I am ashamed to say I have done this more than once

I am ashamed to say I have done this more than once

hey its me ur hot food

Not a bad idea, I recall our mouths can take exposure to much higher temperatures

I grip it with my teeth and let it cool down a little more before letting it touch my tongue or lips.

I do the same and I gently blow, in and out.

Probably thanks to saliva. Not that I'm gonna even bother to google it.

actually its more from heat dissipation more than anything. your mouth can safely dissipate the heat faster than your fingers because of stuff like saliva, breath, high circulation, ect ect.

no your tongue and gums heal from the burn faster than your skin will. your skin will just blister, whereas your mouth will hurt for a while but not for long.

How much teeth do you like with your blow jobs?

I think that's a Kyle Kinane bit.

Paraphrasing: "Ow, this is burning my flesh! Quick, put it in my mouth! That's not a recipe for survival."


Ec tecera

Then u get it pop into your throat and enjoy the burning/chocking sensation everyone loves

It's fine, just do the reverse blow thing while it's in your mouth

Lots. And you should make it like a desert in your mouth. Guys love it when it's like a desert in your mouth.


Misread uvula as vulva. Confused and aroused.

You got to keep up on Reddit meme culture.

When I started, "Le", "gem", and "good sir" were all acceptable phrases.

They come and they go, and when they go, they go with a vengeance.

Unless you get cavalier with a hot pocket and it shoots hot, cheesy napalm onto your uvula.

Though it does squat to help when you put a marshmallow in your mouth that you failed to fully put out. Trust me, terrible idea.

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We've all done that more than once.

Extra terrestrial

You sucking?

Can't be worse than a deep fried pizza roll. That shit is fucking napalm consistency of a marshmallow but the heat capacity of basically god damn cast iron.


Yesterday I had some fried chicken that was slightly too hot for my fingers, but had zero issues in my mouth. Body is weird yo.

Oh hi Elli Kemper

If only I had gold to give you

Edit: Why the downvotes? I thought the comment was hilarious and was just trying to pat him on the back. Relax, people

2012 WAS a long time ago, though.

So... super spicy food is a masochistic fetish? Pain and pleasure mixed to the point of addiction?


That's hot

"That's not how you.... stick around."

Extra testicle

so you mean you had a molten hot marshmallow stuck to the roof of your mouth! :O

I remember learning in school that the endorphin release we get from eating food is high enough to overpower the pain receptors in our body, so we stick hot food in our mouths and burn our tongues since it feels better than burning our hands

Literally every single time I eat mozzarella sticks...