I don’t think we should

I don’t think we should

Beware of blep.

You should beware this dog. He will hold you up far too long with his adorable face and desire for pats that you’ll be late for whatever you were doing.

I think we should start making these signs say: be aware of the dog. Like don’t let him out and close the gate ya lazy ass.


The reason for these signs is to pass off legal liability if something bad ever does happen. If you own any dog you should have a sign like this prominently posted on your fence.

It's a trap!

Also, dogs can look cute when they're not scared. But if you open the gate or look suspicious then maybe something different happens.

or hell, just pet them wrong. some dogs are dumb.


German Shepards are highly intelligent. He's just blepping you into a false sense of security before he eats you.

No one would blame you in most cases.

most dogs can identity a threat vs non threat, except small dogs, they think everything is a threat.

Boop the snoot

My neighbor not next door neighbor who has two German Shepherds has a fence similar to this in their back yard but they don’t have the “beware of dog” sign. One day, another neighbor who apparently is an A hole threw stones at the dogs when everyone was at work. The dog owner had videos of this.The A hole kept throwing stones until dogs had enough of his shit and jumped across the fence and bit him. The owner called the homeowner insurance but the insurance said since this happened NOT on his property, he couldn’t hold them responsible. The A hole now took this to court. I’m just curious who should be responsible here and what would happen to those dogs.

They just dropped an A.

It should read "Be aware of the dog" so that you can pet it.

Aware of dog


Dog: "is bamboozle, only mlem, gib the boop pls"

Sorry I can't

Beware of doggies kisses?

Or smart. My mom’s GSD is perfectly happy to interact with strangers while they are on the outside of the fence, but stick a hand over and you have crossed into her territory - and she will act accordingly. Also depends on who is in the yard with her. A UPS driver who never had issues plopping packages over the fence almost got bit when he handed a package to me bc the dog was looking out for one of her humans. Growing up, our male GSD would get right in between me and other family members (bro/stepdad) or friends if he thought I was ‘in danger’. Never attacked, just planted himself firmly in harm’s way. People should take ‘Beware of Dog’ signs seriously. Respect the dog’s territory and the owner’s written warning. Ask if you can (or should) give the beast some loving.

That’s how I always interpreted the signs anyway (normally seen without the dog picture), to be aware there is a dog in the yard so don’t let it out.

Dammit, the Blep™ has my heart.

Fakest sign ever.

welfare bebop