"I guess I'm the hero she needs but doesn't deserve..."

Why can't friends of opposite genders do nice things for each other without everyone thinking "friend zone"?

If she stood the fuck still it would be a lot easier

They can, but she doesn't appear impaired or holding anything. Frankly I wouldn't ask my best friend to do this and wouldn't let him if he tried. This isn't even friendzone, it's princess bullshit.

She's stumbling all over the place and it looks like they're at a festival or concert. I think it's a safe bet that she's impaired.

Is he trying to tie their shoe laces together? Time for the three legged race I suppose

Additionally, I'm not sure if those jeans would allow her to bend over without major consequences.

She is trying to stand still, it's just that the earth won't stop moving beneath her.

/sub/niceguys would be proud.

i mean she is wobbling.

I'm assuming she's drunk, she's got the impaired wobble going on. Plus, it looks like they are at a festival. My friends and I, male and female, have definitely done this for each other when the other is very drunk. Sometimes bending over to tie your shoe will just send you toppling over. It's better to have someone less drunk do it for you.

Yeah. Good point.