I fused heroes together for maximum monkaS

I fused heroes together for maximum monkaS

Demon Fiend AKA Shadow shadow


Gotta love Alchies

Emo Saw

Timber Protector and Snipker are the best ones.

Timber protector. Does he cut himself?

moon moon son confirmed

The sniper is giving me serious nightmares right now, like hardcore stuff, imagine trying to breach high ground with unlimited shrapnel.



It's in my queue.

That Treant is an enemy of his own kind

Timber, until now you've become the very thing you swore to destroy.



If you think that's crazy, imagine a long-ranged nuke without a cast time and hitting 4 targets at once.

What if it dealt pure damage and made the targets Blind - 100% miss rate?

where is the kunkka tide fusion?

From my point of view the trees are evil!


Also doesn't work properly with Rearm. It used to refresh all 3 stacks and it was gross. t. AD player

06.12.2017 Update: Drafting abilities from different heroes when playing ability draft visually mixes the heroes.

Sounds like one of those "evil" companies in a Sci-Fi movie

Well there's this game mode called Ability Draft It was fine until Valve decide to FUCKING DESTROY IT

Nature's Death - Press to go invisible near trees... kills nearby trees

Leech Chain - Plants a tree in an enemy which you can hook on to

Living Reactive Armor - Oh my god...

Then you are Xboct!

good thing shrapnel doesnt stack *phew phew phew phew

Found the sniper in my games

It's a sweating pepe, usually signaling nervousness, anxiety, or stress.

He can regenerate through his own suicide.

All the failed experiments yet that motherfucker is still alive

Disruption into easy Requim. Shadowpoison and Raze both granting stacks. Spooky as fuck breh.

Crawwwliinnng inn my crawwwwllll~

What does monkas mean? (Genuinly asking)

Max Striner?

Don't lecture me, /u/heroh341! I see through the lies of the timbers!

Needs Doom's wings.

i will actually pay for that sf/sd