I hatched pretty okay Aerodactly.

I hatched pretty okay Aerodactly.

Yes, apart from the fact that it’s an Aerodactyl, pretty... pretty... pretty good!

man these mods are gonna roast you for showing pokegenie

It's pretty nice but I feel like it could have higher IVs.

higher than maximum?

Well I don’t suppose it’s any worse than any other pokemon per se; it’s just that there really isn’t any use for it in the game as it is and after a while you get pretty sick at the damned things cluttering up the 10k egg pool.

Are Aerodactyl's bad? I'm a returning player and never really looked into tiers and stuff of all the mons

You never caught a 115% IV poke yet? They're super rare. About two times less likely than a shiny. But they're out there.

but congrats still

Wait, that's iPhone's Poke Genie?

Yes iOS. Also I'm uh I'm a fresh boy to this sub reddit so I may have skimmed to the rules so I didn't know I couldn't screenshot Pokegenie

And after the first one you will feel the same. He has no place in the "meta" and doesn't evolve. After the first one, every Aerodactyl kinda stinks.