[I Ate] Cheez-Its and Beef Jerky

[I Ate] Cheez-Its and Beef Jerky

A true pinnacle of the culinary arts

Found the college student.

It's quite simple, really. The best dishes are.

I first unseal the pouch which contains the dried meat, with gusto. The box container of Cheez-Its had been opened on a prior occasion and thus allowed the crackers to breathe prior to consumption.

I meticulously poured the Cheeze-Its into a small bowl. To complete the plating of the snack I delicately removed a strip of dried meat from the pouch and placed the jerky with forceps to maximize the visual appeal. As you may already know, food is eaten with the mouth, but also the eyes.

Jerky is too expensive.

Indeed, only for the consummate gourmand.

call me gord on ram see😩👌

I just bought cheez-it's today, and I was so close to buying jerky too. I totally should have

Brain food, my good man.

You gotta' treat yo'self

May I suggest two possible brands for your epicurean pleasure:

Pacific Gold - Original Beef Jerky Golden Island - Korean BBQ Pork Jerky

Uhh... Are you going to post the recipe??

Gāřd øñ ŕāmßěê

OP has evolved beyond the threshold of Ramen, into the resplendent halls of jerky