I don’t care whether true or untrue. What I care about is how idiotic the Left is when you break down their thought processes. Consensual isn’t the same as rape.

I don’t care whether true or untrue. What I care about is how idiotic the Left is when you break down their thought processes. Consensual isn’t the same as rape.

Exactly. And Trump never sold himself as a saint.

Amen. I voted for him because I wanted a leader. Not an academic and not a saint.

Billionaires sleep with whomever they want, including the occasional model or porn star?!?!!

I'm totally shocked and astounded. I never thought beautiful famous women would be attracted to powerful wealthy men!

What is this, all of human history?

As we found out with the last president, soaring oratory doesn't do much to help the country. I prefer someone who can actually get things done that benefit all of us.

Monica was an Intern, Bill would have been her Boss

Workplace harassment never comes up

BREAKING: Billionaire playboy does billionaire playboy shit. Lol, surely this is the end of Drumph!!!

I can see where you're coming from, and agree it's wrong if he cheated on Melania. But these people live in distant universes compared to us. Their lives are not how we see our lives. Melania, as pretty and intelligent as she is, didn't marry Donald because he's a sweet loving guy making an average wage. She didn't marry some guy 24 years older than her because "love." He didn't marry her because of her personality, either. These people are not who we should look to, or should ever look to, for sexual morals. Anyone rich and famous and on television do not go by your average Joe sexual protocol, don't care how "good or bad" they are, they don't live like regular people. Therefore regular people should butt out and stop trying to make a case for frankly stuff that isn't their business to begin with. Unless it involves kids, of course.. no pedos.

IF IF IF IF IF IF IF IF. Soaring oratory my ass lol

Here’s the deal: there only allegations. Unproven allegations. Remember when candidate Roy Moore was screwed out of an election for allegations? Provide the evidence or it is baseless.

Most guys would have sex with a porn star if given the opportunity.

My sentence was gender nonspecific. What have I become? 😯

There's also the fact that BOTH players involved (Daniels / Trump) have stated that it's total hogwash.

Both players involved when Clinton sexually harassed a sub-ordinate (Clinton / Lewinsky) admitted to it. And there was a certain amount of lack of deniability with the Broadderick rape. There's a world of difference between the two, and comparing them isn't even in the ballpark of realistic.

I still hope it isn't true.

His soaring oratory was an affected bored cadence, low energy, and body language that communicated “I give less than zero fucks, I’m a celebrity now”.

Lol I’d have to add a fair amount of women wouldn’t turn it down either.

It's an old trick anyway. You have consensual sex first, and afterwards they want something from you and they can decide that it wasn't consensual after all. It's a special scam method. Just because they considered it consensual then doesn't mean they consider it consensual now. And the sad thing is, it works far too often. They can ruin your good name that way and withdraw money from you like you're an ATM, even though you did nothing wrong.

Dangerous games.

I guess I'm in the minority here.

Please report to your nearest re-education diversity camp.....shitlord...

LOL, I'm just being a sarcastic dick.

The Left thinks they've really got him with this one. I find the whole thing hilarious, and I wonder how many other supermodels and porn stars GEOTUS has under his belt.

Lol oops 🙊

To be fair a famous candidate who was a non drinker, didn't smoke, and a vegetarian, who also did not womanize, was Adolf Hitler. A guy really good at talking, with virtually no visible vices. If they haven't done at least one thing considered wrong, albeit mildly wrong then I'm very suspicious of them.

No problem, I even upvoted! I know how you feel, because I felt/still feel the same. However, I know their lives are nothing like mine. My life as the daily 7-7 grind, never going anywhere, seeing the world, experiencing stuff the rich and famous experience. The fact that these people can drink wine or eat steaks that cost more than my home, when I worked my whole life for what pittance I have and will have to keep working that way to keep it.. Their lives are embroiled in wealth, power, and fame, and all the pitfalls (for better or worse) that come with it.

I'm happily married over 12 years, and would never hurt my wife or cheat on her. However, I know that some pornstar isn't going to come knocking on my door in the middle of a two month dry spell, either. ;) I would be in some serious mental struggle and up shit creek without a paddle, if that happened.

You think they wouldn’t?


His personal life choices should not neccessarily represent how he will run the country. For example, I never once criticized Hussein or the rapist over their smoking of marijuana, because who cares? Is that going to effect the wars they start, or trade deals they create for our country? No. It's not a valid criticism. Hussein and rapey can smoke all the pot they want.

Spez: Immoral things are different from illegal things. Morality is a completely subjective endeavor and the same people saying trump is bad for not honoring his marriage vows, are the same people who will eat a helpless animal on their dinner plate due to the "natural order" of things.