I guess it beats being killed by a tain

I guess it beats being killed by a tain

You'd feel it vibrating, aaaand believe it or not there's more fun shit in life you haven't tried. I've been depressed too bro, life isn't roses and there's no happy ending, but there's reasons to keep fighting. Not judging, I hope you're doing well OP.

California's 10 day "cool-down" period didn't do anything for me. If the wait had been any longer I'd probably have just put on some noise cancelling headphones, listened to music, and sat with my eyes closed on some train tracks.

Buying your first gun is awesome! Buying your second gun, just as much awesome! Keep living OP so you can experience the wonders of different guns. I've made a lot of friends at my gun club and get to shoot their awesome guns too. Shooting a new gun for the first time is always exciting.

I've been doing a lot better, thank you for your kind words :)

I recently just bought my fourth gun, my first revolver. But being in California I have to wait to 10 days to pick it up. I'm excited to go shoot it. S&W 686 Plus 4"

Congrats OP! Happy shooting!

Please remember your trigger safety and barrel directions at all times

I have been, I follow the four rules of gun safety quite religiously :)

How many kids have died so you cold have your "fun"

Well, as long as he doesn't leave his weapon unsecured when it isn't in use, and he isn't a murderer; I'd have to say zero, most likely.

You wouldn't want to do that to the poor people that operate that train/railway. An old friend of mine worked for metro link as a mechanic. He had a few horror stories about finding body parts in the undercarriage of the trains and the emotional trauma of his friends who were operating the trains when someone decided to kill themselves that way.

Do you own a car? Guess how many people have been killed by those death machines.

This may sound strange, but if you play games get rainbow 6 seige. Iv been a tad depressed and im pretty good at all my games, and most it2her ones. But rainbow 6 really challanges me with its realism, focus on communication and team effot. It gives me something to work towards. And if nothing else, shooting guns at other players in a destructible environment with semi realistic consequences to being shot is fun.

You should really question "Why?" and not "How?"

I'd rather we stop fighting guns, people can turn to knives and even their bare hands. Why not spend the effort figuring out why people feel the need to kill others?

Imagine if the money used spent on combating guns went to providing free counseling, therapists, support groups, etc...

Zero kids. One deer and one boar.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

Worldwide Directories

The International Association for Suicide Prevention maintains a Global Crisis Centre Directory..

The Befrienders maintain a hotline database; use the "Find a Helpline by Country" control at the top of their page.

United States

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255 (TALK) Veterans press 1 to reach specialised support.

(The older number, 1-800-SUICIDE, is no longer published by the lifeline agency and will probably stop working in the near future.)

Online Chat: http://www.suicidepreventionlifeline.org/gethelp/lifelinechat.aspx

Crisis Text Line: Text "START" to 741-741

I didn't want something too big, and being chambered in .357 Magnum I didn't want something too small either.

The only other handgun I currently have is the 9mm M&P Shield and I love it!

The only reason I decided to buy my first revolver is because the I want a full size gun, but I'm not interested in anything on California's handgun roster, nor am I interested in paying 2-3x MSRP for a used gun.

Nice gun. Don't really care for revolvers but that would be one of the few that I wouldn't mind owning. Would prefer a 6" but the gun is sexy either way.

It's horrible. It can cause mental health issues for train conductors, and someone has the job of cleaning up, which doesn't sound like fun.

A lot of people say suicide is selfish, but sometimes people are stuck in a rut and have been dealing with issues for years or even decades. After that long, it can be hard for people to take a step back and try see the whole picture. It's ridiculous the amount of people who will say, "I'm there for you," and then they're never really there for you. Sometime it starts as a minor issue, like social anxiety. Then after so much time it progresses to bigger issues.

I kinda feel like I'm ranting, but yea. I understand what you're saying. Kind of on the same topic, apparently a lot of women who commit suicide do so in bathtubs so it's easier to clean up.

So you're...12? Listen, if you're going to talk politics, it would be wise to learn a thing or two before you go blurting out wild generalizations.

