I drew Mathilda from Leon

I drew Mathilda from Leon
I drew Mathilda from Leon

Luc Besson’s wet dream

Fantastic work. You capture her essence without just staright up copying her face.

Great job!! Love the detail!

You know what would be awesome? If Natalie Portman made a sequel where she plays Mathilda as an adult. A super damaged, assassin adult.

And she was naked

Good. Doesn't need a sequel.

It was the plan, but apparently the rights are divided between the director and producer who don't get along.

Just watched that movie. Def the best thing Natalie Portman ever did. It's a classic. Great rendering BTW.

She confused so many back then...

Thank you so much!

Love this !!!!!

very good!

Better than the real thing. Portman was scraggly-looking in The Professional which was perfect since her parents were druggies.