I called out "suicide" on Dust 2...

I called out "suicide" on Dust 2...

13 btw HaHAHA

really though, turn siri off when you play. Chicken coop seems to really make him talk to me ingame

who cares about MM rank honestly?

3 ranks in 3 days n1



very funny i am in tears

Wow calm down

the gn2 is from a demo review on which i was playing on one of my alt accounts which was 2 ranks below my main, which was gn4. i then ranked up my gn4 main to mg1 yesterday.

OP's source of saying "GN2" is from the demo review post on /sub/csgocritic on which i played on my alt account. i have a bunch of accounts of varying nova ranks and the highest is gn4 and lowest gn2, with the highest again recently being ranked up to mg1.

tldr gn2 is the rank of my alt not my main, which went from gn4 to mg1

if proof is wanted i could give some but not sure how

haha so funny n1 man