[I ate] Koi shaped mango pudding

[I ate] Koi shaped mango pudding

It would be nice to see a gif of it jiggling

Unfortunately, I couldn't take a picture before someone jammed a spoon in

Edit: Dang, I didn't expect this to get so popular. I had this at Hung Xing Seafood Restaurant in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia, as part of their Chinese New Year set. You can probably find this in most Chinese restaurants, though, at least around cny.

Mmmmm, I love my desserts to be shaped like fish. It's almost a requirement.

That's what she said.

The cutlery drawer.

Personally, I won't touch a dessert unless it is shaped like King Kong climbing the Eiffel Tower.

That's what he said?

About her

Who the hell would eat a dessert shaped like King Kong climbing the empire stage building though?

And look at the spoon's placement. I imagine this pudding has a flan-like consistency and should be attacked from the top down rather than scooping from the bottom like that, disrespectful spoon usage imo

Well hell, obviously.

Touch tha fishy?

To Her Face

King Kong climbed the Empire State building though?

No he means the person who jammed the spoon

where from?

On her face.

They were trying to slit it's gills to kill it humanely whilst preserving the taste, obviously.


Found it.

Okie... Touch tha fishy?


As a Chinese American I am surprised this got so many upvotes. This can be found in Chinese restaurants here in California. Not as universal as a fortune cookie but if you look you'll find it. I wonder what other mundane aspects of my life are potential reddit karma bombs.

No it isn't.. Being condescending about not getting a joke while you're not getting a joke. Congratulations. He was asking where the food was from.

Off her face. Duh.

I prefer mango shaped Koi pudding, but to each their own.

Ok I touch da fishy.

Did you just have a stroke?

omg imma fucking drown u


Where can I find this?

Did they flap the spoon around so it looked like the fish was swimming?

Godless heathens

I would like my fish to be shaped like desserts as well. I really wish apple pie-shaped salmon exists.


Nothing personnel, fish

"That Bill is remarkably fat and flubby. Would love to see a gif of it jiggling."

Bill glances warily at the group of girls, sighs, and gyrates his bulge






Oh shit didn't even see what the fuck I wrote, autocorrect has its ways with me lmaoo

Where can I go to have this

Edit: Where I'm an I go to have this

Hong Kong Lounge in San Francisco.

Here's how you make it.

In front of her salad.


Is it from Hong Kong?

Hot Karp

Now I want to know what he said :(

It had nothing to do with the employees. It was the chef's doing.

Ikr. I'm looking at it and thinking i should have posted all my common novety stupid food designs that doesnt taste nice irl

Nothing gets past this guy


Oh my god, you can't just call someone a spoon jammer...

whoosh whoosh

You'll want to sous vide a koi for at least 4 days- around day 3 it will start to turn yellow and caramelize into a delicious pudding.

Ah, the old Reddit find-a-roo.

Ah, the old Reddit

Not bad



That's...my...joke, dammit Dwight!

"Pinko commie rag"

Pour the mixture into a mould, let it set. Very simple.

On FaceTime.