I drew a Bell Gargoyle!

I drew a Bell Gargoyle!

I have no idea what a Bell Gargoyle is.

All I know is that is some sick artwork right there. I really like it.

The detailing and shading is magnificent!

Thank you! Bell Gargoyles are from Dark Souls!

Oh just you wait, gargoyles are cheese compared to the other duo boss you're gonna have to fight

I need to finish Dark Souls sometime. Played quite a bit of it, but haven't recently. Beat those Gargoyles though---- Those little sum'bitches were brutal. Playing it on PC with a Wii U pro controller.

Fucking Pikachu and Snorlax

At first I had no idea what you're talking about. Then I realized I have selective amnesia.

Awesome! I'm scared

Fucking Ren and Stimpy.

Accursed Biggie and Smalls.

I hate those things. Nice drawing.

Knight and the Round Table

Thank you! he's just a sweet guy in his tower dont let the halberd fool you

Damn Drake and Josh.

Just as soon as you figure out the attack pattern ANOTHER ONE JOINS AND FUCKS YOU UP! Bittersweet memories.

Man, all your dark souls stuff is so cool. Glad we have you to bring the game's beautiful creatures into art.

He is the walmart greeter.

It's a boss from Dark Souls.

Can I offer you constructive criticism? Don't let all the praise go to your head and keep trying to improve.

Your style is great, it looks really good however... you drawings lack character and depth. The unrealistic things are flat and the realistic things (human anatomy) is off and poses are awkward. I'd highly recommend less work on the higher detail and trying to go back and perfect the foundations of poses and shading.

Also, try to do less straight on work, and more "action poses". If you manage to do that you'll fly past majority of artists in terms of talent.

From OP's instagram

Especially when you haven't yet gotten gud and try to block and just get gangbanged and roasted in a corner

Here's my Instagram, if you wanna check it out!

O and S? Keep in mind a guy beat it with voice commands and also the rock band drums...

Undead Laurel and Hardy

Summon sunbro and jolly cooperate your zweihander up their buttholes

Beautiful, really well done and captures the inner greatness of the boss

It's from Dark Souls, (if you didn't know) and in the game you can actually chop the tail off in order to get it as a weapon.

Yea this boss fucked me so many times when I first played dark souls.

I bet halfway through drawing this you had to start drawing a second one at the same time. Great work!

Get back into it. Then when people say, "Man, the Belfry Gargoyles were so hard, does it get easier?" you can smugly smile and tell them about the Anor Londo archers or The Bed of Butthurt.

Ah, good ol' SUPER LONDO BROTHERS! How did the guide go again? Ah right...

233: Realize you have to fight both of them

234: Cry´╗┐

Thanks dude! One great thing that I didn't capture is the setting and atmosphere on that roof though. I think that played a big part in making this boss fight so cool

Welcome to Costco...I love you.

I've played all 3 games and when I first started the worst one for me was the Moonlight Butterfly. As a newbie into the series at the time that Butterfly could fuck off

God damn Pikachu and Snorlax.

Human mind can repress particularly traumatic memories.

That other duo boss is the only one I had to co-op to beat. I am so salty about that boss to the point that I absolutely despise it.

Pikachu: What's that pullin' up to the station?

Pikachu: Why it's none other than the mother fuckin' rape train.

Pikachu: And you know what they say about the mother fucking rape train...

Snorlax: It ain't got no brakes.

Ooh too slow!

Heavy rolls.. gross

True. I just summoned the ai and she did all the work.

Don't give up, skeleton!


Based on

I imagine quite some people consider this game art.

That's awesome.

Get yourself dark souls and discover your new purpose.

Ornstein and smough i think. Never have i felt so satisfied in my gaming abilities until i defeated them.

>summoning AI.

>summoning AI

Any Rockband controller.

Do a no-shield build. It'll kick the living shit out of you, but once you finish it, you will have become absurdly good at Souls.

TBH most bosses are easy as fuck once you know their move set

Honestly, the toughest was the 4 kings on NG+ (or beyond) they spawn so fast. O&S weren't as hard, IMO

And bed of butthurt was just stupid. Like, guaranteed 2+ deaths for me at that point; i just resigned every time and went: ok, one more.

If you've played DS3 and faced Aldrich, Devourer of Gods you'd know how much worse it gets. He has a move where an infinite stream of light arrows come from the sky. It's actually what I imagine the apocalypse to be like.

Wretched Arthur, King of the Bretons and Patsy

This guy Grass Crest Shields.

Now here's another greeter just in case I didn't greet you hard enough.

Do a strength build and grab a tower shield, upgrade it to +10. You're untouchable to physical damage.

Love it! Great work. Dark Souls 1 is the best.

It's frequently on sale, so I'm positive it will be in the Summer Sale. One of the best games I've ever played, I highly recommend it.

You NEED to finish Dark Souls, it's a masterpiece. I believe the bosses were made difficult intentionally, to make you hate them...but when you get to the end, everything seems to "fit together" and it's actually a very sad story ;c

I know that, and I also suck badly at these games. Been playing them pretty constantly for over a year now and I just figured out how to parry correctly. I also use unparryable weapons as much as possible to avoid parry kings.

Well of course you didn't capture the atmosphere, you did a character not a setting. It's nice as a character snapshot rather than a whole thing. Simplistic and clean

TIL that Bell Gargoyles have double-headed axe attachments on their tails.

shields are for pussies boi




Yeah I just let (I think it was a witch) shoot at her until it landed where I could get a couple hits off. It's so easy now after the rest of the game.

Orny and Smoo do lightning damage as well though.

Iron Mike Tarkus gets all the glory for being the best NPC summon, but Witch Beatrice I'd the real MVP.

Next time!

Just turn around and climb up the tower

She gets wrecked by The Four Kings though. We all know only gravity can kill Tarkus

I wish they would have brought back that mechanic in the sequels :(

Here's hoping dark souls 1 is on the steam summer sale. I'd love an excuse to play through it

Funny you say that, because OP has drawn that before.

Edit: Oh well some dude posted the instagram picture but imgur is much more convenient so I'll leave it up.

Funny you say that, because OP has .

Edit: Oh well some dude posted the instagram picture but imgur is much more convenient so I'll leave it up.


What're they gonna do, peel the skin off?

Best helmet in the game!

Definitely dude, I've never let the praise go to my head so I think I'm good on that. I'm going to art school in a month, gonna get into studying the fundamentals then. Oh and the poses thing, that's definitely something I need to work on, I have great difficulty with that. Thank you for the CC, I will take it to heart!

2H Zwei+5 and lightning resin is a great answer to early game bosses.

I summoned the witch by accident not knowing what was in store. Witch fucked that butterfly up.

It is kinda humorous that the dragon appears to be saying "I can't see shit with this visor".

from OP's instagram

Fucking failed this city

Keep trying! It's honestly in the top 5 hardest in the game for new players.

I'm not so sure about his friend without the wings though

Hey, this is the boss that I've been stuck on in Dark Souls for the past year! Seriously though, great work!