I don't want to alarm anyone... but Mjoll is itching for a fight.

I don't want to alarm anyone... but Mjoll is itching for a fight.

Some parts of this image look like a game, and others look like real life. My brain is confused.


Probably some photo-editing is what you're seeing

Puts on Amulet of Mara...


She also did Serana, by the looks of it. Neat stuff.

I marry Molj because she is an immortal tank. Every time I have to murder her stupid friend zone guy.

I find her sword she marries me

He saves her life and follows her around.

I murder him and stash his body in my basment while I fuck Mojl and fight dragons.

Alpha dragon born

UNP body

Verdant grass

Immersive armors/weapons

And some crazy 4k textures

Idk what ENB is it

She makes a more accurate Serena, by a mile. Might just be the armour but she looks too small to be Mjoll.

Either way I'm realizing I play too much to mistake a real picture of a person with a modded video game.

I've never seen Mjoll this upset about something. This city really gets to her.


Stop right there! It is SRDD - Secret Repost Detection Department. You have commited reposting against /sub/skyrim and her people. What do you say in your defence?

I hope you're prepared to deal with her clingy ex...

He didn't say that he doesn't know what an ENB is but that he doesn't know which ENB it could be.

Damn bro those are some fine ass mods. o-o



Damn bro those are some fine ass-mods. o o

You never should have come here!

Proper name for a married man.

Overdone depth of field and low resolution, maybe a console port.

character's name is still 'prisoner'

I'd "fight" her... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Oh lol my b, obviously I read that super wrong

ENB is like shaders or filters to make environments prettier

Also an Aela cosplay in there too.

I really hate seeing her with that doofus. I always wanna accidentally murder him.

I believe their referring to Aerin. The guy that follows Mjoll around like a lost puppy dog, even after you marry her.

You'll never take me alive!!

Yup her Serana looks much better.

You're going to spill your mead...

Wait, I know you...

I dealt with him alright. I'm not a member of The Dark Brotherhood for nothing.

Also gratuitous HDR - which I guess counts as photo editing, even though it's an automated process.

i have mjoll as a follower for this playthrough. i thought i would be just as sick of her as i was of "i am sworn to carry your burdens," but im not luckily.

It didn't help that the comment says 'idk what ENB is it' instead of 'idk what ENB it is'

But can she handle her mead?

She isn't big and nordic like Mjoll but she has made a nice cosplay of Serana. In any case, she is a good cosplayer

Somebody call up Gwendoline Christie

No matter who my character is, what they're doing or why I ALWAYS marry mjol... riften is a shithole and doesn't deserve such an awesome follower lol

Welcome to real life.

Seriously its a cosplay picture

Eh, I don't really see any body mods and that's just vanilla banded iron armor and a hunting bow.

Why are you downvoting this guy? He just miss understood the quistion

I've never seen Mjoll this upset before. The city really gets to her.


Don't you talk shit about riften! Only place with an acceptable climate and decent job opportunities

She needs a guy dressed as Aerin to constantly follow her around. Then it'll be perfect.

just like real life! so immersive!

He more just walks around with her than anything. They're close friends I believe.

I'm with the Guild.

Welcome to the Uncanny Valley! Edit: it's real!

This is cosplay... right?

Eh, doesn't bother me at all.

have you heard the good news? Skyrim can be modded!

For this particular problem I prescribe Relationship Dialogue Overhaul. Download, install, and call me in the morning!

You're making a mistake..

That's some fantastic cosplay right there! Where is this image from, please? :)

Because that is what downvoting is for. That is it's purpose.

Let me guess - someone stole your Grimsever.

Oh it is real! https://aprilgloriacosplay.deviantart.com