I found Pikmin

I found Pikmin

Is that Steve?

If I actually saw that in the street I'd scheizeed my pants.

The trooper himself?!

Considering the pikmin that hide in the ground end up being mercilessly thrown into the maw of a giant monster because some douche-canoe in a white suit with a helmet feels his survival is more important than theirs. . . I'd probably also take my chances hiding between traffic cones instead.

I had so many questions until I realized it was Japan.

Holy shit, I haven't seen a reference to Chuggaconroy in years.

Don't pikmin hide in the ground?

yeah, but they start out at the beginning of each game on the verge of extinction and by the end of the game theres hundreds of each colour and their at the top of the food chain.

seems like they benefit just as much as whitey.

Not only that but he segregated them based on skin color. RACIST.

Chuggaconroy? not entirely sure what thats from.

It's been 3 days, they still think I'm one of them.

What happened when you pulled on his head?