I am untethered and my rage knows no bounds.

I am untethered and my rage knows no bounds.

I looked up the story and the family didn't drop Zuzu (the dog) off at the shelter, but rather let the her run away because she had become too sad when her dad died. Zuzu just happened to be at the shelter where they went to get a replacement dog. The family told this to the shelter staff and said they would not be taking Zuzu back. Zuzu has since been adopted by a different family and is doing well.

Thank GOD. I’m up voting you so other people are less sad

Edit: I’m not relieved but still slightly less worse than I thought

That's disgusting! If that shelter let them take a different dog, then they deserve some hate too.

What kind of scumbag lets a dog run away?

Someone like that shouldn't be allowed to get a dog.

This gets reposted once in a while.

There are plenty of reasons why a dog wouldn’t be a good fit in a home - maybe it turns out that dog isn’t good with small kids? Maybe it didn’t get along with the family cat?

The shelter is smart for taking the dog back instead of forcing the people to keep a dog that wasn’t a fit. It’s totally reasonable that one dog is a good fit for a family while another is not and a reputable shelter wants to make those matches.

Fuck, now I need to be wise and open minded about this shit instead of blindly hate random people over a headline.

My thoughts, too. What’s to say they won’t let the next one run away, too? If you’re not willing to make he commitment to take care of a dog, you just shouldn’t be given a dog

I blasted my cousin and his wife on facebook recently because they posted about having to find a new home for their dogs. They ended up taking the dogs to the shelter.

Then 3 days later they were posting pics of their new dog. When I called them out their excuse was "The dogs were too big, and too rowdy to have in the house so they live in the back yard. We needed a smaller dog we could have in the house."

I pretty much cut them out of my life, luckily they live in Fresno so it wasn't hard to cut them out.

So worse than bringing it to a shelter.


Except they didn’t take the dog back. The family let the dog run away. The shelter took it in since that’s what a shelter is for. It’s one thing if the family dropped the dog off but they didn’t. They showed neglect by just letting the dog run away. They shouldn’t be allowed to own another dog if they went in there and said that they let the dog run away instead of just taking the dog to the shelter. That’s just a shitty thing to do

I personally don't believe there is any excuse to get rid of an animal that you promised to take care of for life.

That's great for you. But in the real world if your dog is dragging your cat around the kitchen by its head, maybe it's time for a new dog. If you tried your best to make it work and it's not happening bring it back.

Wait, wait, wait... Hold your outrage. The dog could have been aggressive to their child, escape their backyard or they may not have the space or time for the energy of the breed. We don't know til its sourced.

That's not a terrible excuse, the dog deserves to be adopted by someone who can actually take care of it

Here's the rest of the story.

Returning a dog to the shelter is not shameful. The employees at the shelter probably told them to bring him back if it's not working out. There are lots of reasons why you'd return a dog: biting, excessive barking, tripping elderly parents, attacking other pets in the house, general destruction of the household.

It's important to find a dog that's a good fit for your family. A bad fit leads to neglect. Sad dog will find the right owners and become a happy dog again.

There's a special place in hell for these people

/sub/fuckthesepeople seriously.

Found the original tweet

At least they didn't just take the dog out to the woods/reservation/abandoned area.

I remember living by a reservation and people would just dump dogs to fend for themselves.