I found a pair of jeans at a store that doesn't show any brand whatsoever

I found a pair of jeans at a store that doesn't show any brand whatsoever

But that itself is a brand. Bet if you try to make the same the company sues for copyright lol.

Totally, that's why I said it doesn't "show" a brand rather than saying it's unbranded. Still was an interesting find to me

hahaha the funny part is that is literally the brand name!!!!! https://theunbrandedbrand.com/


Damn how much would it cost if I also had to pay for the logos and celebrities

American made clothing is expensive. A typical made in America button down is gonna run you about $120 and jeans at least $160. That's the price you pay for quality and not using slave labor.

82-114$ for pants. I somehow doubt the actual product costs that much.

Edit: you guys have opened a new world of raw denim to me. I guess the price is very fair for that.

if you want to go to /sub/rawdenim and argue with them feel free :)

There's a similar one for food in Canada called no name.

As a student living in Toronto, No Name is a godsend.

Eh, it's the price you pay for presumed quality.

Looks like the tag says $178.xx

Shit, for that price I'd better damn well get a recognizable brand.

Wait, I think I just figured out the target demographic... hipsters.

"Oh hey, nice jeans man. What brand?"

"No brand. They don't advertise either. You can only buy them at Such-n-Such store, just look for the jeans with no label. Totally worth."

"Whoa, that's so cool, definitely gonna pick up a few pairs..."

Quick edit - not implying the pants are bad, I haven't tried them, but you have to admit that it's a brilliant marketing tactic given the current popularity of indie culture.

This brand is actually entry level raw denim , most of their popular pants are ~80

Plus it's selvedge denim, which is more expensive than regular denim.

That's because most jeans are made in developing countries where the minimum wage can be as low as $1.70USD per month. Yup, per month. Uganda. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_minimum_wages_by_country

But you're paying for the blank label they wastefully sewed on there.

But definitely the price of non slave labor

How much?

Can they even trademark a blank label?

This is some fascinating stuff! I'm not gonna argue with them, I know better then thst :P it's like someone coming to /sub/mechanicalkeyboards and start saying​ keyboards are overpriced, too small and don't come with numpads. Fascinating​ stuff, I guess if the unbranded brand denim are actually that good the price is good.

It's really cheap for the quality, a lot of their pants are made with 21oz. Japanese selvedge denim, which is about twice the weight of a typical pair of jeans - helps them with wear and tear and lasting longer. I've had the pair I've got now for two years almost, and they're my only pair of jeans (I wear them a lot). Still no holes or anything to complain about :)

Unbranded jeans! I have a pair and love them. Secretly they're under the brand naked and famous

Gap's selvedge denim had a blank label on it.

Edit: J. Crew jeans also sport a blank tag and no identifiable stitching, pockets have no lines.

Yeah pretty much the same idea. Unbranded is on the cheaper end of the raw denim scale, but it's not at all bad quality. Some Japanese brands are 2 or 3 times the price. The price is part quality, part low sale volume, part high employee wages (relative to most other jeans made in sweatshops)

I have some raw denim and they fit far better than anything from Levi

They're actually only about $79 if you buy them from their website. They are a brand, theyre called "Unbranded" raw denim jeans. Worth the price imo

Edit: also, if you look closely, that price tag isn't for those jeans, it's for the ones next to them called "The Graduate", Unbranded jeans have a blank white cloth ribbon on the inside, not text

I don't own a single pair of jeans that costs more than $60

Raw denim is just unwashed and untreated denim. The cotton fabric can be dip died a bunch of times to give it the nice indigo color which takes a ton of time. Selvedge is how the fabric is made and at the end this machine seals the edge so it doesn't fray etc and it creates this strip that's call the self edge, which then got turned into selvedge. It's really interesting and it's a great investment since they last forever and they change with you. It's like a nice leather belt.

Ahaha cool. What's it called?

Friendly information drop regarding the distinction between copyrights and trademarks:

Copyright protection is reserved for creative works (e.g. film, music, literature) and grants the copyright holder the exclusive rights to distribute, reproduce, perform, etc. the creative work. Someone who writes and sells a book about Serverus Snape's childhood would be infringing on JK Rowling's exclusive copyright.

Trademarks cover a wide range of things that help consumers identify that a product or service belongs to a specific company. These things include color combinations, scents, words, phrases, and logos. Trademark protection exists to eliminate customer likelihood of confusion. For example, a donut shop that has a purple and orange logo would potentially be infringing on Dunkin Donuts' marks. However, a cell phone company with a purple and orange logo would not be infringing, because the likelihood of customer confusion is low because of the two very different markets. Trademarks also exist to prevent dilution of a company's brand.

The hypothetical case you mention would be closer to a trademark case, not a copyright case. But in reality there isn't really a case here because there is nothing trademarkable or copyrightable.

There's a Nameless, Tennessee.

Nope, it's "self-edged" denim - clean edges right off the loom.

Fuck does that mean. All branded clothing is made by children slaves.

