I can relate to this,Can anyone else!?

I can relate to this,Can anyone else!?

I'll remember you always, GoBallsDeep6969.

Me in playing MMORPGS in 2007 in the 6th grade

I had a mentally declared mentor named Killa Romeo. He was just random guy in the crafting guild that I called out for help and he assisted me with turning my uncut gems into jewelry. Getting into that crafting guild was a nice feeling of honor, getting to where he was.

Years later he signed in one day, I was far past him. We talked for a bit, he got addicted to drugs and wasn't doing too hot. He never signed back in after that.

Happens often, especially in PUBG where you might find that one cool random.

I still remember the usernames of some of runescape buddies, particularly the girls

you reddit adults need to leave the house once in a while

Hello darkness my old friend...

I played BO2 zombies with some random when the game came out. We started with a full lobby (4 players) and as the rounds progressed each random kept quitting because they went down and were out of reach. At about round 26 it was just me and him. Things started to get difficult when we ran out of ammo. At that point we depended on our map awareness and slick manuevers to avoid the zombies. We didn’t have a mic so we couldn’t strategize but we were both team players so it was like our minds were synced. We lucked out with a nuke drop which gave us time to buy a wall weapon. At about round 28 he went down. I was running the game and highly motivated to revive him. Even though he had no bullets left, i wasn’t gonna let him die.

My adrenaline was pumping, my heart was beating out of control and i couldnt keep my hands from sweating which made the controller slip time to time. I popped a zombie and he dropped a Fire Sale so i went for the box and ran a circle waiting for a good gun to show up. When i completed the circle, there it was! Monkeys! I tossed one of them bad boys and went straight to revive him. Any other player would have kept hitting the box but i wanted to revive him so he could have a shot too. I tossed another one to give him time get the box but he went for a wall ammo resupply instead. By the time he came back to try and hit the box the monkeys had already detonated. He stuck by me because he had an MP5 but it wasn’t doing much at that high round. I used the last monkey so i could buy the MP5 off the wall since i was running on fumes. We both stood side by side and opened fire at the crowd. One of then dropped a nuke but the zombies were in the way. I ran straight ahead willing to risk it. I went down and hoped that my partner could stay alive until i crawled to the nuke. With each crawl i got more nervous hoping he didn’t quit or go down. I got the nuke and enjoyed the sight of all the zombies head popping finishing the round. He then came sprinting and revived me. He shook his gun up and down which i took as a sign of “good job” We then looked at each other knowing damn well we werent gonna make it past 29. So we sprinted to a corner and waited for the zombies to come. He followed me and stood crouched in front of me as a shield. The round started and the zombies came. We went out... but we went out with a bang.

One of the best games of zombies i ever had with a random. After the game i expected a message or friend request. I told myself “i’ll give him 2-3 minutes if not i’ll send it. There i was waiting on the lobby but then he left. No message, no request. My heart sunk. I tried to look him up on recently played players but he wasn’t there for some reason. I had thought we had this special bond but to him i was just another random he survived with.

Man, Sometimes it happens that I haven't added that player and he goes offline and I think of sending him a request but I can't find him since his username was gibberish!

Every single time.

Dave? Is that you?

Me with Cod 4 Year’s ago

In Rocket League on Steam, you just check out the "Recent Players" section. I want that for PUBG.

You gotta shoot out that friend request as soon as you know they're the type of person you like to roll with. They're already better to play with than 95% of the people you encounter and are pretty likely to accept the request if things are going well