I am enjoying my time with the game. Go ahead and downvote me to oblivion.

I am enjoying my time with the game. Go ahead and downvote me to oblivion.

I'm sure everyone in revolt would be enjoying the game as well. We're advocating against P2W microtransactions and lootboxes. Not the gameplay.

So take my upvote. Rebel scum.

It doesn't make much sense to downvote someone for enjoying the game. It's actually a super fun game to play and I applaud DICE for that at least. Outside of the core game play pretty much everything sucks balls but I'm glad you're enjoying it.

This. I had fun with the gameplay in Beta. It's the publisher I'm against.

Developer - 1 Publisher - -666k

Go ahead and downvote me to oblivion

You sound like you want to be downvoted, or cause controversy. Most of us want this game to be good, we want you/us/everyone to enjoy this game, we just disapprove of the scummy monetization that has replaced the level progression system.

Please stop trying to make controversial posts.

Hey thanks! I appreciate the well thought out comment.

Edit. Not being sarcastic, I actually appreciate it.

Other than the lootbox/progression clown fiesta this game is fucking incredible man, I don't see anybody dispute that.

Its fun right!?

I really want to enjoy the game. Hell, I am so tempted to repurchase it. But I just can't. This scummy stuff is too fucked up for me to abide.

I upvoted him and downvoted you. What cha gonna do???

Good for you. But theres a diff between grind and greed. The multiplayer unlock system bf2 has is a form of greed and the gamers who arent buying this game knows it.

This game is not bad at all.Actually i am very fond of the gameplay. Just most people are protesting MTX and bad progression system that is all.

I enjoyed two matches of the strike playlist before work. Excited to get home and play some more. The game is fucking gorgeous on ps4 pro with hdr

downvote me


The gameplay itself is great so I think it'd be silly to be downvoted for enjoying it.