I bet you say that to all the girls..

I bet you say that to all the girls..

Leslie's love of waffles was such a great part of the show.

I really loved how Ron made Leslie and Ben's wedding rings using a waffle maker, too. So appropriate.

The actor who played JJ was great, too.

At $3 a waffle that'd be 334 waffles or more accurately 1 waffle a day 91.51% of the time (rounded up)

3 bucks a waffle? You need a new waffle guy

You’re paying way too much for waffles, man. Who’s your waffle guy?

He went to the Pawnee in the sky

He died :(

He's up there right now serving waffles to Little Sebastian

Looks like Creed is playing hooky from /sub/dundermifflin today.

You’re my favorite customer.

Breakfast food is the King of foods. Also whiskey.

$1000 / 365 days = ~ $2.74 a day

If Leslie is spending $2.74 on waffles a day, that's a GREAT DEAL on waffles!!!

It’s kinda crazy how a show was able to create basically a real-fake idol. Like, I know it’s all part of the show, but my belief system now includes lil Sebastian because of how believable wholesome the characters made it.

It’s the equivalent of actually wishing a Star Wars character like obiwan to be in actual heaven.

Hi doggy

The one year he chooses to blow off work...

I liked how Leslie and Ron were completely opposite people and always were able to agree on their love for breakfast food.

I don't get it. At all.

Why would anybody ever eat anything besides breakfast food?

Any diner around me is like $5-7 for a waffle :(

"I worried what you just heard was 'give me a lot of bacon and eggs.' What I said was, 'give me all. the bacon and eggs. you have. Do you understand?"

1 waffle a day? That's chump change for someone as into waffles as Leslie.

People are idiots.

It's kind of a small horse

Draw me a map, mama.

Over $1000. Probably under $1500 though because JJ would have just said that instead.

Anything for my princess

It's true.

That's 1.37 waffles a day

Leslie’s face in the last panel is me on a daily basis

What about $2 a waffle

I mean that's only $3 a day. People don't realize JUST how much of their money actually goes to food.

Half-mast is too high...show some damned respect.

Oh* hi doggy

Per waffle!! $5-7 seems reasonable for waffles

Hmmm I was estimating much higher. A waffle breakfast (granted that’s different than just plain waffles) is anywhere from $7-13 roughly where I live so if we estimate she spends $10 each time she orders waffles (which sounds reasonable to me) then she’s only getting 100 waffle meals a year.

Therefore I’ve decided to go with your estimation because I like the thought of Leslie getting waffles every day rather than just twice a week.

Here you go, keep the change.

Lol this is pretty funny reading from nyc. Most waffles at a diner would cost anywhere between 10 and 20 dollars

Are you from Eagleton? Cost of living is way lower in Pawnee

$1500 / 365 days = ~ $4.11 a day

Still a good deal, but now I wouldn't come back every day...

What is this, a crossover episode?

But kind of a big deal

Calc-you later

I love how they have this same dialogue twice throughout the show.

He did say OVER $1,000

It was definitely intentionally written that way. They were so different yet it was 100% believable that they were so close because of things like their shared love of waffles.

So how's your sex life?

Oh hai* doggy

1.83 waffles a day

Waffle House (a pretty much fast food version of dinner) lists waffles at $3.15 per. So I think its a fair estimate.

Also she usually at MINIMUM has whipped cream with it. In the restaurant it usually shows her with 1 waffle, outside (like at hospital or when Ann brings her some) she will have more than one, suggesting maybe she orders 1 at a time at the restaurant.

He's with Lil Sebastian now

Depends on the waffle/ waffles i guess. They usually look like big ass belgian waffles covered in whipped cream. These aren’t IHOP waffles, he has to stay in business. Lol

That's meeeeee

You say that as if whiskey isn't a breakfast food. Wait, is whiskey not a breakfast food? This explains so much...

they're both hard workers, only Ron is motivated to work by his beliefs, and Leslie by making people happy

It's the knowing nods the two give each other after that exchange that seals the quote for me!

How much could a waffle cost? 10 dollars?

Going out to eat is almost always more expensive than cooking yourself

Unless that was all during one visit and she only went there one day that year and spent $1000 on a single waffle.

What kind of monster doesn't love waffles though? Sure I wouldn't spend over $1000 on it, but I think all of us love waffles

Roughly $4.44 a waffle

He was only 56! :(

if heaven doesn't have obi-wan kenobi and lil sebastian why even go

What about $1.50 a waffle?

I agree except I'd say Leslie was equally motivated by her beliefs


Ted! Get in here!

OMG I'm just now realizing the relevance of the waffle iron being the smelter...I've seen that episode three times, and it took you mentioning it for it to stand out to me...

Thank you for this!

Idk seems about right to me. She's not eating at JJ's everyday. So when you think about it like that she's eating a lot of waffles when she goes there.

But he’s a sith

If his parents see this, he is toast.

Is there a price to get this to be 225 waffles/yr?

As a broke student, $3 is about the equivalent of my food budget per day for the last two weeks. Food really is expensive though

1000 dollars over a year is a little more than my budget for coffee but for a much cheaper commodity. Its not that hard to believe

No, but out of context that sounds really creepy.

Time to expose Ann’s double life

WHAT?! 1000!?

Well he said waffles alone and I'm making the assumption that he's speaking of just waffles and not any other food she may order at breakfast, including her drink.

I don’t think I’ve ever been insulted worse! I’ve lived my whole life here and will get my birth certificate to prove it!

Or ... maybe avoid threads for shows you haven’t finished watching? Just a thought.

Upvoting the username

yes, that look in the kid's eye: fear, respect, admiration.

you know, thats gets funnier every time you say it

But with the dialogue reversed

Of course, but I said the effort of cooking, laziness is expensive.

Are you serious? The show ended several years ago.

Well, pretty much every time you see waffles on screen, they're about 4-6 waffles high. So at about twice a week every week and once a week every once in a while, that works out to about $1000 dollars



Neat. Thanks!

Been there. Scrambled egg sandwiches were life, you could make like a dozen on $5.

half mast is too damn high

and there's entirely a good chance that she buys a lot of waffles for friends, events, etc that it's not just HER waffles that she's bought. one waffle party that she has could have been $200 or something in waffle takeout (I highly doubt JJ's has a catering arm)

If jarjar was able to become a jedi ghost like the rest

Whiskey is an anytime food.

Only because he sought redemption in his last moments. Jar Jar never felt remorse and therefore never sought repentance.

Haha what.

So you come to a Parks and Rec meme subreddit and get riled up when you come across spoilers?

Meanwhile, Rule 1 of this sub appears to be "Please Be Civil", something you're unfortunately struggling wtih.

For the hookers and blow.