You need to chill. Up here in Canada we own guns too. It doesn't make you evil. It's a piece of steel. Just like a knife or a car.

A car is just as deadly as a gun. So you better not ever drive one, or you're a criminal.

It seems like OP has already mastered the basic gun safey rules: point the barrel away from you. Well done OP, keep doing that.

Please find support OP and keep exploring positive hobbies.

You're misdirecting your anger at gun owners instead of at CRIMINALS because you're looking for somebody to blame, and law abiding gun owners are visible, unlike CRIMINALS who are invisible and don't give a fuck about your gun laws.

The fact that you are unable to come to this conclusion on your own tells me that you're a stupid tool.

Hey Discovery is party of the excitement of life. You discovered a new hobby. Maybe try hunting game. Camp and explore on the weekends. Maybe also join a car meet or a racing club also. Have fun.

I don't want to kill anything. I have no issue with other people hunting as long as they are humane kills and they don't waste it. But personally, I don't want to kill anything.

I don't know what generation you are, but I'm 17 and I hate to break it to you, but a lot of us are just as responsible and into shooting as the past generation. You're ignoring the bigger picture and trying to blame law abiding citizens. I don't know what fantasy world you live in, but guns aren't going away any time soon.

Yup those guns are super lethal, mine will take out a child without any provocation. It just flies out of the safe the moment it smells a child and shoots the kid. Bloodthirsty little bastard. /s

Guns cannot kill anything, irresponsible owners do.

A train is the one of the most selfish ways to end your life.

You not only end your life, but you traumatize the engineers to the point where they can and or have : killed themselves, become dependent on alcohol and or drugs, lost their families over the emotional trauma and their inability to cope with it.

I hear the XDS is also a great gun. I didn't really like the grip safety and a lot of people just told me that I wouldn't be disappointed with the Shield, that's why I went with it.

I'd love to get a full size Sig P320 RX, but it's not approved for sale here in Cali.

By his own admission he's twelve.

Kid doesn't know shit, he's just trying to be edgy.

They can respond and talk to you, rather than just say they're there and then disappearing the first time you reach out to them.

When it gets to the point where you have little to no communication with someone, a person just saying "Hi" can be the highlight of the month.

It is certainly a very fun hobby.

I'm glad you're feeling better, OP.

cool, then go to target practice. maybe play paint ball. get a car, drive, race in a track, car meets, cooking, discovery. your in california, go to places.

i was there for vacation like 2 months ago. go to the redwoods, joshua tree and other national.

If you get that it's a joke then why are you responding to it as if you thought it was serious?

Playing the game right now. It is so fucking fun! Get in a random game with some other people who communicate, make a group, play for hours.

With that said, OP, stick around please. You never know whats around the corner. Life won't always be happy but you only have one life so enjoy the good times :)

I mean, you were willing to forsake everything to die, why not move out there and do whatever you want? If you're going to leave everything behind, at least have fun doing so. Enjoy it

It's ridiculous the amount of people who will say, "I'm there for you," and then they're never really there for you.

That's not that ridiculous. People want to help but most of the time it's a battle being fought in someone's head. If some is in therapy, on the right meds, etc, then realistically what more are friends and family going to be able to do?

Gfs dad has a 1911 45.... so much damn fun

Best thing about a 357 wheelgun is that you can always shoot 38 spcl for cheaper and more wrist friendly target practice.

Good choice for the Shield, got one for my wife to use and I like them too. Would have probably gotten one but I bought myself a Springfield XDS in 45 ACP before I ever saw a Shield.

Hey bud, if you wanna talk about shooting and other fun gun related shit, come on down to /sub/guns where it's all we discuss. or, if you are more prone to satirical humor, /sub/weekendgunnit is a barrel of laughs.

I love going for nice drives on the mountainous backroads, I'll definitely look at going to some car meets, that sounds fun. Part of me really wants to move to Arizona to enjoy the amazing gun culture, a lot of the ranges in California are very restrictive and suck.

Don't you mean tain tracks?

Sorry, i had to