I also like to watch my Cims travel to work sometimes.

I also like to watch my Cims travel to work sometimes.

Because sometimes the best way, isn't the shortest way.

Or the best way.

It's probably worth noting that, while his destination didn't change, he decided to sell his house 3 or 4 times while on the way to work. I have no idea where he lives now.

Well, maybe if you would stop stalking him he wouldn't have to keep making elaborate trips to work to try to throw you off?

He's moved 4 times. It's time to take a hint.

At a guess: The walk from his house to the landfill is longer than preferred. So he walks to the nearest bus stop. The madness ensues from there.

#CreepyMayor #TaxEvasion

Can't a citizen pick up his favourite doughnut on the way to work without being spied on

Playing the property game hard I see.

This guy is cheating on his wife. There is no other reason on why you would go to the otherside of town before going to work.

Maybe Winston just really likes riding the train.


highly educated

"Why are you 8 hours late to work again?"

"Traffic man. Traffic."

Well ideally the % chance of owning a car should rely on the quality and availability of public transport. Or something like that. So if there is no public transport it should be close to 100%, and if there's lots of public transport it should be close to 0%. Extra stuff to code, but doesn't seem that difficult to implement.

The "walk limit" is a hard limit which the cim will never break. If there wasn't a bus stop nearby Mr Greenaw would just sit at home and twiddle his thumbs. You can notice this in the Proper Hardness mod since workers have to reach work in that mod. It's a major flaw in the game IMO, together with cims not really picking between public transport and driving. A set percentage of them own a car (around 25%), the people you see on public transport are the remainder who don't own a car.

Working as Intended. Realism in action. /s

This is actually pretty similar to my daily commute at a previous job. I had about an hour and a half commute by public transportation to work. When I later decided to take the car to work every day, I was able to cut the time down to about 15 minutes. It was a lot more expensive, especially with the road tolls, but it saved me over two hours per workday.

That said, this is probably, as /u/Al__S mentioned due to the AI logic telling Mr Greenaw that the bus stop is within his comfortable walking distance whereas his workplace is not. I do agree that it looks odd though. Perhaps Mr Greenaw should reconsider his choices in life?

landfill worker

It probably would have, but I didn't have a bike at the time, and biking in Sweden during wintertime is not exactly how I'd like to spend an hour every day.

Besides, I'm a computer geek. Exercise is not one of my favorite things in the world. ;)

"Sorry I was late again, boss. I missed 3 of my connections"

Or bagel

How trashy of him.

The real estate market is so hot right now.

Or clown

Or he has other shit to do in other parts of town before he goes to work. I don't know.

or perform some sort of satanic ritual

That's possible. A Landfill worker would be civil service. Here in NY civil service workers get Full state pensions and the best health insurance you can get.

More like 8 weeks.

Wouldn't a bike instead of you car still save you about an hour compared to public transportation?

"Don't you live just a few blocks away though Greenaw?" "Oh, yeah I do but I have these bus and metro year long tickets that I got for a great deal. Don't want to let em go to waste, right?"

We can only speculate, but I would be willing to bet that they tried many different set ups and determined that the current method was the most playable algorithm. The complexity of tinkering with hundreds of different but linked variables creates an endless amount of results that likely consisted of a lot of game breaking or ridiculous situations. For instance, imagine if they did implement your suggestion and with 0 public transport 90% of cims used vehicles, and with 20 (not sure what unit to use here lol) public transport 75% of cims used vehicles. A potential problem with this setup is what happens when you have poorly placed public transportation that is outside of the maximum walking distance of the amount of cims which will now no longer have vehicles? A gap begins to form and this problem requires the game to use an alternative calculation to the amount of cims that use public transportation instead of personal vehicles, an amount dependent on the walking distance of cims to public transportation. This method complicates the game by increasing the required frequent calculations and must update with every single manipulation of transportation infrastructure. This could not only slow down the game but also create a new array of issues. Simplicity is always ideal when you already have a very complex simulation.

Busy day today

7:30am - Leave home, walk to bus stop

8:10am - Arrive at train station, meet up with Charlie, make exchange

8:20am - Train departs

8:45am - Walk north over highway, drop package B onto moving truck as instructed

9:10am - Pick up package from bin by bus stop, get on bus

9:30am - Get off bus, walk to work, drop package into ocean on the way

9:45am - Arrive at work, deny everything

A set percentage of them own a car (around 25%), the people you see on public transport are the remainder who don't own a car.

How would you do it? Seems pretty reasonable to me.

I just want to see the brown dong

Do bike tires with iron spikes exist?


IT HAS THE POWER TO DESTROY AND CREATE FROM NOTHING. Oh, but sometimes it can't because the land is 'too steep'

Winston goes hard in the paint. Every. Day.

He just really hates work

My apologies. It was intended as a joke. It's indeed strange behavior and it's probably due to the AI rules making a decision that is less than optimal.


Pfft ice under the wheels wakes you up in the mornin'.

Seriously though, I biked in stockholm for a winter for some unknown reason (masochism?). Never again, I'm scarred for life. Random ice pockets. When are those coming to skylines?

Wow, Winston, genius of route planning

Winston shows up to work, finds out the mayor paved over his landfill and placed an incinerator on the other side of town.

Rough commute, I think you should make a path directly from his house to the landfill.

Shit.... I live on Long Island and am working in an office making 13 an hour. I need to find a local state run garbage dump pronto....

"I've always wanted to live in a strange bubble-hood with only one major connection to the real world!"

-Every Cim

I should have been more clear. That was intended as a joke. :)

Yes, it's wonky behavior, and it's probably due to AI rules not being optimal. It's something we can look into and see if we can improve.

RIP in Peace Brown Dong Bay, you will be missed.


What if surveying the roads for planning is part of the job?

That's the dumbest way to die.

They can walk incredibly far if you force them and they are actually pretty happy about it - create a completely closed up hive of Dense residential with no outside road connection and put one metro station in middle. Add elevated pathways to four directions away from the central metro station so all the people living there can get there easily by walking on the pathway and not via roads. Watch how happy they are suddenly (+ no noise / no traffic / small roads / no stress)

Just the metro station is gonna get swamped a bit.

The "quality" of public transport at any location is already tracked by the game (and used for calculating land value/service levels). It would not be hard to use that value to determine the % of cims who own vehicles on a per building basis.

A potential problem with this setup is what happens when you have poorly placed public transportation that is outside of the maximum walking distance of the amount of cims which will now no longer have vehicles?

What happens now is that the cims just don't do anything. This happens a lot in the base game, and you won't notice because there are no repercussions.

I agree it makes the simulation more complicated and the game harder. The difficulty is probably why they didn't implement it, people seem to be having trouble even with the game as it is (too easy IMO).

I'm pretty sure choking on a Weetabix is dumber.

Let's call this an unintended feature for now. :)

I'll look into this over the weekend, if only to make sure that I myself am at least not as bad as a CIM when it comes to getting on the wrong bus.