I can't believe I missed this as a kid

I can't believe I missed this as a kid

This was the first game I ever beat, it was on my ps2. I spent so much time looking for all the golden underwear.

Battle for Bikini Bottom is amazing. That fucking ball room though...

Forget the golden underwear, I never beat robot spongebob.

I always had my friend beat robot Patrick because I never saved and had to start the game over everytime. Got pretty good at beating robot Sandy though

To this day I have never been able to finish the Kelp Forest.


Wait, you beat the kelp forest? kneels please teach me your ways.

"I wanna play, I wanna play!"

"Patrick, we're not playing, we're FIGHTING FOR OUR LIVES!"

"I wanna play, I wanna play!"

I remember 100%ing this game on my GameCube and then beating it again in the interim times I was at my aunt's and was on her PS2. Good times.

That's the great thing about 90's cartoons. Marketed for kids with jokes adults will find humorous.

Go back and watch a few episodes of Animaniacs and you'll find a ton of stuff you didn't realize when you were a kid.

You must be mashing that X button



Everybody hates Kelp Forest!

I still wonder how the fuck all those kids got everywhere.

It took me 2 hours...

Sandy's dream was weird as fuck