[I ate] Lego Wedding Cake

[I ate] Lego Wedding Cake

If this was /sub/lego there would be many people bothered by the round tiers being "legoized" because those pieces don't actually exist. Illegal connections are nothing to joke about.

Does eating Lego hurt more than stepping on it?

The fondant hate crew will be arriving shortly.


Do you know how you know someone hates fondant? Don't worry, they'll tell you.

Impossible. Nothing hurts more than stepping on Lego.

hehe no, not my wedding. I am a wedding singer and this was a unique one! Everything was lego themed - I had to sing 'everything is awesome' for the first dance.. I don't remember eating a specific lego guy so not sure about those parts.. it was all cut up when I had a piece

I was trying to read Legoislit for a solid minute there...

Yes, there are many curved pieces see this link but the studs are always in straight lines, the studs don't curve. So the overall shape is possible but the studs are out of whack.

I think the more likely answer is they were just weird lego fanatics.

Really? With all the crazy pieces now in those kits Lego doesn't do curved pieces?

Yeah, I feel like one them must have been involved in the movie or worked for lego in some capacity. I sang 'everything is awesome' for the first dance.

Wow. Are the legos on the cake edible? I know the crane isn't. And congratulations!(?) Your wedding?

That's weirdly interesting. Like the bride and groom had a really close connection with Legos?

And no one has EVER overdosed from Legos.

It's only when irresponsible children leaves their legos around when people get hurt.

Well Lego is pretty lit

Similar to an Ironman in Runescape.


I'm an Ironman.

I wouldnt wish that on my worst enemy.

woah, you are supposed to wait till they finish construction being on a construction site like that is not safe.

Can confirm, am weird lego fanatic.

Would do this.

Eating fondant might be the only thing worse than eating a lego.

They would be more bothered by the people saying LEGOs for the plural of LEGO

What's so bad about... OH SHIT.

Did it sit like a brick in your belly?

This goes against the geneva convention.

Good quality/homemade fondant tastes like marshmallows. Not as good as my favorite frostings IMO (coughcoughCREAMCHEESEcough) but not as bad as the usual sugary Play-Doh.

Im subscribed to /sub/lego and it took me a bit to realize this was from /sub/food.

"12x12 with an outside bow"

Looks pretty close

And vegans, frat guys, aerospace majors, etc.

Do some people actually like it?

haaa... yeah pretty much

I'll take the nails

Reporting for duty.

Very, very good fondant isn't bad to eat. Most fondant is bad, and few like it.

Yeah but that piece had missing studs where fitting the curve would allow for illegal connections.

This cake has those studs filled in.

Join us at /sub/fondanthate

If something is 50% fondant, I object to it being called a "cake". It's more like a candy sculpture with a little bit of cake-like filling.

isn't bad

Is that good enough?



Why do you keep saying illegal as though it matters

You know you don't have to eat the cake every Saturday, right?

The bacon roll, on the other hand, is mandatory.


Weeeeell, thats like a bed of nails..

I'll give wedding cakes a pass, they're mostly for show and this cake is a good show

Can confirm, came here to inform you that fondant is horrid and food made with it is shit.

Dental plan!

Imagine stepping on that cake...

Not if you want to enjoy it.

The lego minifigures are plastic, but the bricks look like they're just colored fondant or something like that.

Source: I zoomed in.

Oh it does matter though. It's deemed "illegal" because building sets like that would damage the pieces. For example those curved pieces would actually be rectangular pieces that someone bent and ruined. There are other building techniques that are illegal because of how they weaken the set. There are certain things that even LEGO themselves will not allow to be done in a set, because it would be damaged. Here's a PDF of all the no no's of lego building

When children grow up and remain children.


I'm not fond of fondant, but I think this baker used it right and didn't go overboard with the ratio... many cakes you see just look like a playdough abomination... this is actually awesome :D

LegOSHA here.

Did you get approval to use a K-Nex crane for a lego construction project?

It's illegal to do so in most districts, thanks to the damn unions. They started getting tired of outsourcing construction equipment to K-Nex just to cut costs.

Its like damn WE KNOW knex pieces make better cranes, but we legos also have families to feed, ya know?

No. That's cool. Borderline illegal though.

They do, but not in that manner. The most you'd probably be able to find is a curve to 90 degrees, and to do such wide tiers you'd need curves of smaller degrees. Either that or the sides of each tier would be straight.

Someone has never been to a country that uses three pin plugs. Lego is child's play in comparison.

Wait, people actually like fondant?

Do not even dare to use those words! Maybe megablocks but not Lego.

Gonna need one hell of a dental plan to fix that damage.

Butter cream master race, cream cheese is a specialty frosting.

Crossfitters and people who played in vanilla.

I asked for extra fries, dammit

It's a silent "s" like in the word "yous"

My father in law read something awesome about how marriage is like legos at our rehearsal dinner. Really wish I had a copy.

The original circlejerk.

I am subbed to /sub/chokinghazard

But nobody writes "yous"

So when you say "illegal" whats the punishment? being thrown in a jail made of legos?

Go for it! My friends did a lego themed wedding last year. I made them a lego themed wedding cake and a lego superhero themed grooms cake. http://imgur.com/gallery/7PwGw It was awesome!

Totally not a professional as is evident by the pictures but they loved it and more importantly it was free since they had a really low budget wedding. They had custom heads printed for the topper but all the minifigs around the layers and the pieces around the base are molded chocolate.

Have to agree, but each to their own I guess. Personally the idea of my hobbies bleeding into my wedding does not appeal in any way. You could argue that it's immature, but to me it's just too self-indulgent. You might think the wedding day is all about you, but in my opinion it's not. It's your wife (obvs), but also your family. I have an irrational and all-consuming love of the movie Aliens, but I'd stop short of integrating a M41A Pulse Rifle into our wedding cake. Although, come to think of it, that would have been awesome.

His dad must really like fondant and hate people who dislike it.

Can also confirm, am weird Lego fanatic and now want to do a smaller version of this cake for my birthday. I can eat around the fondant.

And he shit bricks afterward.

I do weddings every Saturday. Therefore I eat wedding cake and a bacon roll every Saturday as my dinner, so not a fan of either anymore...

This place is like a fucking prison on planet bullshit!

Have you seen http://www.brickbending.com/


Yes the "federal block investigators"

What did he said?!

No, no, I positively love it when sugar is added to play-doh.


Always too late Marcus. You belong in /sub/outoftheloop

That crane is out of Legos.

Source: I have that exact crane set built on the other side of the room.

It is so good that you would shit bricks.

These seems like a choking hazard

It was a link to a gif of a wrestler throwing another on a pile of legos.

The poor guy howled in pain.

I don't see why it was deleted, there was nothing bad in it.

Hey mods, would please you explain why?

Yea, fondant sucks and bakers really need to lay off of it. "Oh wow you made a gorgeous cake out of something no one wants to eat". Is it really that impressive that they made a cake look so nice when it's been done with fondant? Because it's not much better than just making one with, well let's say Legos for this example

Dental plan!

My sister had a cake almost identical to this but smaller. The legos were fondant that were pressed into moulds to shape. The fondant is made with powdered sugar and marshmallows heated and kneaded. I think it tastes awesome but a lot of people think it's kind of chalky tasting.

True, but notice that round pieces are quarter, half or whole circles. Some parts on the cake show much smaller ones. Illegal!!