I also grew a lettuce xmas tree

I also grew a lettuce xmas tree

I bet you wished that you got the idea to post it first right about now, huh?

For those who missed it, like me: https://www.reddit.com/sub/mildlyinteresting/comments/7i3ow4/i_didnt_pick_my_lettuce_and_it_grew_...

Thus started the great lettuce tree war of 17. Biggest upset since that guy with the cabbages back in Ba Sing Se.

Thinkin i might decorate it and win the internet. I have to think of salad toppings that double as christmas tree ornaments

Uh yea. Lol. It says my post was removed cuz of rule 2 and 6 what the fuck. I aint break no rulz

This gives me a hankering for a very festive salad.