great chairs. Don't they like lumbar support in Japan?


What do you mean? It's not raining.

I mean... It was totally showing hints of going in that direction, not that it makes the momment itself any less sad or appaling.

Most Valuable Pupper

wub wub?

So that's who's behind my soraka support :/

Can we... play now?

I see an FMA reference, I upvote even tho it's depressing as fuck

On the internet no one knows you are a dog.

Full Metal Alchemist. I would suggest watching... this arc is in the first 6 or so episodes.

Oh, so it is.

They're good dogs, Brent.

Pretty sure he's just calling it a Riven main..

Know your meme's, even if they're sad as fuck.

wuf wuf



Shit is burned into my brain.

He means, if dogs are playing, no wonder he can't get out of bronze. How is he supposed to compete?


If you need me, I'll be in my lab.

Terrible day for rain...

Neither is she (anymore)

I was expecting a sex doll.

I like the delivery more in the anime tbh

But if it's a female dog, is it actually fake?

Dat good doggo v

A similar technique is used in the Shining. You essentially know something is gonna go wrong, but it's still super creepy.

someone made this.

Such an uplifting episode!!

Are we not going to talk about the chair?

Easier to hose down this way.

Same. I feel like it heightened the shock value for me.

I just finished Brotherhood last night. Great stuff.

I just finished Brotherhood last night. Great stuff.

I think I'm done with the internet for today.

No need to chew him up about.

One of the deepest moments I've ever seem in anime...

fuck i just got chills

But if daddy get's buried then he wont be able to do all his work.

daddy said he has lots of work to do and if they bury him he can't do it when he wakes up.

On the internet, no one knows you are a dog.

Crippling depression my good man, finest in the land, you will find no finer

woof woof


Username checks out

Turn back now. It cannot be unseen.

I would feel pretty confident in a dog's ability to play Janna.

My teamates in CS:GO are probably actively smashing their heads into the keyboard, all round, every round.


Sun is same for all

Moon is same for all

Earth is same for all

Weather is NOT same for all

I was more concerned about the chairs than the dog.

Goddamn little bitch

Hurting my feelings won't make your mommy love you