i cant play ability draft any more

i cant play ability draft any more

Making AD default to turbo mode totally ruins what AD is. The whole fucking point is that you balance the pros and cons of certain builds. Yeah, this one build can nuke someone off the map in half a second, but it has literally no farming potential. Yeah, this other build has tons of amazing passives, but it's gonna take a lot of time and money to get it up and running and you'll be a gank magnet until then.

Now it's literally just a race to pick the most OP assassin builds because money is a given. So fucking dumb. No farming skills? Who gives a fuck. No escape skills or disables? Whatever, just buy them five minutes in.

I know, it's bullshit. RIP AD.

I like my AD to have a Turbo mode option but not actually destroying other peoples enjoyment

how does that fucking matter? i played a 16 min ability draft game, ended up level 21 with 4 end game items. thats not even REMOTELY what i want out of that game mode. i want a REGULAR DOTA GAME with drafted abilities on random heroes

congrats on officially being an outlier

amen, one of the fun challenges of ad has always been balancing "op" skills with the ability to actually advance in gold and exp or simply winning/not losing your lane


dunno what ad games you're playing.

Valve ruined it. It's literally ape mode now. Doesn't matter what you pick and strategy is pointless. Imagine ever saying that sentence about Dota, it doesn't matter what you pick and strategy is pointless. But that's where we at.