Selvedge actually basically comes from self-edge, because the looms used to make it are old fashioned shuttle looms which naturally self finish the fabric being woven on it - it can be woven in a large variety of smoothnesses/tightness of weave, so there's tons of different types and feels of selvedge (sorry I'm a huge selvedge nerd and wrote a 25 page anthropology paper on raw denim, I get really into talking about this, I don't mean to come off as pedantic and I apologize greatly if I do). Definitely more expensive to produce though, so you're right that it equates to a higher price for the finished project, and if you want to wash your jeans regularly then selvedge probably isn't the best fit haha. I have found that selvedge lasts longer on average in my personal experience though, so I definitely recommend giving it a shot sometime in the future!

Oh wow, I had no idea the word selvedge was real until you used it just now. I assumed the label misspelled "salvaged" and thought it was recycled denim.

Unless it's made with prison labor.

Visit us over at /sub/rawdenim for more cool info on jeans. This particular brand ( The Unbranded Brand) are actually really good entry tier raw selvedge jeans. I own a pair and they're built like a tank and they look amazing after a bunch of wear. It seems like a high price but for the quality and craftsmanship you get and for it being Japanese selvedge it's a steal.

That's the extremely important and obligatory "fuck you patch" to ensure they don't get any business from vegans.

no-name, as far as I am aware, buys surplus of products from other producers and re-sells them for cheap.

Least that's what I was told

Yeah they're basically n&f cheaper line. Still great jeans tho

I bought a pair of headphones from a company with a similar kind of business philosophy. I think the company is called Status Audio and they were very nice.

I'm just talking about selvedge, which just means it's woven with clean edges so it doesn't unravel. The process itself is more expensive, so the same amount of cloth is going to be more expensive.

I'm not kind to my jeans, so I'm not spending money on good denim just to wash them every time I wear them ;) maybe one day, when my kids aren't as sticky.

I dunno, I like expensive high quality clothes but I don't want to brandish is because it seems pretentious. Especially if you don't want to over dress for an occasion. The funny thing is though, the most expensive fashion products tend not to have any branding at all. The same shops cheapest products will have the brand plastered all over it however.

Actually know a bit about this... they're owned and made by the same people that make Naked & Famous jeans. So basically you're getting N&F jeans at 1/2 the price.

Source: Got a denim guy

I doubt they are the same quality denim though.

I've seen posts about guys that make their own jeans to save money and he denim is still the most expensive part.

Was it made by paid adults?

These jeans are made in Macau

Yes for sure every brand has their own sizing but if you know what number Levi's you like most brands use the as a reference guide. The best way to ensure a fit that you like would be to measure your waist, your thigh, your knee and then the leg opening and then compare it to the size chart they have there. If you hop on over to the raw denim subreddit you can read about it way more in depth and ask questions that you might have. It's quite a bit to learn but it's a fun hobby because you can change so much stuff about a pair that you like and since they fade to your body and how it moves you get a really personal pair of jeans. All of my jeans have been replaced by raws now and it's really worth it.

I guarantee they hold a copyright for the words on the non-label label. Not sure if it's trademark-able or anything else, but this is their schtick to get you to buy their product over another. They're not going to let another brand use it. Saying you're not like other companies is the dating equivalent of "I'm not like other guys/girls." It's usually not true and it's a line to get you to go with them rather than someone else or another brand.

I own a used clothing store. You can absolutely tell the difference between most quality clothing and cheaper stuff. I can usually tell quality (higher priced) from average to low end just by feel. I get fooled now and then but it is rare.

They're made in Macau. So, China.

Here is a list of companies using prison/slave labor, if you're curious:


Unbranded jeans is pretty darn good selvedge denim for the money


bout tree fiddy i hate myself

The best way to ensure a fit that you like would be to measure your waist, your thigh, your knee and then the leg opening and then compare it to the size chart they have there.

Sorry, but terrible advice.

Take your best fitting jeans, and measure those. Don't ever measure your body.

IIRC, she doesn't predict those things - she does them herself, because she has a phobia of branding. She earns a living by having corporations show her slide decks of proposed logos and product lines. Whichever one gives her the most anxiety is the one that will be most successful in the market.

Those poor poor folks in Antarctica. Norway, Sweden, and Finland too.

Well you can't compare light weight denim in one brand to heavier denim in another and then complain the lighter ones don't last as long.

You just have to boil it first

Fantastic jeans, selvedge raw denim man! The price is steep but they will last you a very long time.

I guess something different than No Name, Colorado.

No, most store brands are what's known as private label.

A large manufacturer produces a product to meet the specifications of another company and slaps whatever brand they want on the label.

Here's a good lowdown on what selvedged means, and the difference from non-selvedged: https://www.mainlinemenswear.co.uk/blog/2016/raw-vs-selvedge-denim

Not a heck of a lot of clothes made in Uganda but OK

People should be paid a living wage but I hope you realize that doesn't mean $10+/hour in most places

I've been wearing mine for more than two years now. Fantastic pair of jeans

Yeah a lot, I feel like they put a bogus high price on the tag for those so people think they're saving a ton of money

Uniqlo tees are good for being like ten bucks

Is there a quote on the box like, "Waffles so good you won't want to 'let go' of them wink"?

FWIW, Unbranded is made in China (OK, Macau.... )